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Bergerson - Johnson
Source: Grand Forks Daily Herald (Grand Forks, ND) Saturday, December 18, 1915; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Miss Sarah Minnie Johnson of Forman, N. D., and Bert M. Bergerson of Zimmerman, Minn., were married at the home of the bride by Rev. S. Tollefson of Forman. Mr. and Mrs. Bergerson will be at home at Zimmerman, Minn.

Brown - King
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) May 11, 1890; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

On Monday, May 5, Miss Celia King and C. E. Brown, of Elk River, Minn., were united in marriage at Monticello, Rev. Welcome, of that place, officiating. The young couple will make their future residence at Princeton, this state, where Mr. Brown is extensively engaged in the manufacture of brick.

Cable - Kreager
- - - Source: The Ottawa Daily Republic (KS) Dec. 16, 1908
The Whitmer home at 1038 south Main street was the scene of two pretty weddings today. The first was that of Miss August Kreager, of Zimmerman, Minn., and Dr. D. C. Cable, of Gettysburg, S. D. The ceremony was performed by Rev. P. E. Whitmer. The wedding march was played by Miss Clare Whitmer. The bride wore a gown of pearl gray batiste. The groom is a brother of Mrs. P. E. Whitmer. After a visit with friends in Ottawa and Missouri. Dr. and Mrs. Cable will leave for their home in Gettysburg, S. D. [The second wedding was that of Mary Wilson and Bretelia E. Whitmer].

- - - Source: The Ottawa Daily Republic (KS) December 15, 1908; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Mr. D. C. Cable of Gettysburg, S. D., and Miss Augusta Kreager of Zimmerman, Minn., arrived today. Their marriage will be celebrated in connection with the Wilson-Whitmer wedding tomorrow, making it a double one. Mr. Cable is a brother of Mrs. Whitmer.

Source: The Evening herald (Ottawa, KS) December 16, 1908; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
A marriage which came as something of a surprise to their relatives was that of Miss Augusta Kreager of Zimmerman, Minn., and D. C. Cable of Gettysburg, S. D., which occurred this morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Mrs. P. E. Whitmer, sister of the groom. The couple had come to Ottawa supposedly for the wedding of Miss Tella Whitmer, and spring a surprise by anticipating the ceremony with their own. The wedding march was played by Miss Clare Whitmer. Rev. P. E. Whitmer performed the ceremony. The bride was unattended and wore a suit of pearl grey patiste. After a short visit in Ottawa with Mrs. Whitmer and in Missouri with other relatives the couple will return to their home in Gettysburg, S. D.

Crockett - Scoville
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, May 5, 1921; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Mrs. Ed. Cilley has received a letter stating that her daughter, Mrs. Georgiana Scoville, was married to S. M. Crockett at Elk River last week.

Griffith - Hanline
Source: The Princeton union.(Princeton, Minn.), May 16, 1907, Page 5, KT - Sub by FoFG

Charles V. Griffith of Sherburne County, Minn., and Miss Sadie J. Hanline of Adair county, Mo., were married yesterday morning by Justice Norton.

Hitter - Lamb
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Sunday, May 26, 1912; transcribed by FoFG mz

Clear Lake, Minn. - The marriage of Mrs. Lillian Lamb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Stickney, to Gus Hitter of Monticello took place at the Methodist parsonage, Rev. C. Galbraith officiating.

Johnson - Carr
Source: Duluth News - Tribune, Page 5, April 7, 1912 - Submitted by Peggy Thompson

BIG LAKE, MINN - Miss Carrie Carr of Monticello and Sidney Johnson of Big Lake stole a march on their friends by going to Buffalo where they were married. Misses Mary Johnson and Ora Lippy, Messrs. Lawrence Carr and Elmer Nelson accompanied them and witnessed the ceremony.

Keeler - Orrock
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, March 16, 1905; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Double Wedding at Santiago
At the residence of Rev. Wm. H. Orrock at Santiago, on Wednesday, March 8th, at high noon, were married Mr. Ira E. Keeler and Mary V. Orrock by Rev. E. V. Campbell of St. Cloud, and Luman E. Orrock and Abbie A. Johnson by Rev. Wm. H. Orrock. The ceremonies were performed in the presence of about seventy-five guests. The brides were dressed in cream Albatross trimmed with white silk and wore white flowers, and the grooms wore the conventional black. The brides were attended by Miss Daisy Bosworth and Miss Mathilda Odegard, and the grooms were attended by George Keeler and William F. Orrock.

After the congratulations they repaired to the dining room where all partook of a bountiful repast.

Among the out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Sigvart Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Olson, Christ Jenson and Miss Celia Rasmusson of Big Lake, J. R. Savercool of Wahpeton, N. D., Wm. H. Hunck of Duelm, Mrs. Anna Kempton of Pease, Mrs. Elsie Finn of Granite  Ledge, Mr. Roy and Miss Daisy Bosworth of Minden, Mrs. Elizabeth Knowlton of Franklin and Hon. H. E. Craig and family of Orrock, Robert Knowlton and wife of Becker.

The brides received many beautiful and useful gifts. The reception was held in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Keeler will reside at Minden the coming season. Mr. and Mrs. Orrock will reside in Santiago. All join in wishing them a long, happy and prosperous life.

Lloyd - Lloyd
Source: Lime Springs Herald (IA) April 8, 1920; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Last Friday evening, by Rev. David Edwards, at his residence, Mr. Thomas E. Lloyd of Zimmerman, Minn., and Mrs. Avis M. Lloyd of this city, were united in marriage. They left the following morning for his home, where he is engaged in farming. The best wishes of their friends go with them.

Plummer - Adams
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) April 7, 1889; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

George A. Plummer, of this city, was married to Miss Helen M. Adams at Elk River, Minn., last Tuesday evening, Rev. W. W. Dawley officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Plummer will be at home to their friends after April 15.

Robbins - Stone
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, November 23, 1899; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Last Thursday Rev. J. S. Bouck performed a ceremony which joined the lives and fortunes of two well known people, Miss Ethel M. Stone, of Sherburne county, and Ulysses S. Robbins, of Vineland, this county. Mr. and Mrs. Robbins left this week for their home at Mille Lacs lake, accompanied by the good wishes of a large circle of friends.

Smith - Spencer
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, March 9, 1905; submitted by Jim Dezotell

E. C. Smith and Miss Maud Spencer were married last Wednesday at the home of the bride’s sister in Elk River. They went from there to the groom’s home in Iowa.

Sverkerson - Specht
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Monday, 25 Mar. 1912; transcribed by FoFG mz

Elk River, Minn. - The pretty wedding of Miss Marie Specht to George S. Sverkerson of Minneapolis, was solemnized at the home of the bride here and was witnessed by about thirty of the relatives and friends of the young couple.

Trask - Frye
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) - Thursday, July 18, 1901; transcribed by Jim Dezotell

Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Staples went to Elk River Monday to attend the wedding of their niece, Miss Mabel Frye, who was married that evening to Carl Trask, a well known Elk River boy. Both the contracting parties are popular young people and are quite well known here. May their journey through life be one of unalloyed happiness.

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