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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Calvary Cemetery 444700N 0932904W  
Calvary Cemetery 444013N 0933721W  
Catholic Cemetery 444131N 0932243W  
Catholic Cemetery 443519N 0933644W  
Church of the Redeemer Cemetery 443237N 0934843W  
Church of the Transfiguration Protestant Episcopal Cemetery 443728N 0934548W  
Concord Cemetery 443908N 0932851W  
Fish Lake Cemetery 443924N 0932759W  
Glendale Cemetery 444538N 0932321W  
Oakwood Cemetery 443708N 0934640W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 443704N 0934527W  
Saint Catherine Cemetery 443752N 0932546W  
Saint Marks Cemetery 444713N 0933212W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 444712N 0933206W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 444314N 0933234W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 444300N 0932434W  
Saint Patrick Catholic Cemetery 443542N 0933007W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 444301N 0932440W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 443700N 0934541W  
Sancti Wenceslai Cemetery 443255N 0933431W  
Schlegel Cemetery 443327N 0935101W  
Spirit Hill Cemetery 443953N 0933810W  
Valley Cemetery 444748N 0932952W  
West Christiania Cemetery 443542N 0931732W  

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