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1860 Mortality Schedule

Contributed by Barb Ziegenmeyer

Name Place of Death Place of Birth Gender Age Cause Of Death
Christena Adlman Stearns Minnesota Female 14-days Unknown
Mary Adlman Stearns Minnesota Female 5/12 Scalded
Lether Brown Stearns Vermont Male 49 Consumption
Mary E Clark Stearns Minnesota Female 2 Brain-Inflammation
Lara Coats Stearns Minnesota Female 2/12 Lung-Fever
Eva Dennsell Stearns Bay Female 42 Child-Bed
Peter P Etten Stearns Minnesota Male 1 Croup
Philip Zech Fell Stearns Minnesota Female 2/12 Cramps
Stephan F Field Stearns Maine Male 28 Consumption
Mary A Fox Stearns Pru Female 41 Child-Bed
Michael Fox Stearns Minnesota Male 4days Unknown
Sarah A Hussey Stearns New York Female 34 Child-Bed
Margret Jacobs Stearns Pru Female 26 Child-Bed
William Kahn Stearns Minnesota Male 2/12 Whooping-Cough
Peter Kappers Stearns Minnesota Male 4/12 Fit-Fever
Mary O Morrison Stearns New Hampshire Female 39 Dropsy
Mary Nole Stearns Minnesota Female 5/12 Consumption
Henry Oberwiso Stearns Hol Male 26 Froze-To-Death
Mary Salberger Stearns Minnesota Female 3/12 Consumption
Jane Tenoronle Stearns Minnesota Female 4/12 Whooping-Cough
Louis Undersauder Stearns Minnesota Male 9-days Unknown
Sebartian Zenner Stearns Wisconsin Male 5 Burnt-To-Death
Paul Zlottes Stearns Pru Male 45 Nerve-Fever

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