Rock County Minnesota

Military Information
1883 Pensioners on the Roll
transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
  Berterleit, Martin Beaver Creek wd. right arm & side $8.00  
  Grout, Wm. Beaver Creek chr. diarr. $4.00 Oct. 1880
80,008 Park, John Beaver Creek ophthalmic $6.00 June 1864
  Marshall, James Beaver Creek wd. loss left thumb $4.00  
  Barnes, Geo. S. Beaver Creek chr. rheum. resulting curvature spine & dis. lungs $50.00 March 1880
  Kirkham, Catherine J. Beaver Creek widow $8.00  
  Kimble, Alonzo C. Luverne chr. diarr., varicose veins, result of scurvy $18.00  
  Jaycox, Abraham Luverne dis. lungs & chr. diarr. $8.00 April 1880
  Gahr, Aanensen Luverne wound right shoulder $6.00  
  Ladd, James D. Luverne injury to abdomen $7.50 June 1882
  Black, James E. Luverne w. left forearm & w. right knee $14.00 Jan. 1873
  Hadley, Elbridge  Luverne wound face & neck $7.50  
  Madison, James Luverne wound right foot $4.00  
  Hoplater, Susan Luverne mother $8.00  
  Cyrus, Thos. Luverne wound left leg $7.50  
  Phinney, Geo. D. Luverne loss left arm $18.00  
  Phinny, Philander Luverne wound right foot $4.00  
  Young, Stewart Luverne wd. right thigh & left hand $6.00  
  Dean, Wm. C. Luverne chr. diarr. & dis. lungs $4.00 Oct. 1880
  Crawford, Wm. O. Luverne wound left forearm $2.00  
  Croft, Albert C. Luverne ampt. left arm $18.00  
  Reynolds, Ana P. Luverne w. r. index finger & w. left foot $6.00 Nov. 1880
  Canfield, Chas. Luverne chr. diarr. $4.00 July 1882
  Robinson, Elisha B. Luverne chr. diarr. $4.00 Feb. 1880
136,690 Morean, Isaac Luverne wound right shoulder $6.00  
165,417 Brooks, John Luverne dis. of lungs $4.00 March 1880
  Baker, James A. Luverne child of $10.00  
  Crane, Elzada M. Luverne widow $8.00  
55,155 Halbart, Wm. H. H. Luverne fracture right foot $6.00  

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