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Renville County, Minnesota 
Genealogy and History

St. Johnís Evangelical Lutheran Church, Renville, Minnesota
Official Acts During St. Johnís 1st 100 Years

Source: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Renville, Minnesota centennial booklet (1886-1986)
transcribed by Mary Jean Myrom


Shortly after the first Hastings and Dakota steam locomotive crossed the frontier plains of south-western Minnesota the village of Renville was founded. The townsite was platted and surveyed in September 1878. Already in 1879 the village had its first railroad agent and postmaster. Land companies bought thousands of acres and offered them to newcomers at attractive prices. Sales commenced from $8.00 an acre, soon rising to $10.00 and $12.00, and by 1890 had reached $15.00. After 1884 large numbers of immigrants representing many European nations settled in and about Renville. Hollanders, Norwegians, and Germans made up the majority.

Many of the German pioneers made their new homes on the farm. Realizing that their heavenly Father had blessed the land with fertility they trusted that He would supply them with food, clothing, and the other necessities of life. However, they did not forget their Saviorís words to first seek Godís Kingdom and His righteousness. Therefore they gathered together to hear the saving gospel of Jesus. Pastor Frederick Spindler of Bethany Lutheran Church in Emmet Township administered to their spiritual needs.

The Rev. Gervaisus Fischer succeeded Rev. Spindler as pastor of Bethany congregation in 1886. He continued to serve the German Lutherans of the Renville area. Worship services were held in the public school house. Under his guidance the Renville group formally organized the German Evangelical Lutheran St. Johnís Church on June 13, 1886. The charter members were: Carl Diekow, August Penke, Claus Postel, August and Ludwig Hannemann, Wilhelm Goetz, Gustav Dusterhoft, Gustav Herrmann, Albert Bratsch, Fritz Leistikow, and Michael Zarske. Between 1886 and 1888 God showed His presence by increasing His flock from eleven to twenty-six voting members. Bethany congregation of Emmet and St. Johnís of Renville formed a parish and were members of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Minnesota. (Note: the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Minnesota is now the Minnesota District of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.)

In May, 1888, St. Johnís congregation separated from its mother church in Emmet to form a parish with St. Lukeís Lutheran Church of Winfield Township. Using their God-given right to establish the office of public ministry in their midst the members of these two congregations called Pastor Paul Burkholz. He was installed January 6, 1889.

Because God added to His Church those who should be saved, the congregation at Renville realized the need of a church edifice. A lot had been purchased in 1888 for $25.00. Two more were added by donation. The cornerstone of the first church building was laid April 28, 1889. The wooden frame building was dedicated to the Triune God on October 20, 1889. The local pastor conducted the farewell service at the school house. Dedicatory sermons were preached by Pastors Fischer of Emmet, S. Deuber of Sleepy Eye, and A. Winter of St. Paul. It was indeed a solemn day of rejoicing in the Lord. (Note: The cornerstone of 1889 was found when the building was razed in 1958, but its box and papers had turned into ashes.) In late autumn of that same year a modest parsonage (26x16x14) was build at the cost of $425.00. A barn was also constructed for the pastorís horse and buggy.

God revealed His power and goodness on Wednesday, June 27, 1894, when He allowed a cyclone to strike the east side of Renville. The high school and Norwegian Lutheran Church buildings were completely destroyed. The barn and wood shed of St. Johnís were leveled with the ground. The church and parsonage suffered only minor damage. Pastor Burkholz and his family were out of town at the time. His only loss was his sled and other small articles.

In 1895 the congregation found it necessary to incorporate under the laws of the state of Minnesota. At that time it adopted its official name Ė The Evangelical Lutheran St. Johnís Congregation of Renville, Minnesota. The men who were elected to serve the church and aid in the work of the Lord were: Frederick Standfuss, president; F. H. Berning, secretary; Joachim Schemel, treasurer; Wm. Goetz, Herman Kaatz, and Gustav Hermann, elders; and Wm. Schufft, C. F. Diekow, and Gustav Stern, trustees.

