Sibley County, Minnesota

1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan
Certificate# Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original
  McVary, Patrick Anna g.s.w. left leg $6.00 June 1879
  Lass, Albert Faxon varicose veins of legs $6.00 March 1881
  Spellman, Clamor H'y. Gaylord disease of kidneys $6.00 Aug. 1881
  La Barge, Andrew Gaylord part. loss right index finger & injury to middle finger from g.s.w. $2.00 May 1882
  Brooks, Chas. Green Isle g.s.w. right side & back $4.00 June 1882
  Dixon, Michael Green Isle g.s.w. head & right shoulder $6.00 Feb. 1882
  McGrann, John Green Isle father $8.00  
  McGrann, Owen Green Isle dislocation left shoulder $8.00 June 1879
  Wallendorf, John Henderson injury to right hand $4.00 Oct. 1879
  Veeh, John George Henderson injury to abdomen $6.00  
  Reichenbach, Caroline Henderson mother $8.00  
  Scheske, John Henderson wound right arm $6.00  
  Stiehm, August Henderson chr. diarr. res. in prolapsus $4.00 May 1882
  Sigers, Bradley, Welch Thomas - guardian Henderson general debility & paralysis &c. $24.00 Dec. 1882
  Peltz, Anton Henderson dysp. & general debility $8.00 March 1880
  Didra, Christian Henderson rheum. & disease of eyes $12.75 July 1882
  Haney, Ann Henderson mother $8.00  
  Jarvais, Pascall Henderson father $8.00  
  Bock, Felegitas Henderson widow $8.00 Aug. 1880
  Dretschkon, Eva Rosina Henderson widow $8.00  
  Maurer, William Henderson ch. diarr. $6.00 Jan. 1882
  Buck, Adam Henderson injury to abdomen $20.00 May 1880
  Allanson, John S. Henderson injury to abdomen $8.50 Sept. 1880
  Borth, Sam'l Henderson varicose veins both legs $8.00  
  Bardon, Philip Henderson chr. diarr. $4.00 Dec. 1882
  Asal, George Henderson chr. diarr. $2.00 Jan. 1880
  Arnold, James New Auburn bronchitis $4.00 April 1881
  Richardson, Mariah New Auburn widow 1812 $8.00 Jan. 1881
  Reynolds, Catherine M. New Auburn widow $8.00  
  Green, Rosannah New Auburn mother $8.00 Oct. 1878
  Dresser, Chas. L. New Auburn g.s.w. left leg $6.00  
  Wiest, Frederick New Rome g.s.w. left knee $6.00 May 1878
  Groetsch, John New Rome disease of liver $5.00  
  Andre, Campbell E. Winthrop wound left shoulder $8.50  
  Chapin, George K. Winthrop wound right breast $4.00  

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