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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

An enterprising and growing village of 800 population, situated on the St. P. & S. C. R. R., in the western part of Scott county, 47 miles from St. Paul and 19 from Shakopee, the county seat. It contains a flour mill and a stave factory, driven by steam, the Minnesota river, on which the village stands, not furnishing water power. One Roman Catholic and 2 public schools, 5 churches - Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran and 2 Catholic - furnish religious and secular instruction. Country produce is the only shipment. Telegraph, Western Union, express, American. Mail 3 times a day. E. E. Chatfield, postmaster.

Becker M, saloon and boarding house.
Berkenhauer W F, saddle and harnessmaker.
Birmingham H P, physician.
Bowler Samuel, meat market.
Callahan D, hardware.
Chard & Gaffeny, millinery.
Davis Bros, proprs Park flouring mills.
Diers F, saloon and boarding house.
Eaton H W, boarding house.
Fitzgerald Wm, billiard hall.
Franklin John, saloon and boarding house.
Gates M, boots, shoes and clothing.
Griffin W H, general store.
Guenther B, tailor.
Guenther & McGlynn, hardware.
Hooper C M, general store and druggist.
Hooper & Webb, stave factory.
Imhoff M G, wagonmaker.
Irwin F C, insurance and real estate agent.
Irwin R A, lawyer.
Jordan Thomas, agricultural impts.
Kahle F H, watches and jewelry.
Kennedy Rev T C, (Catholic).
Kraiger Adam, Furniture Dealer,
Mills F N, R R agent.
Moloney G R, physician and druggist.
Montag Joseph, wagonmaker and blacksmith.
Montgomery J B, General Store.
Schilz J, general store.
Theviot Henry, general store.
Thomson W W, Express Agent.
Weibeler W H, general store.
Weibeler, Schmidt & Hally, agricultural impts.

In the northern part of Scott county, 3 miles north of Brentwood, the nearest railroad point.

A village of something over 100 inhabitants, in the townhip of Blakeley, in the southwest corner of Scott county, 24 miles distant from the county seat and 51 miles from St. Paul. It is a station on the St. P. & S. C. R. R. First settled in 1869. Has a district school and Dutch Lutheran church. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Morning and evening mail. Jacob Brinker, postmaster.

Berger & Sheriden, general store.
Brinker Jacob, Drugs, Boots and Shoes.
Cassady George, railroad and express agent.
Dean I, hotel propr.
Downs Dennis, general store and saloon.
Kelly James, general store and saloon.
McKnight James, General Store.
O'Neil Michael, saloon.
Senburgh John, blacksmith.

On the S. C. & St. P. R. R., in the western part of Scott county, about 40 miles by rail from St. Paul.

In the southern central part of Scott county, 20 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 33 miles from St. Paul. Jordan, the most convenient railroad station, is about 10 miles off. Contains a Catholic church and common school. Exports, wheat, butter and pork. Stage to Shakopee semi-weekly. Cornelius O'Connor, postmaster.

Kennefic James, constable.
Kimmel Rev R, (Catholic).
Manning Jeremiah, physician.
O'Connor Cornelius, justice of the peace.
O'Flynn P, retail grocer.

In the northern part of Scott county, 5 miles southwest of Shakopee.

In Scott county, 7 miles southwest of Shakopee.

In the northeastern part of Scott county, on the St. P. & S. C. R. R.

In the township of Helena, western part of Scott county, 15 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 43 from St. Paul. Jordan, 4 1/2 miles distant, is the nearest railroad point. Also located upon Sand Creek, from which a flouring mill derives its power at this point. First settled in 1864. Mail 3 times per week. C. A. Backofen, postmaster.

Backofen C A & Co, Proprs Flouring Mill.
Henning C & Co, general store.
Tichy Joseph, blacksmith.

A thrifty incorporated village of 1,100 inhabitants, founded in 1854, in the township of Sand Creek, central western part of Scott county, 11 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 39 from St. Paul. It is also located at the junction of the St. P. & S. C. and M. & St. L. railroads. Two flouring mills here are partially supplied with power from Sand creek. Contains a church each of Presbyterians, German Lutherans, German Methodists, Swedish Lutherans and Catholics, and a graded public school, a lodge of masons, also a bank, 2 breweries, sons of temperance division; also 3 hotels, several stores of various kinds, an extensive brick yard, lumber yard and mechanic shops. Flour, cattle and farm produce are exported from the place. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Stages to Heidelberg, Union Hill, Raven Stream, St. Benedict and St. Hubertus. Mail 5 times daily. J. H. J. Klinkhammer, postmaster.

