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JUNE 2018
BIO : J. G. Holstrom
MILITARY: WWI Draft Registrations, started with A Surnames
MARRIAGES: County Records 1900-1902
OFFICIALS : News-Sheriff Durham
OFFICIALS : 1895-Officials
PEOPLE : Henry C. Reed
NEWS-FIRE: 1895-fire at Peter Norquist & Co.
NEWS-VISITS: Alton Karn and Harry Miller
TOWNS: Barto named

MILITARY: Soldiers-Eddie Pulcznski, O. E. Olson, Joseph Svir, William Hardy
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Jerial I. Southwick, Peter Johnson
OFFICIALS : News-Judge Ives
OFFICIALS : 1896-Officers Elected

JUNE 2017
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
OBITS : Rasmus A. Flaa
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. Strandlund
NEWS-BUSINESS: Roseau County Times-R. J. Bell, The Badger Herald-J. W. Novotny
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1896-Influx of Immigrants Coming, 1896-New Settlers Suffering
MARRIAGE: Skoglund-Milson

MARCH 2017
NEWS-SICK: Emma E. Haugen
BIOS : Mike Holm
OBITS : John Quincy Chapin
SCHOOLS: Teachers, Edward Dalquist
NEWS-VISITS: Charley Peterson, Emanuel Holm
NEWS-POLITICS: 1898-Republican Ticket, 1898 Richard Medicraft
PEOPLE: Andrew O. Gordon

JULY 2016
BIOS : Richard H. Medicraft
OBITS : Mrs. Lars Nelson, Luella Hagstrom
PEOPLE: L. A. Launer, J. F. Anderson
HISTORY: Historical News Item, 1895-New County
NEWS-VISITS: Henning Backlund, Mrs. Henry Haverland
NEWS-CRIME: Halge Vraa, Ole H. Langslett
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1891-Families Terrorized

MARRIAGE: Moe-Brunsvold
PEOPLE: John Bryant
NEWS-CRIME: Andrew Hendel
NEWS-VISITS: Donald Holmes, John Gustafson 1912, 1916, 1918
NEWS-SICK: Hugh Thompson
NEWS-BUSINESS: Warroad Creamery

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: S.M. Goodale, D. C. Gunvaldson
FAMILIES: Normand Brothers
SCHOOLS: 1912-Training school
CHURCHES: 1920-Too many churches?
PEOPLE: Michael Holm

DEATH RECORDS: John Quincey Chapin, Martha Laughlin Chapin contributed by russanddoty.

TOWNS: Strathcona Village Pump Sabatoged-1942
NEWS-CRIME : Jesse Moats
NEWS-COMMUNITY : Post Office Robber Caught
OBITS: Helen Campbell

Apr. 2014: Bio: Holm - transcribed by Glenda Stevens

June 2013: Obits: Aase, Anderson, Brunk, Erickson, Kelly, McDermott, Torfin
Marriages: Bennett - Bergstrom; Bronvold - Sillerud; Elton - Aase; Olson - Martin; Peterson - Osell
Marriage Licenses: McFarland - Turner; Pladsen - Bratrud

Jan. 2013: Obit: Miller
Marriages: Brandt - Malmin; Bodie - Gravell; Haug - Sather; Williams - Guhl

August 2012: Obits: Johnson, Medicraft

May 2012: Marriage: Dodds-Watson

Mar. 2012: Marriage: Hillman-Dahl

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; misc., disaster & crime news; obits: Ryder, Stiles

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries, early history, county organization and description; political news re: HENDRICKS

Previous Updates:
BLAWAT, GRAVEEL obits; Fire Wardens, 1895

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