In 1895 Pastor Henry Albrecht followed Pastor Burkholz as spiritual shepherd of the congregation. Pastor Albrecht left in 1899. In that same year God sent Pastor W. Ulrich to St. Johnís. After serving for three years he accepted a call to Germany. The pastors and people appreciated the ministry of reconciliation which God had entrusted to them.

Jesusíwords Ēthe harvest truly in plenteous, but the laborers are fewĒ were keenly felt. After calling several times without success the congregation finally received word from Pastor Martin Scheutze that God had moved him to accept its call. He was installed on May 17, 1903.

Because the Holy Ghost had lead more to confess that Jesus is the Lord the building was enlarged and remodeled. A basement was dug to the south and the church moved on it. A front vestibule and altar niche were added. The seating capacity was increased with the addition of a balcony. A one-half ton bell was placed in the tower to call the people to praise their Redeemer. The cost of the renovation was $3600.00. The church was rededicated to the everlasting and unchangeable Triune God on September 11, 1904. Pastors G. Albrecht and F. Kohler were the guest speakers. (Note: The contents of the 1904 cornerstone were found well preserved and were replaced in the stone which is now part of the east wall of the narthex of the new church.)

The congregation thanked God, the Lord of the Church, for his many blessings, both temporal and spiritual, which He bestowed upon it so abundantly during the first twenty-five years in special outdoor services on July 2, 1911. Pastors Fisher and Burkholz spoke praises to God.

In 1913 Pastor Schuetze was succeeded by Pastor Rudolph Korn. The Rev. Korn served the people with the pure Word of God until 1918. His successor in office was the Rev. Reinhold Schierenbeck. A seven rank Reuter pipe organ was dedicated to the Lordís service May 29, 1921.

Pastor Schierenbeck accepted a call in 1929. St. Johnís congregation elected Pastor August Sauer to preach the Gospel and administer the Holy Sacraments in its behalf. In the spring of 1931 the barn was replaced by a double garage. Stained glass windows and new light fixtures for the church were purchased b the LadiesíAid that same year at a cost of $425.00.

On June 14, 1936, St. Johnís celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Four former pastors were the guest speakers. The statistical records showed that God had kept His promise that His Word would not return to Him, void. 607 souls were baptized in the name of god, 437 publicly confessed their faith in Jesus in the rite of confirmation, 116 couples asked god to bless their marriage, and 230 fell asleep in Jesusí name. The membership list showed 325 baptized souls, 230 communicants, and 78 voting members. The officers were Louis Grunert, president; Erich Blauert, secretary; Albert Lemke, treasure; Ferdinand Lenz, Wm. Schemel, and Joachim Schemel, Jr., elders; and Albert Tolzman, August Wilcken, and Fred Kluth, trustees.

In 1943 new oak flooring was laid and new pews were installed. On September 1, 1943, Pastor Sauer resigned his sacred office because of ill health.

The Rev. Wilbur Dorn was installed in January 1944. On June 16, 1946, the congregation observed its sixtieth anniversary. Pastors Korn and Schierenbeck were the festival speakers. On that occasion, God was thanked for His care and watch over the thirty-three men and women who served in the armed forces during World War II. The anniversary bulletin revealed that the congregation numbered 371 souls, 296 communicants, and 96 voters. The officers were W. Markgraf, chairman, Charles Wulf, secretary, Albert Lembke, treasurer; Wm. Schemel, Albert Hoffman, and Wm. Pape, elders; and Fred Kluth, A. Goetz, and Robert Peik, trustees.

The present parsonage was dedicated to God September 16, 1951. Its cost was $17,000. In 1954 serious efforts were begun to raise money for a new church building. Pastor Dorn preached his farewell sermon September 25, 1955.

After a short vacancy the Rev. Lloyd Wenzel was installed as pastor on October 23, 1955. On April 5, 1956, the voters rejected the plan to remodel the church and adopted the resolution to build a new one. It was further resolved in the same meeting that 75% of the cost of the new church must be on hand before building operations could begin. A building committee of ten spent the next two years visiting the new churches in a hundred mile radius of Renville. In a special meeting called April 8, 1957 the voters rescinded the motion to have 75% of the necessary funds on hand. On April 8, 1958, the congregation gave the building committee the signal to commence construction. The church property was mortgaged to the sum of $56,000.00. The general contract was awarded to the Leo Schoenrock Construction Company of Garretson, South Dakota.