American House, Andrew Sandahl, Propr.
Bisenus Mathias, blacksmith.
Bragg Johnson, Insurance and Collection Agent.
Bromann Charles, cigar mnfr.
Bruestle John, boots and shoes.
Bryson & Knott, hardware.
Burmaster Henry, tailor.
Callender Hon John W, Justice of the Peace, Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Christoph Joseph, saloon.
Cole Bernard E, agent St P & S C R R.
Cormack P L, physician.
Dennig William, notions.
Dickerson David D, justice of the peace and fanning mill mnfr.
Dundy Mathew, saloon.
Eggert Adolph, painter.
Eisele Benjamin, lumber and furniture.
Erkens Fred, clothier.
Evans Gabriel, photographer.
Foss, Wells & Co, flouring mill and cooperage.
Gehring John, wagonmkr.
Gehring Sebastian, brewer.
Gfroerer Joseph, furniture.
Grams John, saloon.
Gran Christian, shoemkr.
Heiland Fred, Propr Jordan Brewery.
Highwarden James, (col'd), barber.
Jaeger Fred, harnessmkr.
James John W, hotel.
Klinkhammer & Co, Drugs and Books.
Krauth John, saloon.
Krimbill Jacob, shoemaker.
Krug Phillip, meat market.
Krumwiede August, harnessmkr.
Lethert Anthony, Truss, Brace and Supporter Mnfr.
Lindsey Wm S, Jeweler and Music Dealer.
McClelland Robert H, lawyer.
Malmgren & Bros, saloon.
Morlock Jacob & Bro, meat market.
Nicolin Frank, general store and flouring mill.
Northrop S J, physician.
Novotny John, gunsmith.
Oasterraan George, cooper.
Ochenriter H H, constable.
Peter Lazarus, saloon.
Pflaum Theobald, Custom Boot and Shoemaker.
Plinney John, tailor and saloon.
Ritschel Joseph, baker.
Rodell Chas, Brick Mnfr and Lime and Cement Dealer.
Ryberg Andrew, gunsmith
Sandahl Andrew, Propr American House. (See adv.) 'Sandell John, merchant tailor. Sandell Nels, general store. Schaefer John, general store. Schmitt George, general store. Schneider Charles, saloon. Schneiderhan Joseph, saloon. Schreiner Stephen, general store.
Scott County Bank, J H J Klinkhammer, Ass't Cash'r.
Scott & Nelson, druggists.
Seifert Otto, general store.
Shearer Joseph, hotel.
Smail Wm & Son, nurserymen and greenhouse.
Snyder Ezra W, Agt M & St L R R and American Express.
Taege Charles, shoemaker.
Vonbank John, saloon.
Vonbank Peter, blacksmith.
Walter Ambrose B, physician.
Walter W B, physician.
Weiland Theodore, wagonmaker and constable.
Wolf Frank, blacksmith.
Wood Frank, livery stable.

In the northern part of Scott county, 10 miles southeast of Shakopee.

In Spring Lake township, near the center of Scott county, 12 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 35 from St. Paul. Jordan, the nearest railroad point, is distant 7 miles. An agricultural district, settled in 1855, containing a Methodist church and district school. Stage to Shakopee twice a week. Samuel Whips, postmaster.

Squires B P, farmer and general store.
Whipps Samuel, General Store.

In the township of Spring Lake, near the center of Scott county, 8 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 35 from St. Paul. Prior Lake, 2 miles off, is the nearest railroad station. Mails semi-weekly. L. B. Cates, postmaster.

Calkins W H, hotel propr.
Cates L B, General Store.
Thornton P H, general store.

A village of 50 population, settled in 1856 and located in Louisville township, western part of Scott county, 6 miles from Shakopee, the county seat and nearest railroad station. Exports grain and cattle. Mails semi-weekly. Blasius Beisnag, postmaster.

