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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list.

Cemetery Latitude Longitude Other Information
Acacia Cemetery 452529N 0940402W  
Assumption Cemetery 452013N 0943249W  
Assumption Cemetery 453151N 0940955W  
Big Grove Church Cemetery 453225N 0950320W  
Bohemian Cemetery 453850N 0945904W  
Brockway Cemetery 454120N 0941300W  
Calvary Cemetery 453206N 0941034W  
Calvary Cemetery 454420N 0945546W  
Calvary Cemetery 452825N 0942037W Located in Rockville
Christian Reform Church Cemetery 452945N 0950718W  
Concordia Cemetery 451906N 0941251W  
Crow Lake Cemetery 452525N 0950327W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 453747N 0943331W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 453801N 0943805W  
Ebenezer Church Cemetery 452041N 0943821W  
Eden Lake Cemetery 451957N 0943249W  
Fairhaven Cemetery 451922N 0941220W  
Gethsemane Cemetery 452456N 0941228W  
Greenwood Cemetery 454414N 0945546W  
Highland Cemetery 454419N 0942850W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 453757N 0944455W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 453944N 0942823W  
Immanuel Cemetery 453532N 0943748W  
Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 453421N 0943600W  
Jacobs Prairie Cemetery 452909N 0942340W  
Kimball Cemetery 451913N 0941820W  
Lyman Prairie Cemetery 453940N 0950632W  
Maine Prairie Cemetery 452306N 0941550W  
Millwood Cemetery 454030N 0944350W  
Minnesota Home Cemetery 454505N 0945515W  
Monastic Cemetery 453340N 0941903W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 454438N 0942206W  
North Star Cemetery 453219N 0941050W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 454028N 0944730W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 453720N 0941247W  
Oakland Cemetery 454339N 0945540W  
Old Eden Lake Cemetery 452138N 0943112W  
Old Saint Nicholas Cemetery 452448N 0942447W  
Paynesville Cemetery 452239N 0944508W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 454146N 0942707W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 453947N 0944105W  
Saint Andrews Cemetery 453601N 0945156W  
Saint Annes Cemetery 451829N 0941846W  
Saint Anthony Padua Cemetery 453646N 0950305W  
Saint Boniface Cemetery 452800N 0942554W  
Saint Catherine's Cemetery 453050N 0943540W  
Saint Donatus Cemetery 452905N 0950716W  
Saint Francis Cemetery 454536N 0943500W  
Saint Francis de Sales Cemetery 452723N 0945924W  
Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery 453720N 0941247W  
Saint Hegwigs Cemetery 454351N 0942734W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 453435N 0942345W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 453745N 0945158W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 454204N 0950439W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 454314N 0943331W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 453238N 0941349W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 453342N 0941903W  
Saint Louis Cemetery 452237N 0944239W  
Saint Margaret Cemetery 452728N 0944754W  
Saint Martin Cemetery 453005N 0943952W  
Saint Mary Cemetery 452845N 0940858W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 454015N 0944810W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 454352N 0942918W  
Saint Michael Cemetery 453128N 0944932W  
Saint Nicholas Cemetery 452250N 0942615W  
Saint Patrick Cemetery 454010N 0944849W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 454425N 0945546W  
Saint Paul's Lutheran Cemetery 452722N 0945045W  
Saint Rosa of Lima Cemetery 454352N 0944254W  
Saint Stephni Cemetery 454203N 0941630W  
Saint Wendel Cemetery 454005N 0942201W  
Saint Wendelin Cemetery 452713N 0941444W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 452725N 0943120W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 453342N 0945623W  
Salem Cemetery 452628N 0944255W  
Seven Dolors Cemetery 453741N 0943347W  
Staples Cemetery 453137N 0941804W  
Stony Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Stranger Cemetery 453303N 0941614W  
Union Cemetery 452908N 0950716W  
United Methodist Cemetery 452633N 0950036W  
Unity Cemetery 453617N 0945823W  
Zion Cemetery 452405N 0943940W  
Zion Cemetery 452635N 0950037W  

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