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Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Wednesday February 18, 1920; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The census for 1910 gives Badger, Minn., a population of 395. It has five churches.
The proportion of churches to population may be one of the reasons for the comparatively low salaries paid to clergymen. When there is one church to approximately 80 people it is virtually impossible for the collection plate to gather up enough money to keep the church property in repair, much less pay a living wage also to the pastor, who may have from three to seven children, as News Tribune correspondents report the domestic condition of affairs.

But there is no use in emphasizing this phase of spiritual things, as they relate to the bit of naughty materialism known as wages, for there is no tangible evidence that humanity ever will get away from its ambition to split up into innumerable sects and do its thinking in groups.

Clergymen themselves realize that doctrinal questions are the greatest preventive of larger salaries for them, but most accept their fate as inevitable and even prefer to pastor their own flock, no matter how small it may be, rather than amalgamate with other groups, with which he has no mental affinity.

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