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Redwood County Minnesota 
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Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) December 14, 1905; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

REDWOOD FALLS, MINN.-At a meeting of the school board held it was voted to employ an assistant teacher for the fifth, sixth and seventh grade of the public schools, owing to the fact that the teachers in those departments are now overburdened with work.

The new high school building, costing nearly $20,000, will be thrown open for service next Monday, and the work of moving the books, material, etc., to that building is now going on. It is felt by some citizens that the building will hardly meet the present requirements of the district, and certainly not the increased school population of the future.


Grace Rhoades
Source: The Greene Recorder (IA) July 6, 1904; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
CLARKSVILLE. Miss Grace Rhoads of Cedar Falls has been visiting her father. She has been teaching at Belview, Minn.

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