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JUNE 2018
NORTHFIELD RAID: Minnesota Related Chapters from: "Lives and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James, and the Younger Brothers"
CHURCHES: 1892 Directory of Churches & their officials, leaders, trustees, organizations, etc.
SCHOOLS: 1892 College and Public School Directories
OFFICIALS: 1892 City and Local Officials
DIRECTORIES: 1892 Fire Department, Political Organizations, Publications, Clubs and Lodges and their officials

MARCH 2018
Submitted by Tina and Jason Alberti from a 1918 Czech magazine:
FAMILIES: The Louis Breuer Family
BIOS: Martin J. Benzik, Jakub Schultz
TOWNS: Lonsdale
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: James Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Mahamuel, Fred Struck and Herman Zabel

MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Frank E. Gibney, H. M. Kenney, Theodore Willing, Lewis E. Moreau
MILITARY: Soldier-General Shields
WILLS ETC.: Inheritance Tax-Batchelder, Carver, Cosgrove, Cowan, Cromer, Dickenson, Dunham, Ferguson, Filler, Goodhue, Gunus, Heatwole, Hill, Kelly, Low, Lynch, Marshall, Miller, Nutting, O'Neil, Pflaum, Phillips, Pye, SHerwin, Skinner, Thomas, Wilkins

SEPTEMBER 2017 Submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: A. B. Story, William Neumann, Mrs. James Murphy, Elizabeth L. Dobbin, George A. Weston, John Leadon, Marvin Dargavel, Bridget Stanton
BIRTHS: Adams Son, Leonard Daughter, O'Connor Son, Mullenmeister Daughter
BUSINESS: Frank and Ernest Schwichtenberg
NEWS-BITS: 50 Brief News Items
PEOPLE: Mrs. John Foster, Ernest Pye, Mrs. P. B. Peyton
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: News-F. M. Kaisersatt
SCHOOLS: Students & Teachers - Lillian Wetherald, Edith Rachac, John Munroe, Marion Olson
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: F. H. Wilkowske, Leslie Johnson, Mrs. J. D. Gibson
WILLS & PROBATE: Charles F. E. Mielke

MILITARY: Korean War Casualties
Submitted by Robin Line:
BIRTHS: Babcock Daughter
BUSINESSES: Faber Drug Store, George Simoni, Tredway & Son, Peter Heinl
MARRIAGES: Empey-Stanley, Prescott-Austin
OBITS: William C. Cleland, Mrs. D. F. Muckey, Clarence Boutelle, George Johnson
PEOPLE: Dr. Dolan and Dr. Humiston, Dan Shell, Robert and William Watson
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: News-O. Landberg, Rosters-1887 Northfield
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: K. O. Lundeburg, Harry Pannell, Lindley Tow, Drentlaw Boy, J. M. Shanahan
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1889-License to Sell, 1889 Picnic
NEWS-CRIME: Mike Birkland & Chester Palmer, William Sloper, Peter Simoni

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Mrs. Robert Tripp
MARRIAGES: Amedon-DeLano
BUSINESSES: Charles F. Goodell, A. Frink, John T. Austin, Dr. Wilhelm, Phillip Empey, E. G. Ault
OBITS: Lorenzo Jackson, Thomas T. Holton, John L. Schofield - submitted by Robin Line

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Mary Barbarina Tupy
NEWS-BUSINESSES: Northfield News submitted by Robin Line
CHURCHES: 1882-Good Shepherd News
NORTHFIELD RAID: After the Capture - 1897 No Pardon

NORTHFIELD RAID: Stories of Capture - Theodore Potter's Story
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Simon McBride submitted by Robin Line
BIOS: Chr. Lockrem

BIOS: Jean B. Faribault, Ansel L. Hill, Donald Grant
OBITS: Emma Kalina, Orville Hanson, Geo. Joubert, Thomas Nelson, Joseph Shestak
PEOPLE: Joseph Tupy
NEWS-VISIT: Matt Smisek
NEWS-ILLNESS: Mrs. O. Ullevig - submitted by Robin Line

OBITS: Randi Rinde
MARRIAGES: VanWermer-Twitchell
BIOS: Jonathan L. Noyes
NEWS-FIRES: 1887 Peter Phelan, John Truax Injured in Derailment

