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Renville County, Minnesota 
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Source: GNIS

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Cemetery Name




Beaver Falls Cemetery 443503N 0950316W  
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery 444355N 0951002W  
Bethel Methodist Cemetery 442815N 0943923W  
Bird Island Cemetery 444534N 0945434W  
Boyum Farm Cemetery 442755N 0944600W  
Brookfield Cemetery 444930N 0944330W  
Buffalo Lake Cemetery 444410N 0943637W  
Cairo Cemetery 443115N 0944030W  
Calgary Cemetery 444234N 0951214W  
Camp Cemetery 442843N 0944553W  
Danube Cemetery 444653N 0950547W  
Dustrud and Lanning Cemetery (historical) 444830N 0951830W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 444631N 0952039W  
Ebenezer Presbyterian Cemetery 445026N 0951321W  
Emden Cemetery 445218N 0951426W  
Evangelical Cemetery 444441N 0943702W  
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 443438N 0944000W  
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 444029N 0944850W  
Evergreen Cemetery 445002N 0943551W  
Fairview Cemetery 444811N 0951219W  
Finnish Cemetery 443229N 0944911W  
First English Cemetery 444640N 0952137W  
First Flora Lutheran Cemetery 443755N 0951009W  
First Township Cemetery 444930N 0952820W  
Flora Lutheran Cemetery 443914N 0951004W  
Fort Ridgely and Dale Cemetery 443039N 0944823W  
Franklin Cemetery 443057N 0945046W  
Friends Cemetery 444930N 0944330W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 444932N 0950550W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 443930N 0943930W  
Gilbert Borth Cemetery 443210N 0944520W  
Hauges Cemetery 443105N 0944819W  
Hawk Creek Lutheran Church Cemetery 444820N 0952520W  
Hector Cemetery 444350N 0944321W  
Joe Nellermoe Farm Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Koldorn Family Cemetery 444025N 0951637W  
Krogfus Cemetery 445047N 0951806W  
Long Lake Mission Cemetery 445140N 0950405W  
Marguth Grave Site 443429N 0945831W  
Methodist Cemetery 443933N 0951002W  
Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 444910N 0944050W  
Morton Cemetery 443334N 0945951W  
Old Salem Cemetery 444535N 0950704W  
Old Swedish Lutheran Cemetery 445300N 0951100W  
Olivia Cemetery 444624N 0950024W  
Olivia German Cemetery 444636N 0945834W  
Opdahl Cemetery 444205N 0951744W  
Our Saviors Cemetery 444657N 0952109W  
Palmyra Cemetery 443839N 0945058W  
Palmyra Covenant Swedish Mission Cemetery 444024N 0944728W  
Patten Pioneer Cemetery 443300N 0945630W  
Peavery Grave Site 443435N 0945915W  
Preston Lake Cemetery 444540N 0943211W  
Saint Andrews Cemetery 443228N 0944322W  
Saint John Cemetery 443335N 0945854W  
Saint John's Catholic Cemetery 444418N 0944315W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 443228N 0944317W  
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery 444907N 0944852W  
Saint Mary's Bechyn Cemetery 443900N 0950422W  
Saint Mary's Cemetery 444605N 0945418W  
Saint Patrick - Birch Cooley Cemetery 443412N 0945522W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 444422N 0944647W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 444530N 0944356W  
Schmitt Family Cemetery 443930N 0950810W  
Swetlanda Lutheran Cemetery 443930N 0944615W  
Theile - Schafer Grave Site 444200N 0950703W  
Trinity Cemetery 444634N 0952138W  
United Brethren Cemetery 444536N 0950700W  
United Church of Hope Cemetery 445054N 0944847W  
Vestre Sogn Lutheran Cemetery 445006N 0952525W  
Vi Sjoberg Property Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Vicksburg Cemetery 443950N 0951337W  
Wang Lutheran Church Cemetery 445233N 0952539W  
Winfield Cemetery 445026N 0950555W  
Zion Cemetery 443835N 0950902W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery Unknown Unknown  

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