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David Raguet
Source: Omaha World Herald (NE) Friday, November 7, 1952; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Minneapolis, Minn. (U.P.)-A 72-year-old farmer who said he ate pancakes every day for 17 years as part payment for his work as part payment for his work as a hired hand was awarded five thousand dollars from his former employer's estate Thursday.

Minneapolis Probate Court Judge James G. Kehoe awarded the money to Henry Wandschneider, Shakopee, Minn. The sum came from the estate of David Raguet, Eden Prairie farmer who died last April 8.

Mr. Wandschneider told Judge Kehoe he had worked for Mr. Raguet since 1935 and had received only four thousand dollars in cash. He asked for $10,450.

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