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War Records in Stearns County Courthouse
Source: Duluth News Tribune, Duluth Minnesota (Saturday, 4 Feb. 1911) Volume 42,
Issue to 75; Page 7; transcribed by Tam

SAUK CENTER, Minn., Feb. 3. -- Among some yellow, timeworn county records found by county Auditor John P Rau, of Stearn's County, today, were some historical records of Sauk Center and St. Cloud in the time of the Civil War. One document dated 1862, gives the information that the number of enlisted men for the Union army was 306, from Stearns county; St. Cloud supplied 103, and Sauk Center, 23. At that time there were only 15 towns in this county, which has now 46 towns in three cities, besides many villages and hamlets. According to another document found in the county vaults was one giving the number of men in Stearns county liable for military duty, of which St. Cloud had 249 and Sauk Center 54, and the whole county, 1081.

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