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Renville County, Minnesota 
Genealogy and History

List of photos from The Book The History of Renville Vol. I -These photos can be accessed  from Google Books Archive on the internet.
List of photos from The History of Renville Vol. II-These photos can be accessed  from Google Books Archive on the internet.

Source:  BOOK-The History of Renville County, Minnesota, Illustrated Volume I, H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co., Chicago 1916-Internet-Google Books.
List of photos from The Book History of Renville Vol. I
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. 478
Avery, Delbert G., and family 385
Bethke, Mr. and Mrs. Herman 368
Boyum, Ole J., and family 508
Bush, Mr. and Mrs. John Henry 414
Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. 440
Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jason 184
Byhoffer, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 324
Christianson, Mr. and Mrs. Anton 501
Coflin, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin T. 317
Colby, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. 417
County Court House 578
Dahl, Amund 448
Drake, Mr. and Mrs. James 176
Dunsmore, Henry and Family 159
Elstad, Mr. and Mrs. John H. 369
Fehr, Henry, and family 174
Field, Hans 392
Firle, Charles H. 348
Fischer, John, and family 410
Fox, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gerick J. 184
Glesener, Charles and family 381
Hall, Darwin S. 10
Hall, Darwin S./Hall, Mary Dunlop McLaren 307
Haubrich, Anthony V., and family 387
Hinderman, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. 351
Hogstad, John O., stock farm 367
Hoimyr, Ole P., and family 338
Houck, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd 135
Houck, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 170
Indian Chief 25
Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Hans 513
Johnson, Justin and family 129
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin 430
Johnson, William A., and family 363
Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. William 387
Kern, John M., and family 387
Kettner, Rev. Ludwig Herman, and family 377
Leasman, George W. 120
Lenander, Mr. and Mrs. Peter 468
Little Crow 139
Logan, Hugh H. 389
Lund, Mr. and Mrs. Christian P. 514
Many Years Ago 279
Manthei, Julius, and family 108
Menz, John E., and family 188
Mihm, Henry and family 483
Musil, Frank J. 395
Neitzel, C. F. 446
Nelson, Peter G., and family 131
Nesbrug, Andrew O., and family 361
Nesburg, Mr. and Mrs. Ole O. 360
Ness, Mr. and Mrs. Jens S. 343
Nestande, John P., and family 520
Nestande, Peter 333
Nixon, Charles H. 164
Okins, Mr. and Mrs. James P. and Grandaughter 312
Old Log Cabin 289
Olson, Nels A., and family 358
Olson, John M. 490
Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. 392
Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. 385
Ox Team 197
Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Gunerns 344
Prelwitz, Mr. and Mrs. Augutst 419
Raitz, Mr. and Mrs. Levi A. 172
Rebstock, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. 122
Renville County Court House 263
Rockmann, Mr. and Mrs. Christian 374
Rovainen, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac W. 336
Ruona, William s., and family 516
Sausele, Fred W., and family 102
Savela, Sr., John J. and family 452
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Elias Evans 457
Shoemaker, Mr. and Mrs. Francis 104
Shoemaker, Henry W. and family 404
Simmons, Thomas and family 379
Stasson, Frank 506
The Old Way 283
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Christ 521
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. John 155
Tinnes, Henry O. 466
Tinnes, Mr. and Mrs. Lafe 166
Timms, Henry, Cabin 33
Tompkins, Mr. and Mrs. James H. 111
Toole, Mr. and Mrs. Pateick E. 162
Torhenson, Thomas, and family 124
Voelz, Emil A., and family 124
Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob C. 509
Wiehr, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 371
Windhorst, Willam 195
Wichman, William, Birthplace 33



BOOK-The History of Renville County, Minnesota, Illustrated Volume II, H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co., Chicago 1916-Internet, Google Books

List of photos from The History of Renvile Vol. II
Agre, H. O. and Family 1043
Ahrenholz, L., and Family 679
Ahrens, Henry 1197
Anderson, Bryngel, and family 951
Anderson, Carl 1031
Anderson, E. H. 1002
Anderson S. W. 701
Ashley, Wm. J. 1149
Bakke, John and family 1175
Bakke, Mr. and Mrs. Nels 1174
Barnard, L. D. 1248
Bennett, A. A. 691
Benson, B. F. 1141
Benson, Mr. and Mrs. David 1139
Berge, N. O. and family 948
Bergh, Rev. J. E. 1197
Bingenheiner, P. and family 983
Binger, Peter, and family 1000
Bowler, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. 1091
Brevig, P. C. and family 1049
Buethe, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 966
Carrothers, David 1197
Cheney, John 1100
Chroup, Charles W. and family 1114
Dahlgren, A. A. 1186
Dale, H. J. 690
Dale, J. H. 691
Daly, R. T. 1248
Deason, Mr. and Mrs. Ole 1205
Dennstadt, John E. and family 962
Donahue, J. W., Prarie Home 1080
Dosseth, P. O. and family 1019
Dowling, M. J. 697
Dreyer, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 1118
Dreyer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. 1118
Dustrud, P. P. and family 1104
Eichmiller, G. S. 681
Eliason, Mr. and Mrs. Hendrick 1208
Eliason, Hilmar II 1035
Eliason, O. H. and family 1208
Enestvedt, E. G. and family 1160
Enestvedt, Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Sr. 1152
Enestvedt, Sr., Mrs. O. O., and children 1154
Enestvedt, T. and family 1162
Erickson, A. H. and family 1036
Ericson, Erie 1197
Evenson, C. A. and family 1004
Evert, C. H. and family 979
First Sale of Hogs 762
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. 1094
Fugleskjel, Ole 1197

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