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County Information

Created 1855

Named for Joseph Renville, son of a French father and Indian mother, who worked as a trader and interpreter

Renville County was the site of several hostile engagements in the Sioux Uprising of 1862.

County Seat



Bandon Township
Beaver Falls Township
Birch Cooley Township
Bird Island Township
Boon Lake Township
Brookfield Township
Cairo Township
Camp Township
Crooks Township
Emmet Township
Ericson Township
Flora Township
Hawk Creek Township
Hector Township

Henryville Township
Kingman Township
Martinsburg Township
Melville Township
Norfolk Township
Osceola Township
Palmyra Township
Preston Lake Township
Sacred Heart Township
Troy Township
Wang Township
Wellington Township
Winfield Township

Bird Island
Buffalo Lake
Redwood Falls (part)
Sacred Heart

Online Data
Church Histories / Records
Death Records
Families / Coat of Arms
Newspaper Data
Sioux Uprising
Wills/Probate Records

Website Updates:

MAY 1, 2017

OBITS:  A.H. Anderson, Mrs. Herman Becker, Hugh Carrigan, Edgar, E. Cook, Hiram Tilly Crawford, Daniel Haire, John H. Dickmeyer, Matthew Donohue, Axel Englund, Storke Erickson, Ada Filbert, Mrs. M. J. Filbert, Edward Holten, J. S. Kelverhouse, Thomas Leary, Dr. George McBroom, Robert McKinley, William Mitchell, James O'Hara, Iver Olson, Michael Regan, Thomas Reid, Elias Scott, Francis Shoemaker, Baby Torgerson, Mrs. John Welch, John Welsh, Mrs. Werner

News-Crime:  1916 Trio of Men Held for Holdup Near Renville

News-People:  Miller Brothers, Etta O'Connor-Story written in 8th grade, Floyd Reich-Story written in 7th grade.

News-Fire:  Renville School-House Burned 1919.

News-Misc:  Hog Cholera Near Morton

News-Community:  Misses Doyel and Fish Teachers

Bio's-M:  Charles A. McCann


APRIL 2017

OBITS:  Curran Children, Mrs. Irene McKinley, Caroline Heerdt. Mr. and Mrs. John Larson, John Thavis

NEWS-COMMUNITY:  1920-Renville

CRIME:  K. Larson, L. H. Parker, Albert Riegle

PEOPLE:  Paul Koeppen, August Johnson, Thomas Torhenson, Mr. Stokes, Mrs. Lee

WEATHER ITEMS:  1881 Terrible Tornado, 1885-Deep Snow, 1886 Heavy Snow Storm, 1887 Hundreds Snow-Bound, 1887 Snow Blockades, 1892 Hardest Storm in Years

SIOUX OUTBREAK:  Chapter XII-Battle of Birch Coulee,

MARCH 2017
SIOUX UPRISING: Updated listing of victims and survivors.
SIOUX UPRISING: Augusta Krieger survivor stories, Minnie Buce survivor story (5 killed, 3 survived kidnapping), Mary Schwandt Story (4 killed, 1 kidnapped, 1 escaped)
SIOUX UPRISING: Monuments - Birch Coolee Monument
SIOUX UPRISING: Battle of Birch Coulee, Remembering Birch Coulee
NEWS-WEATHER: Deadly 1881 Tornado
MARRIAGES: Reagon-Reardon - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Charlie Hopkins - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1885-Buffalo Lake - submitted by Robin Line

OBITS: Joseph Schneider, Terrence Brazil, Charles Evers submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Christ Bartelson, Victim
SIOUX UPRISING: Survivors-Urania S. White's Story

OBITS: Benjamin Strauman submitted by Robin Line
SIOUX UPRISING: Victims-69 victims listed plus the fates of family members,
SIOUX UPRISING: Survivors-Wickman Family Story, Nathan Dexter White, In depth story by Nancy (McClure) Faribault, Justina Krieger's Story
SIOUX UPRISING: Monuments-1894 Birch Coulee (2),
SIOUX UPRISING: Follow Up-Gus Godfrey Obit

JULY 2016
OBITS: James Kortak, Ellen Knauf, Mrs. G. O. Lunder
PEOPLE: John Loftnes
NEWS-FIRE: 1888-John Rogers, 1886-Bird Island Fire, Keoke Bros. Mill, 1883-W. Ladd
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1892-Democratic Convention, 1886-Official Vote by County, 1886-Renville County Republicans, 1892-Renville Results
NEWS-WEATHER: 1904-Farm damage for Potter, Judd, Hoagland, Hodgen, Shields, Noble, Behrns, Southers and Silkers, 1880-October Blizzard
NEWS-CRIME: John E. K. Leavesk, Peter Buterly, John Hogan-victim

PEOPLE: John Yanke
WILLS/PROBATE: Charles F. Remicke
NEWS-WEATHER: 1892-Wind and Rain, 1895-Drought Ends
NEWS-CRIME: John Nordton

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