Worship services were held for the last time in the old church on April 13, 1958. On the next day, the men of the congregation began tearing down the building which had housed the preaching of Christ and Him crucified for sixty-nine years. By the end of the week the grounds were cleared of wood and debris. Services were held in the auditorium of the public schoolhouse during the time of construction. After regular morning services the ground was broken May 4, 1958, and the cornerstone was laid June 15, 1958. A pre-dedication service was conducted March 8, 1959, and on May 3 the new church was formally set aside to the glory of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Pastors W. Dorn, Lester Schierenbeck, and District President M. Lenz preached the festival sermons. Some 2000 people were present. All raised their praises to God and thanked Him for His rich blessings. The cost of the entire project was $110,785.00.

Our entire membership (360 communicant members and 515 baptized members) together with former members and friends, raise their happy voices in song to the Lord of the Church on this Diamond Jubilee. We cannot review the past history of our congregation without seeing the Lordís hand graciously guiding and supporting it in times of infancy and growth, peace and war, prosperity and depression, and last, but not least, time of truth and heresy. By the grace of God we still have the precious Means of Grace in our midst, whereby the Lord our God grants His salvation in Christ Jesus, and nourishes our faith on the way to eternal life. Many, indeed, are the times when with sinful neglect and ingratitude, the congregation made itself unworthy ďof the least of all His mercies.Ē Yet the Lord in his mercy and faithfulness did not forsake and leave His redeemed people. Because the history of our congregation is Godís story among us we say with the Psalmist: ďThe Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.Ē (Ps. 126:3).

100 years has come and gone for St. Johnís congregation. We look forward to the beginning of our second century. The message is still the same. Salvation through Jesus Christ never grows old. As new generations are born this message needs to be passed on, so that they, too, may receive the treasure of eternal life in heaven through the forgiveness offered us in Jesus Christ.

On June 15th, 1986, 688 persons, including members, former members and friends attended the 100th anniversary morning worship service. Rev. Wilbur Dorn was the guest speaker. Liturgists were Rev. Wilbert Schultz and Rev. Lloyd Wenzel. At 12:00 noon a catered dinner was served to 678 guests at the Renville school gymnasium. Following the meal, former pastors shared remembrances of the years they spent in service at St. Johnís. Afternoon activities included a tree planting ceremony on the front lawn of the church and a balloon release by the Sunday School children. Two of the balloons were later found in the St. Paul aea. The afternoon worship service was held at 3:00 p.m. Rev. Carl Mischke, president of the Wisconsin Synod, was the speaker. Liturgists were Rev. John D. Miller and present pastor, Rev. Michael R. Hatzung. The days events concluded with a fellowship luncheon in the social hall.

To celebrate our 100th anniversary the stained glass window from the old church was restored and hung in the narthex. Other changes in the church over the past 25 years include lighted crosses above the altar, new lights, ceiling fans, new stained glass windows, new carpeting and the sound system. Between 1983 and 1986 the church also underwent structural changes which include a pitched roof on the social hall, a glass enclosure over the north entrance, new bathrooms and an enclosed entry on the south side.

Four pastors have served St. Johnís 1955 to the present. Rev. Lloyd Wenzel left in 1963 to serve in Manchester Wisconsin. In the fall of 1964 Rev. Otto Drevlow accepted the call of our congregation. He served our church until 1968, when he moved to Escanaba, Michigan. He is now serving as pastor of a Lutheran church in Virginia, Minnesota. Pastor Wilbert Schultz came to serve our congregation in 1968. He remained with us until 1974 when he left to go to Moorhead. He now resides in Tomah, Wisconsin. Rev. John Miller arrived from Butterfield, Minn. in 1974. He faithfully served St. Johnís for 10 years, until he accepted a call from Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church in Fairmont, Minnesota, where he is still serving. We are presently being served by Pastor Michael Hatzung, who came to St. Johnís from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1984.