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Ray Family
COURT: 1906-Daily Train Service Ordered
WILLS & PROBATE: Thorstein Veblen
CHURCHES: 1891-Parish School, Rev. F. H. McElwain
SCHOOLS: 1921-Shattuck Defeats Faribault

MARCH 2015
OBITS: Joseph Ebertowski, Emeline Clason, William Cheney, Charlotte Clayson, Kitty and Herbert Yancy, Bert Hulse, Almon E. Chilson, Amelia Wolk
NEWS-PEOPLE: Emma Wells Nichols
NEWS-VISIT: William Schultz, Mrs. W. H. Anderson, Alice Wilkins, Olga Lindquist, Walter Hughes

PEOPLE: Susan Bauernfeind; C. H. Watson
OBITS: Ole Ask

Apr. 2014: Bios: Batchelder (2), Brand, Clifford, Saemrow - transcribed by Helena Lane
Bios: Karp, Keesey, Kelly, Kingsley, Klemer, Kueker
Bios: Haven, Heatwole, Hill - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Bio: Hutchinson - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

March 2014: Bios: Bouska, Buck, Clements, Couper, Davis, Haven, Hunter, Kelley, Kolling, Lewis, Lips, Lockwood, McElwain, McKinstry, Mee, Mott, Rumpf, Sime, Skluzacek, Smith (2), Swisher, Tanner, Weyer (2) Wheaton, Whitney - transcribed by Sheila Gruver

Feb. 2014: Obit: Barton - transcribed by Veneta McKinney
All of the Rice County bios from "History of Rice & Steele Counties Minnesota (1910)
History: Alcantara Farm - transcribed by Susan Geist
Disaster News: Morristown Cyclone (1900) - transcribed by Veneta McKinney
Bios: Clement, Pattee, Sheffield - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

July 2013: Obits: Foster, Keyes

May 2013: Obits: Beach, Brooks, Freed, Hoyt, Klemer, Perkins, Rainey, Robinson, Wood
Marriages: Chase - Gardner; Corniea - Reed; Ellis - Grant; Fradenburgh - Allen; Gimblett - Bailey; Hecht - Schlatter; Lockman - Fihn; Maryland - Sullivan; Plouf - St. Onge; Schmuck - Currie; Soyntjes - Ekers; Wright - Hays; Yeager - Evans
Bios: Barkley, Louberjet, Lufkin, Urban, Weir

Oct. 2012: Obits: Borchardt, Borchert, Brooks

Aug. 2012: Obits: Jewett, Luther, Murphy

July 2012: Bios: Brubaker, Buckham, Carpenter, Cathcart, Chaffee; Obit: Fleckenstein

June 2012: Obits: Babb, Hanlon: Bios: Cochrane, Wheeler

May 2012: Almfeldt, Appleby, Aslakson, Atchison, Bahe, Baldwin, Barrows, Batchelder

Apr. 2012: Bios: Batchelder, Buck, Carpenter, Dougherty, Ebel, Flannery, Fleckenstein, Foot, Foskett, Giere, Gill, Gipson, Glotzbach, Grant, Huntington, McMahon, Metcalf, Stockton, Strong

Mar. 2012: Marriage License & Certificate: Comstock-Simmons; Obits: Filiatrault, Whipple; Bios: Chase, Cleveland, Cobb, Cory, Grant, Griggs, Hall, Harkins; Marriage: Berdahl-Nelson

Feb. 2012: Civil War Regiments; WW2 Army Honor List; Obit for BARRETT; bios: Aldrich, Bennett, Benson, Blencoe, Burch, Dixon, Dobbin, Halein, Hershey, Hile, Hopkins, Jackson, Kenney, Ketchum, Kisor, Larson, Morris, Nelson, Northcott, Osterhout, Purinton, Schneider, Soule, Southwick, Swartwood; County History - transfer of land, newspapers, schools and old settlers' dates of arrival; churches & schools of Morristown Twp. (1882)

Jan 2012: Early county organization and description; death notice for BLOOD; list of cemeteries

Previous Updates:
Dight Biography, 1870 Births, 1870 Marriages, Obit for WHIPPLE, News Article - LOCKWOODS Reunited After 48 Years

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