Beisang Blaisius, General Store and Hotel Propr.
Beisang Theresa, millinery and notions.
Dobber G G, general store and hotel propr.
Hager Mathias, carpenter.
Meir Sebastian, teacher.
Mohle Rev Rufus, (Catholic).
Peters Peter, boot and shoemaker.
Strunk & Casilius, corn grinders and wood sawyers.

In the township of the same name, southern part of Scott county, 22 miles from Shakopee and 24 from St. Paul. Lakeville is the most convenient railroad point. Stage to Shakopee twice a week. Peter J. Baltes, postmaster.

Baltes Hubert, teacher of music.
Baltes Joseph, General Store.
Brahy John N, saloon.
Hauer Peter, machinist.
Ries Nick, blacksmith.
Spesse Anton, Boots and Shoes.
Stork Mrs. Catherina, physician.
Witt Rev. William.
Zweber Valentine, veterinary surgeon.

In the southern central part of Scott county. St. Lawrence, the nearest railroad town, lies northwesterly 9 miles distant.

(Scott county.) Changed to Praha.

Or New Prague. A station on the M. & St. L. R. R., in Helena township, in Scott county, near its southern line, 24 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 40 from St. Paul. It is an incorporated village of 200 inhabitants. Has a steam flouring mill, a hotel, half a dozen or more stores, etc. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Mails, twice daily. Francis Wrabek, postmaster.

Betlach Frank, restaurant.
Brosch W S, grocer.
Chott John, saloon and meat market.
Elinek Thomas J, harnessmaker.
Grinnell W E, express and railroad agent.
Kolars F W, grocer.
Mertens A W, grocer.
Mertz Joseph, grocer.
Mikiska Bartholomew, saloon.
Mikiska Frank, druggist.
Remesch Frank, meat market.
Remesch Mathias, saloon.
Ryback Mathias, saloon.
Simmer Mathias, photographer.
Simmer M, grocer.
Soukuep Joseph, cigarmaker.
Stary John, saloon.
Topka Thomas, saloon.
Vanasck Frank, saloon.
Vanasck T F, hardware.
Wrabek Frank, hotel propr.
Zak Thomas, saloon and harnessmaker.

A station on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Spring Lake township, near the center of Scott county, 8 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and about 45 from St. Paul. Exports, wheat, hoops and hoop poles. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, United States. Daily Mail. W. E. Hull, postmaster.

Cannon D B, hotel propr.
Hull Wm E, hotel express and railroad agent.
Mercier Arthur, blacksmith.
Parsons A C, carpenter.
Reed W B & Co, general store.
Sullivan Mrs. B, saloon.

A postoffice and settlement in the western part of Scott county, 6 miles southeast of Belle Plain, the nearest railroad station.

A settlement of 280 inhabitants, in the southwestern part of Scott county, 18 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 45 from St. Paul, Brentwood is the most convenient railroad station. Founded in 1855, has a Catholic church and Catholic schools. Exports, wheat, butter, eggs, etc. Stage to Jordan semi-weekly. Mathias Schmitz, postmaster.


Cassimir Rev P, (Catholic). Pisinger Bernard, teacher. Schmitz Mathias, hotel propr.

A postoffice in Scott county.

A station on the St. P. & S. C. R. R., in Scott county, near the centre of the western line.

A city of about 2,500 population, is situated near the northern boundary of Scott county, of which it is the county seat. It lies at the intersection of the St. P. & S. C. and H. & D. railroads, 28 miles from St. Paul. The St. Gertrude Academy is located here, and it has a graded school system employing 8 teachers It has an English and a German Roman Catholic church, besides Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Lutheran. The manufactories are 1 steam wagon factory and 1 steam flour mill. The repair shops of the St. P. & S. C. R. R. Co. are situated here. There is 1 national bank with a capital of $50,000, surplus $9,000. Principal exports, flour, wheat and wood. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American and United States. Mail, twice per day. Charles Lord, postmaster.

