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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Sara Rice

Certificate # Surname Given Name Middle Initial P.O. Address Cause for pension Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Morgan Erastus Avon inj. of nose $6.00 n.d.
Berry Charles  A. Brockway wd. l. side $8.00 n.d.
Arnold `George Cold Spring City wd. r. shoulder $8.00 n.d.
Neiss Christian Cold Spring City frac. r. arm & g.s.w., &c $6.00 Jan 1881
Enderle Rudolf Cold Spring City injury to abdomen $8.00 n.d.
Friedman Nicholas Cold Spring City minor of $10.00 n.d.
Droutte Killian Cold Spring City shell wd. of the hand $2.00 May 1878
Gilley John  W. Cold Spring City g.s.wd. r. shoulder & l. arm $12.00 n.d.
22,297 Beckwirt Daniel Crow Lake wd. r. leg $12.00 Dec 1863
Sargent Roderick  R. Fair Haven inj. l. side & disability $4.00 n.d.
Cooper William Fair Haven wd. r. wrist $8.00 n.d.
Boobar Eliza  H. Fair Haven mother $8.00 n.d.
Abell John  D. Fair Haven shell wd. r. side of abdomen $4.00 Feb 1882
Johnston Marion  F. Fair Haven total blindness $72.00 n.d.
Kennedy Mack J. Fair Haven ch. diarr. $6.00 Mar 1881
Caspers Peter Freeport g.s.w.r. thigh $6.00 Oct 1881
Mauer Nicholas Leedston inj to abdomen, sunstroke, &c $14.00 Aug 1880
Guptill Nancy Maine Prairie widow $8.00 n.d.
Conner William W. Maine Prairie dis. of eyes, rest. measles $2.00 May 1882
Perkins Andrew F. Maine Prairie wd. l. leg $6.00 n.d.
Spaulding Alonzo Maine Prairie inj. to knee $4.00 n.d.
Heath Barbara Maine Prairie widow 1812 $8.00 n.d.
Brown Solomon F. Maine Prairie g.s.w.r. shoulder $8.50 Aug 1880
Farwell Quarters B. Maine Prairie dis. of lungs & dis. abdominal viscera $6.00 Mar 1881
Atkins David W. Maine Prairie inj. l. ankle $14.00 n.d.
Watson William Wallace Melrose dis. of lungs & heart $8.00 Mar 1880
Small Elisha C. Melrose g.s.w.l. arm $4.00 Nov 1878
Whittlesey Alfred N. Melrose wd. shoulder $4.00 n.d.
Burrill Bela F. Melrose inj to back $4.00 July 1880
Hadden John A. J. Melrose injury to abdomen $8.00 n.d.
Grinnell George L. Melrose g.s.w.l. foot $6.00 n.d.
Andreas Job New Munich g.s.w.l. leg $10.00 n.d.
45,726 Heinrich Albers New Munich g.s.w. both thighs $10.00 n.d.
Bjornson Ole New Munich minor of $10.00 n.d.
Darby John W. North Fork rheu $12.00 n.d.
10,475 Town Homer Paynesville wd. l. shoulder $6.00 n.d.
Nicholas Fanny Paynesville mother $8.00 n.d.
Reed Harriet Paynesville mother $8.00 Mar 1879
Harris Alfred Paynesville chr. diarr. $6.00 Oct 1880
King Levi Paynesville g.s.w. lower jaw $10.00 n.d.
131,593 Cleneland Timoyhy J. Saint Cloud chills & fever $2.00 Feb 1873
1,688 Talcott Julia Saint Cloud mother $20.00 Jan 1872
Norton Thomas Saint Cloud paralysis ans dis. lungs $4.00 n.d.
26,739 Farley Michael Saint Cloud wd. r. hand loss index finger $3.00 n.d.
102,377 Moonhead Nathan Saint Cloud injury to abdomen $8.00 n.d.
37,824 Dunkin John S. Saint Cloud g.s.w.r. arm $6.00 n.d.
Kenna Sarah Saint Cloud widow $8.00 n.d.
Western Joseph W. Saint Cloud g.s.w. l. hip $24.00 n.d.
Freeman Jane E. Saint Cloud widow $17.00 n.d.
