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Sibley County, Minnesota


Local People

Theodore Bonderson
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 3, 1932; submitted by Robin Line.
Theo. Bonderson was at Minneapolis Tuesday where he had occasion to view the new Plymouth Six auto. Mr. Bonderson has the agency for this territory.

Erwin Briest
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 24, 1932, page 1; submitted by Robin Line.

Erwin Briest, Sibley township, breeder of turkeys, reports the loss of a portion of his flock the first of the week. About ninety fine birds were stolen some time during Sunday night. The loss is a hard blow, approximately several hundred dollars in value. He has a flock of about five hundred choice turkeys, which he intends to market during the holiday season. The birds are all banded, with the Farmers' Protective association initials and number - F.P.A. 15464. A reward of $25 is offered to anyone furnishing information which leads to arrest and conviction of the thief. - Gaylord Hub.

George Brunner
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Oct. 11, 1923 page 1; submitted by Robin Line.

Gibbon Party Buys Shoe Store
F.O. Eichman Disposes of Business to Mr. George Brunner, Who Takes Possession Monday.

A change will take place in the management of Winthrop's exclusive shoe store Monday, October 15th. F.O. Eichman has disposed of the stock and goodwill to George Brunner, a hustling young businessman of Gibbon.

Mr. and Mrs. Eichman during their residence here have gained a wide circle of friends who regret to see them leave our midst.

They contemplate taking a trip to the west coast by auto, being accompanied on their trip by Mrs. Eichman's parents. Mr. Eichman will locate on the coast if he finds things to his liking.

The News joins in wishing both the new and retiring proprietors success. Mr. Brunner has made his home at Gibon for many years and already enjoys quite an acquaintance thruout this territory.

John Hansen Family
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 8, 1923, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.
The John Hansen family escaped injury when their car tipped over Sunday evening. They had started out on the east road and went but a few hundred feet out of the village when the car lights went out. Mr. Hansen turned around and was feeling his way very carefully in the dark when one front wheel slipped off a thirty inch culvert. The force was sufficient to break the wheel and the car went over with seven occupants. As the car was traveling at a snail's pace there was but little damage to the machine and the folks, while given an unpleasant scare, fortunately received no bruises.-Morgan Messenger. Mr. Hansen will be remembered by Winthrop residents. He was formerly engaged in the shoe business here.

Salomi Henki
[Source: Winthrop News (MN) Dec. 1, 1932, page 5; submitted by Robin Line]
Miss Caroline Gugisberg entertained 14 girl friends at her home last Monday evening in honor of Salomi Henke who will soon remove with her parents to Gaylord to reside, Mr. Henke having accepted a position with the M & St. L. section crew at that place. Mr. Henke's position with the local section crew is being filled by a Morton man.

John H. Jasken
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 3, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.

John H. Jasken, who conducts the old Fred Wiemann farm west of Arlington, is now firmly convinced that "cats have taken to the air." A week or two ago, after the family house cat had been missing for sometime, John discovered her in a tree near the house, and climbed up about 25 feet to investigate. To his surprise, he found a hole in the crotch of the tree and in this hole were two pretty little kittens. They were about two or three weeks old and were able to climb out of the hole for an occasional peak at the outside world. John ascribes this unusual act of the mother cat to the fact that her last litter of kittens was killed by the dog, so this time old Tabby decided to slip one over on Towser and rear her family in a place where they would be safe from his depredations.

Evelyn Johnson
Source: Winthrop, News (MN) Dec. 1, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.
Miss Evelyn Johnson left Sunday to resume her studies at the Winona State Teachers' College, after spending the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Johnson of this city.

H. E. Johnson
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov 24, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.

H.E. Johnson, who has been in charge of this territory in the capacity of general salesman for the Standard Oil Company has been assigned to the territory nearby the twin cities with Minneapolis as his headquarters. This comes as a promotion to Mr. Johnson, who has so faithfully served this territory the past five years for this company. The greater part of this time Mr. Johnson made Winthrop his headquarters where he and his family have made their home in Minneapolis. Both Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have won a wide circle of friends in this community who will regret to see them leave, but all join in wishing them a full measure of success in their new home. They expect to remove to the city within the next three weeks. Mr. Harold Fike of Minneapolis, has been assigned to this district by the Standard Oil Co. and has already entered upon his duties. He is a married man and will locate his family here in the near future. The News joins in welcoming Mr. Fike and family to our midst.

F. W. Kuskee
Source: Jamestown Weekly Alert (DT) March 3, 1904; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
F. W. Kuskee of Gaylord, Minn., is spending a few days in the county looking after farm matters. There was considerable wheat left unsold on the farm this spring and the good prices are being taken advantage of. Mr. Kuskee and partner from Minnesota have over 800 acres of Stutsman county land.

Florence Larson
Source: Winthrop, News (MN) Dec. 1, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.
Florence Larson returned to St. Cloud teachers college Saturday to resume her studies after spending her Thanksgiving vacation at her home here.