St. Johnís Confirmation Classes

Henry Postel
Maria Standfuss
Martha Denzin

William Loock
Richard Drager
Lena Postel
Martha Standfuss

Albert C Kaatz
Paul Dusterhoft
Erdman Goetz
Julius Kaatz
Melvina Baade
Alvina M Postel
Theresa C Becker
Rosetta Loock
Ida Kannenberg

Otto A Kannenberg
Julius D Hanneman
August A Standfuss
Ferdinand H Herrman
Alma W Goetz
Carolina Hanneman

Ferdinand Kemnitz
Julius E Denzin
Ida A Denzin
Emma W Hanneman
Hulda M Kannenberg
Louise M Hanneman
Ida B Ristow

Awald H Goetz
Ernest G Herrman
Bertha C Herrman
Augusta M Loock
Amanda C Hussock
Alma R Tonn
William C Dittman
Julius E Kemnitz
Bertha M Braun

August Buethe
John Kuether
August Breitkreuz
Karl Wallert
August Dusterhoft
Theodore Standfuss
Emil Kurtz
Louis Hanneman
Minnie Neisch

Franz Lembke
Otto Yock
Ernst Denzin
Bertha Kemnitz
Albertina Lenz
Anna Yock

Reinhardt Diekow
John F Hanneman
Fredrick J Weigel
William Penke
William A Goetz
Albert C Lembke
Henry J Klatt
Gustav A Hoffman
Amelia Kurtz
Linda M Schuft
Christina A Brummer
Ella M Goetz
Anna C Herrman
Helena Hussock

Hedwig Breitkreutz
Augusta Kurtz
Laura Riedler
Anna Zarske
Emma Dusterhoft
Minnie Pockrandt
Christoph Kurt
Karl Hanneman
Max Klatt
Louis Kannenberg
Edward Ristow
Herman Penke
William Kuether
Ida Lenz

William Lenz
Wilhelmina Lembke
Wilhelmina Lenz
Bertha hanneman
Herman Lenz
Gustav H Hoffman
Clara Wilcken
Antonia Bratsch
Anna Weigel
Louise Zarske
Emil Strey
Albert Diedrich
John Diedrich
Gustav Diedrich
Wilhelmina Hueske
Alvina Leistikow
Paul Herrman
Henry Lesemann
Fred Schmidt

Fred A Voelz
Arthur O Leseman
Laura M Miller
Fred J Lenz
Albert A Hanneman
Julius K Ristow
Otto L Herrman
Maria R Brummer
William E Schemel
Richard E Klatt
Albert W Strey
August O Hueske

Herman A Kuether
Fred A Wilcken
Greta F Stern
Carl A Goetz
Fred A Kiekow
Friedrich W Zaske
Otto F Penke
Alvin H Reidler
William F Reidler

Albert K Penke
John F Klatt
Gustav E Neumann
Ervin C Hoffman
John W Herrman
John W Yeschick
Christian A Schmidt
August W Len
John B Brummer
August W Penke
Lydia M Leistikow
Sophia B Hoffman
Margaret E Klatt
Minnie I Herrman
Lilly A Schul
Bertha J Zarske
Lilly F Tolzmann

Ida J Weigel
Marie L Wester
Emilia W Zaske
Ella H Breitkreutz
Lala Rudolph
Emma A Ristow
Anna H Stern
Bertha A Beckendorf
Arthur A Bratsch
Carl W Hueske
Fred A Stern
Hans G Schemel
Joe F Schemel
Herman A Zaske
August O Breitkreutz
Carl A Mack
Paul E Yock
Alexander A Yeschick
Bertha E Blank
Theodor E Herrmann

Clara A Klatt
Anna A Kurtz
Frank C Stern
Ida W Neumann
Anna B Standfuss
Helmulth A Goetz
Henry O Schmidt
Louis A Wilcken
Theresa A Bratsch
Elsie M Dusterhoft
Lena M Herrman
Henry W Brummer
Henry C Zabel
Ida M Mack
Emma M Zarske
John H Bratsch
William J Hoffman

Bernhard R Yeschick
Ida B Schulz
Malvina L Schemel
Frieda Lange
Louise F Berning
Roland E Hoffman
Herbert F Hoffman
Emma A Leistikow

