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BIOS: Michael Carroll, John Collins, Daniel Connolly, Patrick Connolly
OBITS: Johann Steffer - contributed by Robin Line
FAMILIES: History - Steffer Family - contributed by Robin Line

OBITS: William Foltz
BIOS: Joseph Barle, Stephen Bock, Martin Bach, William Berger, Thomas Brown, Thomas F. Brown
CENSUS: 1918 Alien Registration Form Transcriptions - submitted by Martin Johnson
OBITS: Lena Weckworth - submitted by Robin Line

JUNE 2017
BIOS: Julius Furch, John Kirch, William Kruger
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
OBITS: Louise Steffer-obit provided by Steffer family via Robin Line

FAMILIES: Benjamin Young Family
BIOS: M. R. Wilcox, Benjamin Willson, Anton Witte

NEWS-SPOOKY: 1874-Ghost or Fiery Dragon?
The following were submitted by Robin Line
MARRIAGES: Trebelhorn-Neubarth, Zumberge-Lindorf
OBITS: Louise Witt, Gust Lindgren, Henry Luehring, Sr., Carl Herman Kyrklund, Friedrich John Gasow
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY/BIRTHDAY: Charles Hed, Wilhelmina Muchow, Mr. and Mrs. Cy McEwen
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1932-December Marriage Licenses, 1932 Rabbit Hunt
NEWS-CRIME: John J. McTague
NEWS-FIRE: 1932-Holley L. Allerson
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mrs. Conrad Norton, Stanford Skaro, Deloris Wolter, Conrad Falk, Gust Penk, Delmar Rieke, Marilyn Thompson-Knapp Baby-Fred Kistner, Sr., Ray Brethorst, Mrs. A. L. Lieske, Charles Sprague, Henry Rose
NEWS-VISIT: Wallace Monson, Buerkle Family, Mr. and Mrs. William Hermann
PEOPLE: Howard Quade, Erwin Briest, H. E. Johnson, Salomi Henke, Evelyn Johnson, Florence Larson

OCTOBER 2016 All Submitted by Robin Line
BIRTHS: Boehning Boy, Peterson Boy
OBITS: Agnes Delger, Mrs. Aug. Gabbert, W.A. Swenson, Mahala Podratz, William Meffert, Anna Kaysa, Traubott Schlachlenhaufen, Vernon Plahn, Minnie Nelson, Nick Thomes, Charles Henry Johnson, Ernest Redtman and Richard Redtman, Nick Kummer
MARRIAGES: Maxon-Crippen
FAMILY: Rick Family Reunion
PEOPLE: Emma Westbrook, Peck Family, John Hansen Family, Theo Bonderson, John H. Jasken, Walter Maas, Cameron Lestico, Lowell Trift
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. August Gutknecht, Mr. and Mrs. August Reilein
NEWS-BITS: Quandt, Pearson, Smith
NEWS-BUSINESS: Oster Bushard
NEWS-CHURCHES: 1923-Congregationalists Elect New Pastor, Percy W. Gibson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1931-Hog Cholera, Goose Season-Doering, Schmidt, McKenzie, 1932-Moving Season-Habeck, Blomquist, Christensen, Lucas
NEWS-CRIME: Flavil Sargeant robbed
NEWS-FIRES/ACCIDENTS: Koester, Meyer, Hall, Heyzer, Freden, Elevator Razed by Fire
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mrs. O. R. Greene, Mrs. Ottile Just, G. L. Benson, Mrs. Otto Grochler, Herman Woller, Verne Johnson, Vera Geib, Fred Borman Family, Stanford Skaro, Richard Johnson, Charles Allerson, Conrad Walther, Harry Stark, Ray Brethorst
NEWS-VISIT: F. N. Nelson, Oliver Abrahamson, Arthur Nelson Family, Mrs. Gust Elling, Mrs. C. A. Rohrer

