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- - 1896 - - DISTRICT 10.
[The Princeton Union., November 19, 1896, (Princeton, Minn.) - KT - Sub by FoFG]
Number of pupils enrolled, 26 average attendance for first month ending Oct 10, 19.5 Second month ending Nov. 6, 1896.
Three pupils have been present every day , Alice Fullwiler, Helen and Annie Conroy. A number of others have only lost a day or two. But best of all, there is a general feeling of interest in all their studies, each trying to do their best.
Mrs. Harriet M. Noel - Teacher, District No. 10, Sherburne County, Minn.

Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) April 14, 1921; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Those perfect in attendance for the past month in the upper grades were Alfred Brown, Chester Brown, Grace Brown, Clifford Nash, Albert Nelson, Irene Spencer, Erma Briggs, Lyle Briggs, Gordon Carter, Lillian Carter, Martin Charvat, Joe Cherveny and Vernon Kettleson.

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