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Source: Bismarck Tribune (ND) Thursday, March 3, 1898; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A Degenerate Family.
Interest in the family of August Normand, who butchered the Hilstad children and outraged their mother in Grand Forks county last summer, and is now in the pen for life, will be revived by the fact that three of his brothers have been arrested at Roseau, Minn., for the murder of Erick Nystrom, whose body was found in that section some time ago. It is said that Gust Anderson, who was previously charged with the murder has made a statement implicating the three brothers in the deed. While August Normand was a prisoner in the Grand Forks county jail, his three brothers from Roseau came to see him, and considerable comment was caused by the manner in which they deported themselves. They were admitted to the prisoner's cell by the deputy sheriff, and the prisoner, above whose head the gallows noose seemed to dangle unpleasantly near, and the three visitors acted with an air of stolid indifference, befitting a meeting under the most ordinary circumstances. August asked if any of them had a piece of tobacco, and, on the required article being produced, he bit off a huge chew, and after a few commonplace remarks the three brothers withdrew. Not a word of sympathy was uttered and nothing was said which showed that any of the three realized the terrible position in which their brother was placed. One of the three went home at once, the other two remaining to take in the sights. Within a day or two after their arrival they were arrested for disturbing a Salvation Army meeting and for annoying ladies on the streets at night by following them. They were hustled out of town by the officers for fear that the incident would excite public sentiment, already sufficiently bitter against August, to a dangerous point. It is said that the murder of Nystrom occurred shortly after their arrival at Roseau after their visit to Grand Forks.

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