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Renville County, Minnesota 
Genealogy and History

List of photos from The History of Renvile Vol. I
List of photos from The History of Renvile Vol. II

Source:  BOOK-The History of Renville County, Minnesota, Illustrated Volume I, H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co., Chicago 1916-Internet-Google Books.
List of photos from The History of Renvile Vol. I
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. 478
Avery, Delbert G., and family 385
Bethke, Mr. and Mrs. Herman 368
Boyum, Ole J., and family 508
Bush, Mr. and Mrs. John Henry 414
Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. 440
Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jason 184
Byhoffer, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 323
Christianson, Mr. and Mrs. Anton 501
Coflin, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin T. 316
Colby, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. 417
County Court House 578
Dahl, Amund 448
Drake, Mr. and Mrs. James 176
Dunsmore, Henry and Family 159
Elstad, Mr. and Mrs. John H. 369
Fehr, Henry, and family 174
Field, Hans 392
Firle, Charles H. 348
Fischer, John, and family 410
Fox, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gerick J. 184
Glesener, Charles and family 381
Hall, Darwin S.-Frontispiece Steel Engraving-Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin S. 307
Haubrich, Anthony V., and family 387
Hinderman, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. 351
Hogstad, John O., stock farm 367
Hoimyr, Ole P., and family 337
Houck, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd 135
Houck, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 170
Indian Chief 25
Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Hans 513
Johnson, Justin and family 129
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin 430
Johnson, William A., and family 363
Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. William 387
Kern, John M., and family 387
Kettner, Rev. Ludwig Herman, and family 377
Leasman, George W. 120
Lenander, Mr. and Mrs. Peter 468
Little Crow 139
Logan, Hugh H. 389
Lund, Mr. and Mrs. Christian P. 514
Many Years Ago 278



BOOK-The History of Renville County, Minnesota, Illustrated Volume II, H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co., Chicago 1916-Internet, Google Books

List of photos from The History of Renvile Vol. II
AGRE 1043 Hakken O. Agre and Family
AHRENHOLZ 679 Lubbert Ahrenholz Family
AHRENS, HENRY 1196 Henry Ahrens
BARNARD, L. D. 1248 L. D. Barnard
BERGH, JOHANNES E. (REV.) 1196 Johannes E. Bergh
CARROTHERS, DAVID 1196 Carrothers, David
DALY, R. T. 1248 R. T. Daly
DEASON 1204 Mr. and Mrs. Ole Deason
ELIASON 1208 Mr. and Mrs. Hendrick Eliason and O.H. Eliason & Family
ERICSON, ERIC 1196 Ericson, Eric
FUGELSKJEL, OLE 1196 Fugelskjel, Ole
GAGE, GEORGE F. 1250 Gage, George F.
GERARDY 1220 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gerardy
GRONNERUD, HANS 1196 Gronnerud, Hans
HAAN, PETER 1214 Haan, Peter
HEANEY, W. J. 1214 W. J. Heaney
HEIKKA, CHARLES 1304 Heikka, Charles
HUFF 1222 Mr. and Mrs. James Irvin Huff
KELSEY, HENRY 1196 Kelsey, Henry
LANDY 1232 J. R. Landy and Family
LEINDECKER, H. W. 1212 Leindecker, H. W.
LISTERUD, HANS 1196 Listerud, Hans
MATSON, CHARLES N. 1248 Matson, Charles N.
McBROOM 1046 Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim McBroom
MURRAY, FRANK 1252 Murray, Frank
POORE, NEWTON G. 1196 Poore, Newton G.
ROGNLIE 1262 Rev. and Mrs. Parelius H. Rognlie
SVEIVEN 1204 Mr. and Mrs. Ole O. Sveiven
SWIFT, P. H. 1196 Swift, P.H.
WIEHR 1320 August Wieher and Family

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