Baumhager Herman, saloon and real estate agt.
Baumhoefer Frank, Flouring Mill, 1 1/2 miles south.
Bemis - - - , insurance.
Berrens & Gillenbeck, general store.
Bone Xavier, jeweler.
Bornarth Charles, insurance agt.
Briggs Stephen A, general store.
Burns Mrs Anna, milliner.
Burns Michael, confectioner.
Busse Christian E, grocer.
Canfield James M, blacksmith.
Cassidy James, tailor.
Conter John B, lime kiln.
Cook C Frank, veterinary surgeon.
Dean John, blacksmith.
De Moulle Henry, hamessmaker.
Dinon Wm P, hotel propr.
Edert John, saloon and billiards.
Erick John, photographer.
First National Bank, D L How, cashier.
Fitzgerald Thomas J, grocer.
Flaherty Dennis, sheriff.
Frank John, tailor.
Fuller Wm, county surveyor.
Gardner George B, restaurant and agt S P & S C R R.
Gellenbeck G W, Propr Occidental Hotel.
Geyerman Peter, general store.
Grant Edward, hotel propr.
Gross Henry F, barber.
Guttenberg John, meat market.
Haas Thomas, county auditor.
Hartz Benjamin, saloon.
Heidenrech Wm, saloon.
Hempfer Casper, shoemaker.
Heth James jr, hotel propr and agt C M & St P Ry.
Hilger Garhard, register of deeds.
Hill Mrs S L, milliner.
Hinds Henry, lawyer and publr Shakopee Argus.
Hirscher Francis X, furniture.
Hooper C M, coroner.
Huntsman John, grocer.
Hunsmann John B, brewer.
Kaup John B, hotel propr and saloon.
Kauth John, hotel propr and saloon.
Kenney A T, painter.
Kohler Benjamin, hotel propr and saloon.
Kohls & Berens, general store.
Korner Anton, meat market.
Lincoln Isaac, lime kiln.
Logefeil August, hotel propr.
Lord Charles, physician and postmaster.
Lord Mrs C H, milliner.
Lord Frank J, druggist.
Lyons George, chief of police.
McMullen John, hardware.
McMullen NMD, justice of the peace.
Manson Mellville H, physician.
Marrinan Michael, county clerk.
Marx Hobart, saloon.
Merqens Peter, saloon.
Meyer Nicholas, books and music.
Moore & Newell, jewelers.
Nachtscheim Albert, Blacksmith and Wagonmaker.
Nachtscheim Joseph, baker.
Nyssen Hubert, Propr Shakopee Brewery, 1 1/2 miles s w.
Occidental Hotel, G W Gellenbeck Propr.
O'Dowd Roderick, grocer.
O'Flynn Patrick, county supt.
Parker George, carpenter.
Peck H, lawyer and county attorney.
Phillipp Henry, furniture.
Phillips W E, painter.
Phillips Bros, livery stable.
Reis John, harnessmaker.
Reis & Baumhager, hardware and agtl impts.
Ries Jacob, saloon and soda water mnfr.
Ring John J, county treasurer.
Rollenger Mrs Maria, saloon.
St Gertrude Academy, Catholic Parish School.
St Paul & Sioux City R R Co, grain elevator.
Schooley Mrs H H, milliner.
Schwartz Michael, merchant tailor.
Sencerbox John, general store.
Shott George, shoemaker.
Smith Thomas C, agtl impts.
Spencer Spier, broom mnfr.
Stevens Charles A, Publr Shakopee Courier.
Stoddard C S, physician.
Storer Daniel M, grocer.
Strunk H H & Sons, Druggists, Booksellers and Agents American and U S Ex Cos.
Thiede Herman, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Thiem Mrs Katherine, hotel propr.
Vessey Robert B, store and flouring mill.
Voelker John H, cigar mnfr.
Wager John H, livery stable.
Wampach John, Mnfr Wagons, Sleighs, Etc.
Wilder John A, lumber.
Willson Wm, judge of probate.
Winter & Vierling, Cigar Mnfrs and Wholsale Dealers.
Zoller Valentine, shoemaker.

In Credit River township, southeastern part of Scott county, 12 miles from Shakopee, the county seat, and 30 from St. Paul. Prior Lake, 4 miles, is the nearest railroad point. Water power is used here for running a saw mill. Church, Roman Catholic. Settled in 1857 and contains 100 families. Exports wheat and produce. Stage to Shakopee and New Market twice a week. Peter Barbeau, postmaster and blacksmith.

Clary Peter, legislator.
Hull - - , hotel propr.
Reedy & Son, merchants.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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