Albert J Tolzmann
Lawrence H Rudolph
Walter H Bratsch
Elizabeth J Klatt
Ida Yock
Albert A Standfuss
Olga M Herrmann
Ella M Loock

Albert W Zabel
Marie F Stern

Alby Bratsch
William G Stern
Wallace Rudolph
Bertha L Standfuss
Herbert F Bratsch
Paul E Hoffman
Ida M Klatt
Frieda W Leistikow
Elsie W Reiter
Fred W Yeschick

Bertha E Zabel
Amanda E Schemel
Theodor J Berning
Arthur F Radtke
Alvinga W Reiter

Emma E Neumann
Alvine A Neumann
Lousie Schoede
Meta V Bratsch
Lena B Hoffman
Arthur A Wilcken
Walter F Hoffman
Albert G Klatt
Edward A Radtke

Else Gummert
Elsie Stangor
Ruth E Leistikow
Alma A Neumann
Viola A Goetz
Rose Schaede
Oscar L Wohlman
Herbert L Kannenberg
Leonard J Kemnitz

Antoinette F Gummert
Marie M Schulze
Marie E Radtke
Anne M Neumann
Lydia B Reiter
Dorthea E Zarske
Julie F Goetz
Lawrence C Goetz
Roland R Wicken
Wilhelm J Stangor
Adolph G Hoffman
Fr Wilhelm Standfuss
Walter W Dusterhoft
Edward E Yeschick
Reinhold G Schemel

Olga A Pischke
Helene D Klatt
Gertrude W Berning
Susan C Zaske
Irene A Breitkreutz
Eleanora W Hermending
Mabel A Kemnitz
Alfred H Kemnitz
Arnold H Kleimenhagen
Albert W Kannenberg

Leona S Busse
Pauline L Schulze
Ada A Leistikow
Gladys W Siewert
Amanda M Binger
Katherine Zapp
Gladys E Gummert
Marie B Grabow
Elsie A Zabel
Elsie M Hoffman
Pauline K Butenhoft
Clemnce W Blacklock
Ernest L Stangor
Adolph L Miller
Berhard H Kannenberg
Erich C Gummert
Erwin L Lissack
Mrs. Albert Henning
Elfrieda D Berning
Viola D Kleimenhagen
Irene M Gummert
Adeline R Dusterhoft
Alvira R Kannenberg
Minnie E Hoffman
Hilko Santjer
Eckhart H Tolzmann
William T Sandfuss
Irene S Binger
Mathilda E Butenhoff
Leonard R Miller

Erwin F Breitkreutz
Alton A Grabow
Berend L Santjer
Harry J Miller
Theodore C Zaske
Vernon B Bratsch
Theordora M Bratsch
Irene O Hensline
Alice M Gummert
Johanna E Butenhoff
Elizabeth A Pischke
Clara E Pischke
Mrs. William Lenz
Gesina Vlaar

Laura H Uhlig
Lila V Bratsch
Herman W Gummert
August H Grabow
Irene D Wohlman
Elsie I Lentz

Lawrence W Binger
Clarence F Miller
Dorthea A Kleimenhagen
Bernice C Butenhoff
Martha B Butenhoff
Helen M Radtke
Otto H Zaske
Ruth L Radtke

Reinhardt G Breitkreutz
Armin C Schmidt
Lillie L Kannenberg
Anna E Lentz
Martin O Standfuss
Emmanuel C Pankow
Ruth Lilly Breitkreutz
Meta L Zabel
Iona A Dusterhoft

Lydia Keil
Hugo H Tolzmann
Alice I Butenhoff
Arthur L Binger
Marvin H Reetz
Herbert W Dusterhoft
Herbert T Radtke
Gerhard W Woods
George D Ehlers

Fannie Ruter
Mrs. Albert Zaske
Ray Ballard
Roland Brettin
Emma B Butenhoff
Gertrude S Klatt
Irene B Lentz
Idella E Lentz
Frieda M Standfuss
Eva Sterger

Emanuel Berning
Paul A Kleimenhagen
Theodore H Radtke
Jyril A Zaske
Ervin F Gummert
Alfred W Brettin
Olga M Sablowsky
Augusta F Strey