Kenneth Larson
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 16, 1922, page 2; submitted by Robin Line.
Kenneth Larson, who is attending the state agricultural school at St. Paul, visited at his home from Saturday until Wednesday.

Cameron Lestico
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 3, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.
Cameron Lestico, student at Gustavus and a member of the football team, played an important part in the Gusties' 13 to 2 victory over Hamline last Saturday. The St. Paul Pioneer Press of Sunday contained an action picture of the game and the Camera caught "Whack" just as he was intercepting a Hamline forward pass and returning the ball down the field for a substantial gain.

Alfred Lundberg
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Oct. 18, 1923, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.
Alfred Lundberg will dispose of his personal property at public auction on Wednesday, October 24th, at the S.J. Lundberg farm home in Alfsborg. Alfred, who has been operating his father's farm for the past several years, has been forced, owing to illness, to cease his active farm work. The family, S.J. Lundberg and daughter, Esther, and son, Alfred will move to this city to take up their future residence in the Lundberg residence in South Winthrop. Their many Winthrop friends welcome them and hope for Alfred a speedy recovery.

Walter Maas
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 3, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.

When Walter Maas cranked his truck in front of Bartelmehs Meat Market last week Wednesday evening the machine went into gear and shot forward, striking A.W. Lieske's new buick coupe, parked in front of Schafer's barber shop, a few yards away. The impact propelled the coupe across the walk and it struck the Schafer building with a crash, while the truck went "dead" and did not further damage. Mr. Lieske's coupe received a bent bumper and several bent fenders, the truck a damaged radiator, bent bumper and fenders, and there was no damage to the building. However, Mr. Maas had a narrow escape and just managed to get away when the truck plunged forward.

William Scrimgeour and Arthur Holm
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Oct. 11, 1923, page 9; submitted by Robin Line.
Wm. Scrimgeour and Arthur Holm left the fore part of the week for Minneapolis to take the examination given by the State Pharmacy Board.

Lowell Trift
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Nov. 3, 1932, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.

Early the fore part of last week a change in management at the local Texaco Oil Station took place, Elmer "Buddy" Isakson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Isakson, relieving Mr. Lowell Trift who had been in charge of the station since its construction by the O.N. Johnson Co. several years ago. The change was made after Mr. Trifft had completed negotiations for the taking over of a Phillips "66" station at Glencoe. In the deal here Mr. Isakson became owner of the stock and fixtures of the station which were owned by Mr. Tifft and has leased the station proper from the Texaco company, of Winthrop, who became its owners in a deal consummated with the O.N. Johnson Co. some time ago. Mr. Isakson will act as their distributing agent, locally, for the Texaco products. "Bud" is a congenial chap and we predict success for him in his business venture here. During the residence of the Tifft family in Gibbon they have met with a considerable degree of success and thru their congenial personalities made a host of friends, all of whom regret to see them leave our midst. However, in removing to their new place of abode they take with them the best wishes of all for their continued health, happiness and prosperity.

Mary Welsh and Alvin Misensol
Source: Winthrop News (MN) April 26, 1923, page 1; submitted by Robin Line.

Drop Through Hole In The Ice
Young People Have Dangerous Experience at New Auburn

Saved from what might have proven a watery grave by the gallantry of her escort, Miss Mary Welsh, petit and comely public school teacher at new Auburn, showed her presence of mind and courage by "standing by" and assisting Alvin Misensol out of the frigid waters of Lake New Auburn.

Mr. Misensol and Miss Welsh went out walking together last Sunday afternoon around the lake in the direction of the Polzin farm. On returning home about 3:30 they chose to cross over the lake to New Auburn on the ice, and while passing along, and when fully half a mile from shore, they stepped into a small opening in the ice which was hidden from view by snow.

Both went down into the icy water to a depth which submerged Mr. Misensol's head. With much difficulty he succeeded in boosting his companion up onto the ice to safety at he clutched the sharp thin ice around him with one hand, and, in doing so, had his hand badly lacerated by the ice.

Immediately upon getting out of the water, Miss Welsh lay prone on the ice to guard against it breaking around the edge under her weight, and with one arm outstretched and hand extended helped Mr. Misensol to safety.

It was a perilous situation for the couple, but aside from Mr. Misensol's lacerated hand no ill resulted even though they had to walk to their respective homes in their water soaked clothing.-Glencoe Enterprise.

Peck Family
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Oct. 18, 1923, page 3; submitted by Robin Line.
The Peck family has removed to the Mrs. Gust Pockrandt residence in North Winthrop.

Emma Westbrook
Source: Winthrop News (MN) Aug. 23, 1923, page 4; submitted by Robin Line.
Commandant Emma Westbrook, in her 80th year, is the only survivor of the original eight militants who planted the flag of the Salvation Army in the United States in 1880. She assists in the routine charitable work of her organization and refuses flatly to obey the order by which she was supposed to have been retired from service.

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