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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Calvary Cemetery 442713N 0930825W  
Calvary Cemetery 441707N 0931847W  
Calvary Hill Cemetery 442814N 0932543W  
Forest Cemetery 442636N 0931654W  
Maple Lawn Cemetery 441719N 0931751W  
Meadow Ridge Memorial Park 441615N 0931612W  
Nerstrand Cemetery 442058N 0930358W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 441920N 0931628W  
Oak Lawn Cemetery 442733N 0930820W  
Prairie Creek Cemetery 442426N 0930546W  
Rolling Green Cemetery 442731N 0931644W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 443222N 0932257W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 442508N 0932333W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 443057N 0932804W  
Saint Lawrence Cemetery 441914N 0931627W  
Wheeling Evangelical Cemetery 441937N 0930232W  
Woodman Cemetery 441554N 0931521W  

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