Phina Von Sprecken
Marvin F Lentz
Clarence T Lentz
Adeline M Garbow
Evelyn L Wilke
Ada A Pankow
Florence E Lentz
Fannie E Strey
Helen C Butenhoff
Frieda A Sablowsky
Frances E Rauschke
Elsie Franzman

Harold E Herrman
Emerald G Henning
Ervin W Brettin
Alfred T Lenz
Frieda Grafenstein
Ruth F Schierebeck
Ruth M Pankow
John Jer Eick
Mrs. Walter Dusterhoft

Otto Albert Pankow
Herbert John Herrman
Alfred E Strey
Roland B Lentz
Arnold E Stricker
Harold C Grabow
Arthur A Zaske
Adeline A Lentz
Glendore E Emerson
Ida M Butenhoff
Hildegard E Garbow
Mildred F Reetz

Mrs. Elva D Grabow
August F Lankenau
Gerhardt O Breitkreutz
Adrian L Brummer
Henry J Brettin
Hazal A Butenhoff
Lilah R Schmidt
Amanda L Roschild
Evelyn I Stricker
Luverne M Peik

Evelyn H Lenz
Lousie B Schoeck
Iona V Reetz
Elwood O Emerson
Irvin Ardelle Danielson
Daniel J Zaske
Selwin F Luedtke
Berhard E Strey
Adrain V Hoffman
Arthur L Herrman
Harold A Hoffman
Benjamin Stange

Jack F Thompson
Leonard M Johnson
Mrs. Emma Seehusen
Elmer Grafenstein
Vernon R Zaske
Edward Grafenstein
Herbert M Brettin
Erwin F Diekow
Vernon H Hoffman
William E Collier
Carlot H Radtke
Lloyd P Billiar
Emmanline G Breitkreutz

Stanley O Beyer
Clarence P Breitkreutz
Owen R Smith
Gilbert F Butenhoff
Ertwin H Gens
Allen O Schmidt
Virginia L Stricker
Violet E Lentz
Helen M Beyer
Edna E Diekow
Dorothy L Billiar
Delmer Wulf
Mrs. Roland Brettin

Merle H Schmidt
John J Schoeck
Erich G Sablowski
William I Brettin
Dolores I Knigge
Angeline T Knigge

Wesley Grafenstein
Milo H Rethmeier
Leonard M Becker
Bertram F Schroer
Virginia M Engel
Geraldine M Lentz
Marie A Binger
Dorothy C Moje
Herma D Trapp
Alice M Seehusen
Janet L Grabow
Marian A Trapp
Elaine W Emerson

Fredrich C Schoeck
Harland Lentz
Adrian H Lenz
Lyle R Rethmeier
Ruben A Hoffman
Henrietta B Hoffman
Adeline E Strey
Adeline F Zaske
Irma M Herrman
Verna A Danielson
Marvel A Sausele
Esther L Lentz
Marion L Brummer

Margaret E Reek
Verna E Herrman
Arlene R Rethmeier
Lorranie D Beyer
Alice M Sausele
Victor E Lankenau
LeRoy P Schroer
Donald W Schemel

Henry B Strey
Darwin H Luedtke
Earl E Wulf
Milton L Strey
Arvid J Black
John F Strey
Glyn R Peik
Richard H Wulf
Myra D Knigge
Martha A Schoeck

George W Okins
Ruben L Lenz
Robert W Johnson
Galen G Wohlman
Carl F Pape
James C Schemel
Clara E Wilcken
Merle M Knigge
Esther A Schmidt
Crystal M Schemel
Georgia L Blauert
Joyce J Rice
Eunice J Beyer
Lillie M Lenz
Alice L Johnson

Melbourne W Reetz
Elmer G Kemnitz
Orval A Butenhoff
Gordon J Schemel
Marlen M Butenhoff
Elizabeth A Okins
Luella E Herrman
Elsie A Schoeck
Lilah June Grafenstein
Pauline A Okins
Willard De Ryter

Jacob Jacobs
Mrs. Rena Herrman
Mrs. Grace Breitkreutz
Gloria M Wohlman
Irving F Bratsch

