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Renville County, Minnesota 
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The Sherman Coat of Arms
Source: The History of Renville County, Minnesota, Illustrated, Volume II; by Franklin Curtiss-Wedge (1916) Transcribed by sd

The Sherman Coat of Arms: Or, a lion rampant, sable, between three leaves vert. The Crest: On a wreath a sea lion sejeant or.  By right of the Leicester Grant of 1619.

At the Visitation of Essex in 1612, Edward Coe entered a pedigree of his family, claiming for arms:  Argent, three piles wavy meeting near the base gules between twelve martlets sable. His claim was based on the seals appearing on two deeds over two centuries old at that time, bearing the names of John1 Coo and John2 Coo. The heralds acknowledged his descent and right to the coat of arms.

The Hawley Coat of Arms: Vert a saltier, or a St. Andrews' cross, engrailed argent. Crest: A dexter arm in armour proper, garnished, holding in the hand a spear, in bent sinister, pointed downward proper. Motto: "Suivez Moi."

The arms of the Youngs, who are descended from Tudor Trevor, are shown in various detail, the most common being a plain shield with a lion rampant or; and the crest: a greyhound passant proper. It also appears this wise with the same crest: Ermine and counter of the same per bend sinister, a lion rampant or.

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