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Charles Browlett
Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocated (Milwaukee, WI) Saturday, December 14, 1901; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Chicago, Ill., Dec. 11.-[Special.]-Charles Browlett, a wealthy farmer from Zimmerman, Minn., was held up and robbed on Fifth avenue, near Harrison street, early last night by three men. One robber knocked Browlett to the pavement with a "billy." And the two others quickly searched him, taking $16 from one of his pockets. A roll of bills containing $110, concealed in the victim's clothing, was not found.

Browlett and Jones Blomberg of Glenwood, Wis., were walking to the Grand Central depot together. The assault and robbery were seen by many persons on their way to the station, who were so astonished at the boldness of the deed that they allowed the bandits to escape. William Swartz, who was seen running from the scene, was arrested by Detectives Money and Niland after a chase and short struggle near the scene of the robbery. The prisoner was identified by Browlett.

P. F. Malm
Source: The Paducah Evening Sun (KY) December 7, 1904; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Zimmerman (Minn.) Star: P. F. Malm was so unfortunate as to lose $20 last week intown and as yet years nothing about it.

P. V. Malm
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) October 9, 1913; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Prof. P. V. Malm, of Zimmerman, Minn., arrived Monday to accept the position of assistant solicitor for North Star College. He is not an entire stranger in this part of the state, as some years ago he was the principal and proprietor of a flourishing business college at Crookston. He has many friends throughout the length and breadth of the valley from that time. North Star College is fortunate in securing his services.

C. A. Nelson
Source: Morning Olympian (Olympia, WA) Wednesday, September 2, 1908; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A Well Known Minnesota Boniface in Charge of Hostelry.

C. A. Nelson of Seattle, recently of Minnesota, yesterday leased the Kneeland hotel and Cafe and will immediately take charge of the business. He is a hotel man of wide experience, having had charge of a number of hostelries in the Eastern states. For three years he managed the Clearwater in Bailey, Minn.

The hotel has been run for some time past by W. H. Kneeland its owner, but the transfer to the new manager was made yesterday afternoon.

William Parker
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Thursday, December 27, 1906; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

William Parker Wants Heavy Damages From Swan River Logging Company.

William Parker asks the United States circuit court to give him judgment for $30,000 against the Swan River Logging company for injuries received while employed by them in the woods near Santiago, Minn. Parker alleges that he was ordered by the foreman, and superintendent of the work, to act in the capacity of a railroad man, in spite of the fact that he had no previous experience.

He also alleges that the train was not properly equipped, the cars were connected by the old "Lincoln coupling pins" and the engine was one which was not made for such work. He also claims that while he was at work coupling the cars, the train lurched, throwing him under the wheels.

He says that his right leg was crushed so that amputation was necessary and the left leg also badly mangled.

Date of Payment Dec. 23, 1913 - Sherburne county, inheritance tax, estate of Ole Peterson.
No. of Draft: 113381, Revenue [tax paid] : $61.73
[Source: Annual Report of the State Treasurer of Minnesota. Fiscal Year Ending July 31, 1914] mkk

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