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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
  Haley, Rose Belle Plaines dependent mother $8.00  
  Boesling, Sophia Belle Plaines dependent mother $8.00  
  Peters, Rudolph Belle Plaines hypertrophy of the heart $6.00 Nov. 1882
  Bliss, Francis Belle Plaines surv. 1812 . . . . .  
  Morrison, Martin Belle Plaines disease of lungs $4.00 Nov. 1882
  McGucklin, John Belle Plaines hypertrophy of the heart $24.00 Feb. 1881
  Guinn, Bridget Belle Plaines widow $8.00  
  Bowler, Samuel Belle Plaines inj. to abd., g.s.w. left thigh & res $8.00 June 1881
  Gates, Michael Belle Plaines g.s.w. right forearm $4.00  
105,115 Foster, Daniel Belle Plaines injury to right thigh $4.00 Aug. 1870
  Doolittle, Charles C. Blakeley disease of lungs $4.00 June 1881
  Peterson, John Hamilton Station disease of heart $6.00 Feb. 1880
  Connally, Michael T. Hamilton Station g.s.w. left thigh & inj. to abd. $4.00 Jan. 1878
  Maloney, Margaret Hamilton Station dependent mother $8.00  
  McCoy, James Hamilton Station wound right thigh $8.00  
  Milan, Mary A. Hamilton Station widow $8.00  
  Green, Simon Hamilton Station dis. of heart & res. dis. lungs $12.00 June 1882
  Leonard, Morris Hamilton Station scurvy $4.00 Dec. 1882
  Eckert, Nicholas Jordan g.s.w. left hip $8.00 June 1878
  Pauly, Jacob Jordan would left arm $8.00  
  Miller, Henry C. Jordan injury to abdomen $18.00 June 1881
  Bandy, William B. Jordan disease of eyes $4.00  
  Foss, Elizabeth C. Jordan widow 1812 $8.00 Jan. 1879
  Bryson, John Jordan disease of kidneys $24.00  
  Kornab, Anthony Jordan g.s.w. right hip $2.00  
  Linn, John Jordan g.s.w. right wrist $10.00  
  Ash, Lorenzo D. Jordan dis. eyes $10.00 Oct. 1880
93,056 Rathbun, Alonzo E. Lydia injury to abdomen $6.00  
  Skinner, James H. Maple Glen wound left leg $8.00  
  Mahowald, Frank New Market chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis. $6.00 June 1880
  Ruppert, Mathias New Market dependent father $8.00  
  Jones, Nancy L. Prior's Lake widow $8.00  
  Ellis, Frederick Prior's Lake g.s.w. left leg $4.00 May 1882
  Pooler, Andrew E. Prior's Lake g.s.w. left arm & left side $6.00 Oct. 1877
  Cotes, Sarah Prior's Lake dependent mother $8.00 May 1880
  Lannon, Patrick Prior's Lake injury to abdomen $8.00 Sept. 1882
  Phelen, John Saint Patrick chr. diarr. $8.00 June 1880
  Whelen, Michael Saint Patrick g.s.w. right side $8.00 March 1881
  Schwartz, Michael Shakopee inj. left ankle & results $4.00 April 1882
  Smiley Robert S. Shakopee varicose veins both legs $8.00  
  Theis, John H. Shakopee g.s.w. left thigh & varicose veins both legs $12.00  
  Bomarth, Charles Shakopee sunstroke $11.25 Dec. 1875
  Wilder, John A. Shakopee rheum'm $4.00 Nov. 1882
  Willson, William Shakopee loss left arm $18.00  
  Simons, Mathias Shakopee ch. rheum. $8.00  
  Scherrer, Matice Shakopee g.s.w. left leg $4.00  
  Cole, William D. Shakopee consumption $24.00  
  McMullen, Nathan McDowell Shakopee father $8.00  
  Winter, Peter Shakopee father $8.00  
  Thiem, Catherine Shakopee widow $12.00  
  Manson, Melville H. Shakopee int't. fever & sunstroke $17.00 April 1881
  Mathias, Jack Shakopee g.s.w. right shoulder $6.00  
  Baldwin, Andrew Shakopee dis. of spine & chest $12.00 Jan. 1880
46,159 Patton, Comfort L. Shakopee widow $8.00  
  O'Loughlin, Margaret Shakopee widow $8.00  
  Coats, Rebecca Shakopee widow 1812 $8.00  
  Hamilton, Emsley J. Shakopee rheumatism $4.00 April 1882
  Selger, Catherine Shakopee widow 1812 $8.00 March 1880
  Gross, Henry F. Shakopee int't. fever & debility $6.00 Jan. 1882
  Kunsman, Jacob S. Shakopee g.s.w. left thigh $6.00 June 1880
  Kunsman, George  Shakopee g.s.w. left hand $4.00 Dec. 1880
  Kinsey, George W. Shakopee g.s.w. right hip $8.00  
  Kline, Nathaniel Shakopee dis. of right ankle $6.00 Aug. 1882

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