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Susan Bauernfeind
Source: Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Monday, September 3, 1900; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Rev. J. H. Bauernfeind of the German Evangelical church leaves Tuesday for his old home in Nerstrand, Minn., where he will assist in farewell services given in honor of his sister, Miss Susan Bauernfeind, who leaves shortly as a missionary to Japan. Mr. Bauernfeind will be absent about two weeks, during which time his pulpit will be vacant. Mrs. Bauernfeind and children will visit relatives in Le Mars, Ia.

Mrs. John Foster
Source: The Faribault Journal (Fairbault, MN), March 9, 1921, page 1; submitted by Robin Line
Two automobiles, one driven by Mrs. John Foster and the other by Miss Mary Kingsley, collided Friday afternoon at the corner of Third street and Fourth avenue. No one was hurt as a result. It appears Mrs. Foster was driving down Fourth avenue, and in swerving to pass another car, failed to see Miss Kingsley, resulting in the collision.

Dr. Dolan and Dr. Humiston
Source: The Northfield News (MN) Aug. 17, 1889; submitted by Robin Line
Drs. Doland and Humiston of this city, and Dr. Gilfillian of St. Paul, had an experience Thursday night which if never repeated will not be regretted by these gentlemen. They were out on a little hunt near the lake leaving Dr. Humiston in the buggy when the team became frightened at something and started on a wild run down the road; in some manner the lines fell over the dash board and the doctor could not get them until he climbed in between the horses which he did; the two guns fell out of the buggy. One was badly broken. The team was checked after a little time with out any further damage.

Emma Wells Nichols
Source: Trenton Evening Times (Trenton, NJ) Friday, January 29, 1909; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Pastor of Hamilton Avenue M. E. Church Twice Invited to His Boyhood Home Town.

The Rev. Dr. Sanford M. Nichols, pastor of the Hamilton Avenue Methodist Church of this city, has received a call to become the pastor of the First Methodist Church at Millville, one of the largest and most influential churches of the denomination in South Jersey. It is not known yet whether or not the Rev. Dr. Nichols will accept the call.

The double call to the Millville Church is a special honor because Dr. Nichols spent seventeen years of his early life within a few miles of Millville. He was admitted to the New Jersey Conference in 1886, and has successfully served these churches: Pennsgrove, Bethany Church, Camden and Glassboro. He was pastor at the latter church five years and the congregation there desired him to stay longer.

While there he built a parsonage costing about $7,500, besides raising the necessary funds to meet the expense, he succeeded in paying off a debt on the church of twenty years' standing, and when he left there the property was free from debt.

He came to Trenton three years ago. The church membership is more than 500, and improvements have been made to the edifice costing about $3,000. A new parsonage has been built.

Dr. Nichols married Miss Emma Wells, of Warsaw, Minn. She is a graduate of the Northfield High School and Carlton College. They have two children. Miss Nellie M. Nichols graduated from Pennington in 1907 in the Latin science course, and the following year in elocution. Harvey Nichols, the son, is in High School.

Mrs. P. B. Peyton
Source: The Faribault Journal (Fairbault, MN), March 9, 1921, page 4; submitted by Robin Line
Wetzel-Death called Mrs. Wetzel, mother of Mrs. P. B. Peyton, wife of Colonel Peyton of Shattuck school Tuesday at the St. Lucas hospital where she had been ill for some time past. Deceased was known and held in high esteem by many friends and acquaintances in Faribault. The remains were taken to St. Paul where burial took place on Thursday.

Ernest Pye
Source: The Faribault Journal (Fairbault, MN), March 9, 1921, page 4; submitted by Robin Line
The many friends, in Faribault and Rice County, of Mr. Ernest Pye and Mr. Watts O. Pye, will undoubtedly be interested in a letter from the former which was recently received by Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lewis. The letter was written at Emmetsburg, Iowa, where Mrs. Pye's parents reside and at which place Mr. Pye and his family have been since June 23, 1920.

March 1, 1920, Mr. Pye left Marsovan, Turkey, to return to the United States to get a much needed rest and to make preparations for taking his family with him to Marsovan as soon as he is sufficiently recuperated. At present he is considerably improved in health and hopes to be able to make the return trip some time the coming summer.

Included with his letter, was a synoptical record of Mr. Pye's activities in the interests of Marsovan Missions dating from Sept. 1911, when he sailed from Boston for Marsovan, to the present time. Any of his friends who are interested in his work may obtain this record upon request.

Regarding his brother, Watts O. Pye he states that the southern portion of Shansi Province, China, which is his field of work, is affected by the terrible famine. However the most serious conditions are south of Shansi.

Dan Shell
Source: The Northfield News (MN) Aug. 17, 1889; submitted by Robin Line
Dan Shell returned home from his eastern trip, Tuesday afternoon. He went nearly to Cleveland and returned to Duluth by boat. He reports a very pleasant time and no sea sickness. While enroute going, he had the experience of being in a strike. While at one of the towns all of the freight handlers struck, tying up the boat he was on and all of the others of the same line as fast as they arrived at that port. the passengers were transferred to another line of boats and their trip continued.

Joseph Tupy
Source: The Lincoln Star (NE) May 2, 1937; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Five young men will be ordained to the priesthood Ascension Thursday, May 6, by Most Rev. Louis B. Kucera. They are: Rev. Mr. Daniel Cooper of Boone, Ia., Rev. Mr. Anthony Trausch of Roseland, Rev. Mr. Clarence J. Crowley of Monticello, Ia.; Rev. Mr. Wenceslaus Beranek of Prairieburg, Ia., and Rev. Mr. Joseph Tupy of Montgomery, Minn. At this mass, which begins at 9 o'clock, the bishop will also confer the first two minor orders on a group of students from the Crosier monastery at Hastings.

Rev. Mr. Tupy was born Feb. 19, 1911 at Veseli, Minn. He attended Nazareth hall, St. Paul, St. Paul's seminary. He also speaks Czech. His first solemn mass will be sung at Veseli, Minn., May 11.
Note: the original article includes background of the other young men also.

C. H. Watson
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Monday, September 25, 1905; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

NORTHFIELD, Minn.-C. H. Watson sold his harness business to Joseph Wencel of Owatonna, retiring after thirty-seven years of activity in his line here, on account of his eyes.

Robert and William Watson
Source: The Northfield News (MN) Aug. 17, 1889; submitted by Robin Line
NORTHFIELD NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Watson visited the farm of J. T. Elwell in Anoka county, last week. Mr. Elwell's farm consists of 52,000 acres of land, more than two townships. The improvements on the farm are substantial and extensive, and Mr. Elwell's stock includes some of the finest to be found in the State.

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