Weisser Ferdinand Saint Cloud valvular dis. of heart $8.00 n.d.
Williams Smith G. Saint Cloud g.s.w. l. thumb & r. hand $6.00 Nov 1881
Potter William Saint Cloud g.s.w.r. shoulder $6.00 n.d.
Perkins Daniel A Saint Cloud epilepsy result of typhoid fever $12.00 Jan 1881
Safford Peter T. Saint Cloud dis. of lungs $8.00 Mar 1881
Collins Philip H. Saint Cloud g.s.w.r. knee $6.00 Jun 1882
Tolman Sarah E. Saint Cloud widow $17.00 n.d.
McKelvy James M. Saint Cloud g.s.w. both buttocks $5.00 n.d.
Stewart Joanna B. Saint Cloud widow $8.00 n.d.
Philbrook Caroline E. Saint Cloud widow $20.00 n.d.
Huhn Rudolph Saint Cloud par'l l. leg, res. of sciatica $12.00 Jan 1881
Hanson Christopher Saint Cloud loss l. thumb from g.s.w. $4.00 Jan 1881
Garlington James W. Saint Cloud injury to abdomen $4.00 Sep 1878
Griebler Jacob Saint Cloud g.s.w.r. foot $4.00 n.d.
Gilmon Edward Saint Cloud wd. through body $18.00 n.d.
Gorman Patrick Saint Cloud g.s.w.r. leg $2.00 Dec 1882
Kemper John Saint Cloud g.s.w.l. side $4.00 Oct 1880
Schindler Magdalina Saint Joseph widow $8.00 n.d.
Neis Bernard Saint Joseph g.s.w. back $4.00 Aug 1878
Delurya William R. Sauk Centre bronchitis $18.00 n.d.
Gillette Lucius W. Sauk Centre g.s.w. back & l. shoulder $8.00 n.d.
Carr Byron F. Sauk Centre wd. l. knee $6.00 n.d.
Oldham George E. Sauk Centre g.s.w.r. side $2.00 May 1878
Gilbert Samuel E. Sauk Centre wd. r. leg $4.00 n.d.
Crane Emily Sauk Centre widow 1812 $8.00 n.d.
Vaughn Edward H. Sauk Centre inj. both eyes (dis. of eyes) $6.00 n.d.
Weymonth Charles Sauk Centre g.s.w.r. chest $8.00 n.d.
White Charles E. Sauk Centre ch. Infl. of r. hip joint $7.00 n.d.
Pangburn William Sauk Centre g.s.w.l. thigh $4.00 n.d.
Philes Duane Sauk Centre dis. of liver $8.00 Aug 1881
Bartrum Margaret Sauk Centre mother $8.00 Sep 1880
Newman Caroline Sauk Centre mother $8.00 n.d.
Safford Catharine Sauk Centre mother $8.00 n.d.
Walker Eliza Sauk Centre mother $8.00 Apr 1880
Bryant Adelbert Sauk Centre dis. of lungs $8.00 n.d.
Lusky Johanna Sauk Centre widow $8.00 n.d.
McFarlane Catharine Sauk Centre widow $8.00 Jan 1881
Frederic Catharine Sauk Centre widow 1812 $8.00 n.d.
Huntress Hiram B. Sauk Centre dis. of heart & lungs $10.00 n.d.
Holinbeck Francis M. Sauk Centre mal. poisg., dis. of liv., sto. & bowels $6.09 May 1882
Hines Emil guar. Of Amelia H. Sauk Centre insanity $72.00 n.d.
Austin Orville Sauk Centre g.s.w.l. foot $8.00 n.d.
Grover Elezer H. Sauk Centre dis of lungs $8.00 Oct 1880
Bigelow Isaac W. Sauk Centre ch. diarr. $6.00 n.d.
Bruce John W. Sauk Centre g.s.w.l. thigh $8.00 n.d.
Bixby Philip Sauk Centre g.s.w. head, detroying eye $10.00 n.d.
Lennington Josiah Sauk Centre ch. diarr. $4.00 Mar 1878
Newell Abraham Sauk Centre wd. Index finger $3.00 Jan 1864

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