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OBITS: Geraldine Moorhouse, Hubert Pearson, Inez Skager, John Doyle
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - collected and organized by Susan Duff-Erkel
MARRIAGES: County Records - 1871-1872
NEWS-CRIME: C.C. Strong, victim; J. Deveyer and W. L. Sheridan

OBITS: A. L. Lovett
BIOS: Clark P. Councilman transcribed by Cheri Sletten
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1893-Floater Found, 1893-Wolf Infestation
OFFICIALS: News-Mary R. Gould

JUNE 2018
NEWS-SICK: L. M. Steadman Submitted by the Alberti's
OBITS: Transcribed by J. Alberti and anonymous - Matson Boy, Mrs. Hilmer Olson, Mrs. Austin Spencer, Willie Day, Lester Gramhill, Ole Halverson, Carrie Johnson, Perman Infant, Ellen Truax, Sarah Wright, Elmer Gramhill, Dorinda Blake Nickerson
MARRIAGES: County Marriage Records 1862-1870

MARCH 2018
Transcribed by the Alberti’s:
OBITS: Dick Joyce
BIOS: Howard M. Attkins, Minor L. Brand, Joseph F. Baltzel, George Crocker, Adelbert Copeland, Henry Campbell, James Costello, Nathaniel Crockett, Henry Castle, Alfred A. Dare, Arthur N. Dare, Eben Davis, Lyman Dayton, Eddy Dickey, Francis Delill, William E. Dean, John Evans, William Eaton, Frank A. Felch, John H. Foster, Daniel W. Folsom, John W. Glassford, Reuben S. Gardner, Levi M. Gaskill, Samuel H. Glidden, Henry Galley, Prince O. Hawes, H. J. Heebner, William H. Houlton, Horatio Houlton, Charles B. Hayden, Leonard C. Heath, Levi Holgate, John T. Hayward, Dwight R. Houlton, John G. Jameson, Gambert Jameson, John G. Jameson (Jr.), William M. Jenkins, Burrows W. Kirby, John F. Lewis, Barton A. Latta, George Lowe, Reuben Lloyd, Joseph W. Libby, W. H. Mitchell, Charles H. Mitchell, Alfred Merrifield, William B. Mabie, James H. Mills, Edward P. Mills, James B. Mills, Peter Moeger, James Moores, David Moores, John Quincy A. Nickerson, Alva H. Nickerson, Henry O. Nickerson, Andrew Peterson, Edgar Phelps, Loretto Pollard. Josiah G. Smith, Edwin H. Staples, Charles F. Stimson, William T. Struble, Amaziah Trask, James F. Taylor, Moses H. Tarbox, George B. Upham, Nathaniel K. Whittemore, Charles S. Wheaton, William H. Woodcock, Harry H. Wheaton

DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
OFFICIALS: News-Hattie Craig
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1878 County Officials
MILITARY: Soldiers-Charles R. Ott, Gustav Peterson, Clyde A. Keddy, S. E. Day
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Peter Austin Brenan, Robert E. Kriesel, Arthur B. Embretson
PEOPLE: Ole Peterson
OBITS: James Foley - submitted by Jacob Alberti

SEPTEMBER 2017 contributed by The Alberti's
BIOS: E. F. Hurd, C. H. Aiken, F. Eugene Baldwin, A. D. Boyington, Edward Castle, Daniel Frye, Drayton Jones, Russell Markham, H. Markham, Alfred Markham, Edgar White, H. T. White, J. F. Bean, A. J. Craig, James Iliff, W. J. Harrington, Dennis A. Kaliher, R. M. Mayo, Samuel C. Milliman, Benjamin N. Spencer, John Stretch, Edward L. Whitney
OBITS: Chas Leider, Patrick Kilmartin, George Kilmartin, Mrs. Torger Olson, Margaret Iliff, Mrs. Frank Glass
CEMETERIES: History of The Livonia Cemetery

JUNE 2017
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
NEWS-WEATHER: 1893-April Sleet
NEWS-CRIME: Guy Landing

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Evelynne Edlund submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-SICK: Stella Schumacher
MARRIAGE: Bergerson-Johnson
NEWS-CRIME: Mrs. LeFavor
OBITS: John Gerrish
COURT: William M. Simpson

JULY 2016
OBITS: Mrs. Haight, Tron Christenson, S. Helen Malm, William O. Freeland
MARRIAGES: Brown-King, Plummer-Adams, Cable-Kreager
PEOPLE: P. F. Malm, P. V. Malm
MILITARY: (News Item) Anson Hayden
NEWS-WEATHER: 1927-Zimmerman Storm, 1874-Snow Storm
NEWS-VISITS: Frank Wallace

MARRIAGE: Lloyd-Lloyd
OBITS: John M. Reed, F. S. Walker
NEWS_VISITS: George Jannisch, Katheryn Hetrick

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Heine Lundin murdered by Claude D. Crawford - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

JULY 2015
CHURCHES: 1896-Rev. David Henderson
COURT: Margaret Daly

MAY 2015
FAMILIES: James Pengilly Family, Our Gray Family History - both contributed by Roger Ripley
BIOS: Almyra Adams Hill Bailey, Elizabeth Hill Bailey, Lucy Hill Daggett - Contributed by Roger Ripley

MARCH 2015
BIOS: William Noot
OBITS: Joseph Hawlick, James Edwards, Allen Children,
NEWS-PEOPLE: Charles Browlett, Godfrey Wicktor, C. A. Nelson, William Parker
NEWS-VISITS: Anna Neilson, George Sweet, Albert Swanson
HISTORY: County History
SCHOOL NEWS: 1921-Zimmerman Perfect Attendance

OBITS : William Freeland
PEOPLE : Martin Heilberg; Lizzie Lambert; Herbert Russ

Apr. 2014: Bio: Houlton - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

Feb. 2014: Marriage: Trask - Frye - transcribed by Jim Dezotell
Bio: White - transcribed by Vicky Bryan

Jan. 2014: Obit: Marsh

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

June 2013: Obits: Harvey, Knox
Marriages: Hitter - Lamb; Sverkerson - Specht

August 2012: Obits: Babcock, Hayden, Warner

June 2012: Obits: Hense, Welcome

Apr. 2012: Bio: Dare

Mar. 2012: Bio: Crawford

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; anniversary for Campbell; bio for Rice; sick list news; obits for Clark, Johnson, Kommillovitt, Lynch, Malm, Mortimer; marriages:Crockett-Scoville; Keeler-Orrock; Robbins-Stone; Smith-Spencer; births: Charvat, Kornmann, Lider

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries; Marriage Announcement for GRIFFITH-HANLINE; Death certificates for GUSE, LANG, LANGE, PETERSON; School news; political news for ATKINS; obit for FREDERICKSON

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