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Renville County, Minnesota 
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Wills and Probate

Charles F. Remicke
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) July 31, 1896; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Famous Remicke Estate Case Ended at Redwood Falls.

REDWOOD FALLS, Minn., July 30.
- Judge of Probate Glenn, of Renville county, has just decided the celebrated Remicke estate contest. His decision is in favor of the petitioner, Matilda Remicke, with whom the attorney lived during his later years, and with whom he had entered into a legal marriage contract. The contestant, Lottie Remicke Cole, will undoubtedly appeal from Glenn's decision giving Matilda Remicke letters of administration, and the case is liable to go as far up as possible before it is settled. The estate is estimated at $100,000.
Charles F. Remicke was a Chicago attorney and acquired property in Chicago and in the coal fields of Illinois, estimated to be worth over $80,000. During his residence there he lived with a woman who became known as Lottie Remicke, his wife, to whom he was never legally married. By her he had twins. They continued living together for several years, after which they separated, whether by mutual consent or not is not known. Lottie Remicke took the children.

Remicke then drifted West and settled on a farm in Renville county. With his income he purchased a fine farm of 640 acres in one of the eastern townships of that county and also one or two other Renville county tracts. These tracts are estimated at $20,000. Here he also met a widow, who, about two years ago, he married, and she became known as Matilda Remicke. By her he had one child, a boy, Charles F. Remicke, Jr., now nearly ten months old. In October, last year, Remicke died without leaving a will.

In December she petitioned the probate court of Renville county for letters granting to hjer the right of administratrix of the property. At that time Lottie Remicke Cole appeared as a contestant, claiming that she was the lawful widow.

In the meantime the revenues secured from the property of the deceased in Chicago are being seized by Lottie Remicke Cole, who is in full possession, and the revenues from the Renville county property are seized by Matilda Remicke who is in full charge of the Renville property. The revenue from Chicago is much the larger.

Thorstein B. Veblen
Source: San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) Wednesday, August 21, 1929; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The will of Thorstein B. Veblen, educator, author, economist and former member of the Stanford faculty, who died at his home near Menlo Park, August 3, was filed for probate in Redwood City yesterday. Six brothers and sisters whose ages range from 60 to 82 are mentioned in the will.

His stepdaughter, Rebecca Bradley, is left $10,000 and his household goods to Mildred Van Valkenburg Bennett. One of his brothers, Oscar Veblen of Denton, Mont., is mentioned as having all his debts to the testator cancelled with the exception of a promissory note for $2500.

The six elderly brothers and sisters are Andrew Veblen, 82, Los Angeles; Edward Veblen, 62, Los Angeles; Betsy Viken, 80, Sacred Heart, Minn.; Emily Olsen, 70, Minneapolis; Mary Hougen, 66, Nerstrand, Minn., and Hanna Hanson, 60, South Dakota. They are mentioned as recipients of gifts mentioned in an attached list. This list was not filed with the will.

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