Roseau County, Minnesota

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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information 
America Cemetery 484654N 0952244W  
Badger Cemetery 484613N 0960141W  
Badger Creek Cemetery 484730N 0960025W  
Barnett Cemetery 484210N 0960141W  
Beaver Cemetery 484155N 0953459W  
Bethania Cemetery 484235N 0960959W  
Bethania Cemetery 484606N 0960828W  
Bethel Cemetery 484128N 0961144W  
Bethel Cemetery 484634N 0954839W  
Bethesda Cemetery 483328N 0953457W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 483611N 0961412W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 483703N 0961807W  
Concordia Cemetery 485423N 0955750W  
Elkwood Cemetery 483447N 0952544W  
Elkwood Cemetery 483553N 0952556W  
Fairview Cemetery 484832N 0953650W  
Falun Cemetery 484453N 0953335W  
Golden Valley Cemetery 483459N 0954205W  
Greenwood Cemetery 483329N 0961006W  
Gust National Cemetery 483449N 0955701W  
Hope Cemetery 485016N 0954543W  
Immanuel Cemetery 485422N 0960202W  
Juneberry Cemetery 485336N 0962136W  
Klondike Cemetery 483626N 0955815W  
Lorenson Cemetery 483422N 0960246W  
Malung Cemetery 484703N 0954053W  
Mellum Cemetery 485235N 0955517W  
Mickinock Cemetery 483949N 0954305W  
Nannestad Cemetery 484247N 0955705W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 484348N 0954638W  
Oiland Cemetery 485041N 0960942W  
Opdahl Cemetery 484808N 0955754W  
Palmville Cemetery 483710N 0954600W  
Pauli Cemetery 483923N 0962044W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 483827N 0953617W  
Pine Ridge Cemetery 484410N 0951515W  
Poplar Grove Cemetery 483544N 0960851W  
Reine Cemetery 483459N 0953239W  
Riverside Cemetery 485328N 0951933W  
Rose Cemetery 485038N 0954955W  
Roselund Cemetery 485120N 0960258W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 485012N 0954539W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 483417N 0955541W  
Saint Mary Cemetery 484604N 0960120W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 485317N 0951909W  
Saint Phillips Cemetery 484307N 0953634W  
Salem Cemetery 484308N 0954011W  
Salol Mission Cemetery 485558N 0953019W  
Spruce Cemetery 485053N 0953714W  
Spruce Cemetery 485104N 0954326W  
Swedish Cemetery 484727N 0960028W  
Zion Cemetery 483841N 0960540W  

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