SEPTEMBER 2016 All Submitted by Robin Line
MARRIAGES: Sylwester - Schulte
OBITS: John W. Anderson, Rev. Hertwig, Mrs. Fredericka Mansfield, Judith Lundholm, Woods Newborn, Mrs. J. F. Altnow, Evelynne H. L. Edlund, Wilhelmina Schuett, Winfred Plahn, Marie Carlson, Mrs. August Schlueter, Wilhelmina Borchert, Mrs. George C. Borreson, Herbert Boelter, Inga Anderson, Charles Anderson, Mrs. C. F. Bergquist
PEOPLE: William Scrimgeour & Arthur Holm, George Brunner, Mary Welsh & Alvin Misensol, Kenneth Larson, Alfred Lundberg
SCHOOLS: Ina Ogdahl
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. William Venzke
NEWS-ILLNESS: Henry Kraus, Mr. Opitz, Mrs. Fred McEwen
NEWS-VISIT: Fred Blass Family, George Scheman

JULY 2016
BIOS: A. A. Lawson, H. C. Leonard, B. G. Lesher, Daniel Pickit, H. Rahing, Henry Poehler, Fidel Schafer, H. J. Seigneuret, H. A. Seigneuret, Albert Schumacher, William Sheridan, A. Stecher, John C. Stoever
HISTORY: Henderson Village, Henderson township

BIOS: Fred Manuel, Herman Matthei, William Maurer, Peter Mergens, John Mintkiewitz, Edward Moore, Lawrence Oberst, Ignatius Anderley
HISTORY: Jessenland Township, Faxon Township

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Sophia Wallert and four children murdered by Theodore Wallert - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Theodore Wallert Family
SCHOOLS: Financial News
PEOPLE: F. W. Kuskee
WILLS & PROBATE: Casper Heinrich Merhoff
BIRTHS: Karstens Girl
COURT: Robbins vs. Legg

MARCH 2015
BIOS : E. B. Haney, Charles S. Harris, Stanislaus Heberle, August Hedtke, Charles Hemberle, John H. Henneberg, Rudolf Herrmann, H. Jorgenson, Charles Keller, Michael Kelly, E. A. Kiene, Louis Kill, Sylvester Kipp, Orin Kipp, J. P. Kirby, Friedrich Korth
OBITS : Levi Jennings - contributed by Nancy Piper.

MILITARY: Civil War Veteran Burial Application Index. Transcribed by Martin W. Johnson, Civil War Historial.

BIOS: S. W. Bennett, Camille Bisson, H. Bisson, A. F. Blasing, E. Bolink, Patrick Bray, Adam Buck, Charles F. Burger, Jesse Cameraud, Christ Didra, William Dodge, William Dretchko, G. D. Emery, Christian Enes, D. Feldmann, Patrick Flinn, B. Frank, John Gerken, Otto Goebel, Charles Groshong
HISTORY: Early County History
OBITS: Mrs. A. E. Nelson, Alfred Evanson
NEWS-CRIME: 1910-Safe hauled away, Henry Kneuple arrested for murder
NEWS-WEATHER: 1897-Hail Storm

CHURCHES: Church History
BIOS: Allanson, Altnow

Feb. 2014: Bios: Campbell, MacKenzie - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

June 2013: Obit: Fritz
Marriages: Chelberg - Nelson; Wescott - MacKenzie
Bio: Kahlow

May 2013: Civil War Men in the 1882 History of the Minnesota Valley

Apr. 2013: Veterans on the Census of 1865, 1885, 1890, 1895, 1905, 1910 & 1883 Pensions List

July 2012: Bio: Buck

June 2012: Bios: Dresser, Gardner

May 2012: Obit: Peever; Bio: Archibald

Apr. 2012: Bio: Huebner; Indian War Claims Filed (1862); Business Directory Entries (1873); Veterans Noted in Adjutant
Generals Report (1866); G.A.R. Deaths Reported by Civil War Clubs; Alien Registration Papers (1918)

Mar. 2012: Bio: Clancy; Marriage: Baldwin-Ranney

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Bios: Bisson, Bray, Duclos

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries

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Biography of Florence Clayton; CORMIER obits, biography and marriage record

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