Walter E Hoffman
Delbourne L Danielson
Myron F Wilcken
Arian R Kemnitz
Muriel J Sausele
Betty Lou Kniggle
Marian A Schmidt
Helen E Pape

Walter W Strey
Kenneth J Rice
Harland M Miller
Raymond A Lentz
Jacob H Schoeck
Eric A Blauert
Elwood C Grabow
Joyce A Grabow
Marlous M Engle
Lucille M Rethmeier
Lois M Reetz
Elaine A Hoffman
Theordora A Ter Eick
Delight C Grafenstein
Dorothy E Danielson

Mrs. Earl Wulf
Mrs. Martin Kemnitz
Mrs. John Grafenstein Jr
Mrs. Elmer Grafenstein
Donald G Ter Eick
Orval H Bratsch
Marvin William Pape
Orville E Lenz

Grace M Hoffman
Leonard C Lentz
Arlene A Pape
Raymond E Reetz
Gretchen A Schemel
Marvel C Wulf

Delores Bratsch
Glorine Butenhoff
Bernadine DeGroat
Betty Bensch
La Vonne Wohlman
Roland Brettin Jr
Wilbur Strootman
Mrs. Emerald Henning

Ronald G Schroer
Dewayne D Maag
Delbourne B Yeschick
Janice E Grabow
Shirley A Rice
Elsie V Strey
Christina T Strey
Kathleen Fischer
Warren Anderson

Melvin H Wohlman
June G Markgraf
Norma J Brummer
Patricia L Knigge
Verdine Hammerly

James Dirnberger
William Dirnberger
Deniece Butenhoff
Ed Lenz
Alfred DeGroat
Mrs. Earl Anderson

Ardus A Kluth
Harriet C Brummer
Fredrick A Wohlman
Mary R Harner
Norman C Raske
Gerald J Knigge

Robert H Bensch
Joan V Brettin
Deborah D Dorn
Robert J Goetz
Ronald L Scott
Jerald J Ter Eick
Betty Lou Standfuss
Elaine J Waller
Lloyd C Waller
Mrs. Hans Schemel
Mrs. Carl Pape
Rodney Hanson
Joyce Standfuss
Mrs. Eldon Krueger

Michael J Dorn
Mary B Dirnberger
Earl D Wohlman
Robert W Miller
Raymond H DeGroat
Joan M DeGroat

Noreen M Raske
Everett J Standfuss
Carol A Reetz
Gene N Jacobs
John A Waller

VerJean Wohlman
Franklin Standfus
Marvin Anderson

David G Yungk
Leland O Raske
Ear William Waller
Jeanette E Preuss
Carol A Wulf
Marlene F Westby
Carol J Hinneberg
Paulette J Herrman
Norma Lou Anderson
Larry A Grafenstein
Jerome D Jacobs
Robert Harrison

Curtis K Musch
Thomas M Dirnberger
Mary Ann Lentz
Elwood E Gummert
Leanna H Jacobs
Robert H Hoffman
Arlene E Wohlman
Gary V Hoffman
Gerald A Brettin
Charlotte M Strey
Dean L Grafenstein
Mrs. F Kurtz
Arthur Prior
Mrs. Norbert Schroer

Dale R Waller
Karen K Wulf
Allen J Jacobs
Carolyn R Hoffman
Kenneth Anderson
Duane M Grussing
Lee Ann Zaske

Bonita L Wulf
Arlys E Cole
Ellen J Wenzel
Lou Ann Raske
Sandra L DeGroat
David R Hoffman
Wayne D Schemel
Gary W Barber
James A Emerson
Maynard Penke
Leroy Penke
Arlene Penke
Fred Kohls
Mary Myrom

Garry Anderson
Karen Anderson
Ronald Bensch
Darell Grussing
Margaret Gummert
Kermit Grafenstein
Bruce Grafenstein
Marilyn Hinneberg
Jerry Hoffman
Barbara Mehroff
Harlan Peters
Susan Ruter
Katherine Rakke
Ina Wohlman
Kenneth Wenzel
Norman Westby

