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Michael Holm
[Source:  Little Sketches of Big Folks in Minnesota. (Publ. 1907) Transcribed by Glenda Stevens]
HOLM Michael, Roseau. Judge of probate.  Born June 17, 1876 in Sweden, son of Hans Hanson and Karen (Pearson) Holm. Married April 10, 1897 to Marie Syverson. Educated in public schools at Warren Minn 1888-91; business college 1892-93, Opened barber shop at Warren Minn 1892; moved to Roseau Minn 1892 and conducted barber shop until 1902; justice of peace 1898-1900; city clerk Roseau Minn 1900-1903; elected judge of probate court Roseau county Minn 1902; re-elected 1904 and 1906.  Opened music store at Roseau Minn 1906. Leader Roseau Concert Band 1903-1904; leader and mngr Holm's Orchestra Roseau.

Mike Holm
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) October 27, 1920; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

Working by day and studying by night, Mike Holm of Roseau overcame adversities that beset him in his youth and is today a living example of what America can do for a young man who is ambitious and industrious.

He came of poor, hard-working parents, who lacked the means to send the son through school. At the age of 12, he decided that where there is a will there is a way and ever since he has made his own way in the world.

Mr. Holm was born June 17, 1876. His early days were spent on his parent's homestead in Marshall County, where his father was one of the pioneers in blazing the trail of civilization through the wild wastes of that district. At the age of 11, the family moved to a farm in Roseau county. A year later the young Mike decided he would strike out for himself and then began his struggle for a livelihood, without parental help.

He received most of his early education in the schools of Warren, working at various occupations when school duties did not demand his attention. After graduating in the public schools at Warren, he took a business course in the evenings and his application to his work won the praise of his teachers and laid the foundation for his later career.

His popularity among the older men of the county was widely commented upon and despite his objection he was made a candidate for county coroner when he was only 21. He was easily elected. Shortly after that he was made justice of the peace. He held the latter position for 7 years.

In 1902 he became a candidate for judge of probate and success again crowned his efforts. So excellent a public official was he that he has held that office ever since. During the last 10 years he has had no opposition at the polls.

He has always been most actively interested in public affairs and has held a number of positions of trust. Among these posts are: President of the Commercial Club; member of the village council; president and member of the school board for 10 years; president and secretary of the county fair association; secretary of the county fair association; secretary of the Commercial Club; trustee of the Presbyterian church; president of the Old Settlers' Association of Roseau county; director of the Minnesota Red River Valley Development Association and president of the Minnesota County Exhibitors' association.

For the last four years he has been a member of the Minnesota State Fair Board. This honor came to him in recognition of the work he had done in supervising the exhibits of Roseau county at the state fair each year. For four years, Roseau won the first prize for the best exhibit shown and last year, Roseau defeated all other counties by 68 points.

J. G. Holstrom
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) October 16, 1918; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

During this busy time and while we are active in aiding our government, we must not forget our important duty of electing a state senator this fall. Roseau, Marshall and Kittson counties constitute the 67th senatorial district. The three counties elect one man to represent them in the state senate.

In the early days Judge Andrew Grindeland, of Warren, served as our senator with ability and secured legislation of vast benefits to the state. He was succeeded by B. E. Sundberg, of Kittson county, who promoted the best interests of the district and whose sturdiness and energy made him a power in the senate.

During Judge Grindeland's and Senator Sundberg's legislative days it was generally understood that in due time Roseau county would present a man for senator and ask for the same generous support from Marshall and Kittson counties that it had so loyally accorded their candidates. The time to liquidate has now come. The day to return favors is here. Roseau county presents J. G. Holstrom as its candidate and choice for senator. Voters of Kittson and Marshall counties, we appeal to you to support him. He is eminently worthy of the support. The writer knew him in Cokato, Minn., 25 years ago. Altho a young man at that time, he was already active in promoting his community's best interests. Every man in this district who knew him then is glad to have a chance to vote for him.

To make a success as a legislator, a man must be mature in judgement, possess determination and intelligence, keen in discriminating and capable of stating his opinions clearly and definitely. Holmstrom has these qualities and winning ways. He does not live on theories, he is not an advocate of wild notions. He is a level-headed and fair-minded man in whose keeping one would feel safe to place one's personal affairs. To know him is to believe in him. He is not a stranger or newcomer in Roseau county, having bought land here seven years ago, and, although actively engaged in farming, he finds time to interest himself in matters tending to advance the social and economic side of life on the farm. He is the sort of a man Roseau county invites the voters of Marshall and Kittson counties to vote for. During the senatorial careers of Judge Grindeland and B. E. Sundberg, our district, thru their prestige and influence, was a refreshing power sought and reckoned with in legislative matters and affairs of state. If we unite on Holmstrom and elect him, this position of distinction will again be attained by our district.
Respectfully submitted, - G. H. Mattson.

Richard H. Medicraft
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) October 27, 1898; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]
Candidate for Representative, is a resident of Roseau county. He was born in Lancashire, Eng., in 1865, and came to this country six years ago. For a time he worked on a farm, and was one of the men who worked with shovels upon the state ditch on the Tamarac river in Marshall county. While Mr. Medicraft is of an ambitious nature, he is not one of those who cast their fortunes with a party for the sake of prospective political favors. His Republicanism is of the stalwart brand, and, besides, he is fully competent. For a time he was a school teacher in Marshall county. Four years ago he went to Roseau county, where he also taught school, until his admission to the bar in January, 1896. He is also a duly admitted lawyer in England since 1880. His vote and influence will always be found upon the side of the people, in their contests with the railroads and other corporate interests. For two years Mr. Medicraft served the village of Roseau as village attorney. Since his removal to Badger he has been attorney for that village. His election, like that of Messrs. Grindeland and McCollom, means a vote for C. K. Davis for U. S. Senator. Don't fail to cast a vote for Richard H. Medicraft for Representative

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