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- - 1884 - - NEW SCHOOL
Source: St. Paul Daily Globe (MN) May 19, 1884; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The Rev. Father Plutt, rector of St. Marks Catholic church, Shakopee, has recently completed a substantial and roomy school house, which is in charge of the Sisters of Notre Dam of Milwaukee, The gentleman lives in a most unpretentious little cottage, by which simplicity of living he shows more concern for the education of the youth of his parish than he does of his own comfort. The other Catholic church of Shakopee has Rev. Father McIntyre for rector, but his congregation [is] in the main area of the farming class, and he has no school attached to his church.

- - 1890 - - NEW ALTAR
Source: New Ulm Weekly Review (MN) March 12, 1890; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

St. Mark's Catholic church at Shakopee has been presented with an altar costing $1,500. It was the gift of N. Majerus, of that place.

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