Janette Gummert
Steven Lentz
Gary Myrom
Rolf Standfuss Jr
Alice Gummert
Gwen Grussing
Larry Hoffman
David Schoeck
Patricia Reek
Rosalie Pruess
Alva LeCacq

Barbara Grabow
Lois Gummert
Robert Anderson
Donald Brettin
Douglas Grussing
Wayne Herrman
Robert Hoffman
Theodore Lentz
Michael Schemel
Michael Scott
Marshall Westby
Gayden Wohlman
William Kist
Judith Brettin

Lorraine Schemel
Gregory Lenz
Gary Lenz
Nancy Ruter
Judith Lenz
Marie Waller
Donna Barber
Roger Anderson
Roy Jacobs
Larry Wenzel
Gale Grafenstein
Jeffrey Rice
Larry Myrom

Judith Gluth
Gail Wohlman
Dean Grussing
Ronald Wulf
Myron Hoffman
David Schemel
Herbert Grabow
Gordon Mehrhoff
Gloria Mehrhoff
Julie Kemnitz
Ronald Bratsch

Dean Reetz
Beverly Grussing
Kevin Ville
Joann Bratsch
Gloria Schemel

Larry Anderson
Paul Brettin
Steve Grafenstein
Judy Gummert
Lowell Hoffman
Thomas Hoffman
Bruce Lenz
Diane Mehrhoff
Mary Myrom
Elaine Rakke
Douglas Reetz
Julie Rice
James Ruter
Steven Schemel
Daniel Schoeck
James Dvorak III
Janine Stanburski

Marcia Anderson
Richard Bratsch
David Kemnitz
Delton Grussing
Jeffrey Lenz
Ronald Lenz
Barbara Rakke
Michael Waller
Jennifer Wohlman
Gary Wulf
Michael Rusk
Iris Bauer
Carol Grussing

Albert Bauer
Larry Bratsch
Constance Hoffman
Timothy Hoffman
Andrea Reetz
D Robert Schemel

Joan Hoffman
Barbara Lenz
Carol Lenz
Barbara Rice
Roger Ruter
Patricia Schemel
Michael Ville
Richard Wulf
LuAnn Lentz

Karen Hanson
Charlene Kohls
Nanette Merkel
Ronald Metag
Edmund Rakke
Ruth Reetz
Galen Seehusen
Pamela Standfuss
LaVonne Jensen

Mrs Larry Miller
Mary Emerson
Collen Grafenstein
Richard Hoffman
Karen Lindahl
Donald Nemitz
Lester Roschild

Jerry Butenhoff
Randall Kemnitz
Connie Metag
Linda Reetz
Diane Raedel
Marie Wohlman

Paul Abbas
Barbara Hoffman
James Hoffman
Terri Kemnitz
Laurie Metag
Jeffrey Ville
Ned Wohlman

David Bauer
Suzanne Kemnitz
Nathan Merkel
Todd Nemitz
Lee Nemitz
Thomas Schemel
Mary Standfuss
Dean Williams Jr
Susanne Mattson

Pam Kemnitz
John Rice
Jeffrey Roschild
Daniel Schemel
Robert Ville
Denise Williams
Tawn Wohlman

Paula Mehrhoff
Vicki Emde
Shannon Gluth
Mary Hanson
Allen Lenz
Deanna Lindahl
Deborah Rakke
Natalie Reetz
Kathy Standfuss
Laura Standfuss
Daniel Wohlman

Kelly Emde
Gregory Gluth
Kristie Klatt
Julie Lenz
Gary Lindahl

Gregory Kemnitz
Dwight Williams

Daryl Roschild
Joey Ross
Michael Standfuss

Melissa Gluth
Wayne Lindahl
Kay Mueller
Susan Raske
Walter Reetz
Galen Riediger

Paul Beck
Randall Hebrink
Timothy Schemel

Duane Riediger
Bradley Schemel
Julie Wohlman
Scott Wohlman
Lois Lenz

Mark Beck
Mark Gluth
Kimberly Lentz

Michael Gluth
Scott Klatt
Chad Lentz
Teresa Minnick
Sara Raske
James Hebrink

Jeffrey Butenhoff
Curtis Grant
Chad Steffens


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