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Renville County, Minnesota 
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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan
No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
  Youtz, Geo. W. Beaver Falls inflam. rheumatism & result. dislocation of right femur $24.00 March 1881
  Aldrich, Dan'l. Beaver Falls asthma $18.00  
  Patten, Elizabeth Birch Cooley mother $8.00  
  Carney, George Bird Island loss left thumb $4.00 June 1878
  Lewis, Wm. H. Bird Island loss left thumb $4.00  
  Quigley, Thomas Bird Island inj. left hip $8.00 May 1878
  Stearns, Leander W. Bird Island rheum. & resulting dis. heart $12.00 Oct. 1880
  Hinds, Lebu Bird Island wd. left clavicle & spinal col'm $12.00  
  Gokey, Henry Bird Island fracture left tibia $8.00 May 1880
  Curry, Hugh H. Bird Island wd. left elbow $14.00  
  Feeder, Benj. Bird Island wd. face, dis. brain $4.00 May 1881
  Denning, Thos. F. Hector wd. right leg $6.00 April 1878
  Palms, Henry B. Hector dis. of abdominal viscera $4.00 June 1881
  Smith, Carl Hector inj. right shoulder $8.00  
  Smith, James Hector wound left arm $4.00  
  Day, Mary A. Hector mother $8.00  
  Sloan, Benj. F. Hector wound right foot $6.00  
  Benson, Luna W. Hector loss right leg $18.00  
  Rouse, Edith Hector mother $8.00  
  Maddock, Geo.  Hector wound right wrist & arm $8.00  
  Marsh, Francis A. Hector wound left thigh $2.00 Jan. 1879
  Hamman, Charles Hector wound head & right hand $12.00 Oct. 1880
  Abbott, Marion Hector wound right arm $6.00  
  Kohler, Henry Hector injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Nightingale, Reuben Hector spinal irritation, resulting paralysis r. hip & leg $18.00  
  Simpkins, Harriet G. Olivia widow $8.00  
  Sherin, Bridget Olivia widow $8.00  
  Krauf, Henry Olivia fracture fibula & tibia left leg $8.00  
  Olson, Ole N. Renville Station wound left shoulder $4.00  
  Bell, Colistus G. Renville Station wound right shoulder $14.00  
  Smith, John Renville Station inj. left ankle $8.00 Aug. 1882
  Hargrave, Thos. Renville Station wd. right knee & thigh $6.00  
  Frederickson, Ole Renville Station shell wound head, face, resulting total blindness $72.00 May 1880
  Gist, John Renville Station wound left hand $14.00  
  Peterson, Peter Sacred Heart wound right shoulder & left thigh $8.00 April 1882
  Davis, Robt. W. Vicksburgh loss left arm $24.00  
  Scott, Elias Vicksburgh chr. diar. $8.00 March 1880
  Brown, Eliza A. Vicksburgh mother $8.00  
  Hale, Elizabeth B. Vicksburgh aphronia & chr. bronchitis, result of measles $8.00 Nov. 1882

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