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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

A station on the St. P. & M. R. R., in the southeastern part of Steele county, 9 miles from Owatonna, the county seat. Population, 30. Exports wheat. Telegraph, Northwestern. Mail, twice daily. L. Gowdy, postmaster.

Gowdy L, general store.

A village of about 100 inhabitants in Berlin township, southwestern part of Steele county, 15 miles from the county seat and 75 southwest from St. Paul by a straight line. Owatonna, about 15 miles distant is the most convenient railroad point. A cheese factory is of prominent importance in the place, and a Baptist and Methodist church are each located here. Stage communication with Owatonna semi-weekly. Charles W. Fox; postmaster.

Akers Rev J M, (Methodist).
Barrett L C, General Store.
Lonergan M, boot and shoemaker.
Sawyer G W, Hotel Propr.
Scoville & Ellis, wagons, sleighs, etc.
Southwick & Miller, general store and cheese factory.

A thriving incorporated village, containing a population of 400. It is in the township of the same name, in the southeast corner of Steele county, 18 miles by rail to the county seat, 98 miles from St Paul, and is a station on the M. & St. P. Ry. Two hotels, a bank, a grist mill, 8 or 10 dry goods, hardware and clothing stores, lumber yards, etc., etc., are features of the village. First settled in 1867. Has a church each of the Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic denominations, and good educational privileges. The American Express Co. has an agent here. Stage communication with Geneva and Udolpho once a week. Fridays and Saturdays 4 mails, other days 2 mails, are received. A. Mayo, postmaster.

Barkaloo Rev C T, (Methodist).
Brainard J C, railroad and express agent.
Brainard J C & Co, Bankers.
Brainard & Gardner, lumber, lime and coal.
Camp George, harnessmaker and justice of the peace.
Carey Frank, Hotel Propr.
Cole Mrs A T, milliner.
Crandell Mrs M L, Milliner.
Douglas R H, hardware.
Dunnell Samuel, painter.
Dunton Bros, General Store.
Ellington L, clothing and notary public.
Farrington & McDaniels, wheelwrights.
Feeney Thomas, General Store.
Gardner C, notary public.
Hatch L E, Wood Dealer and Livery Stable.
Hatch T L, physician.
Hesse F, meat market.
Johnson A B, Photographer.
Johnson J Palmer, physician.
Knudtson H, boot and shoemaker.
McCumber R B, Meat Market
McConnell J A, general store.
Morton Edward, Hardware.
Morton Joseph, wheelwright.
Morton Thomas S, blacksmith.
Oltman Bros, millers.
O'Toole Mrs, hotel propr.
Paulson Bros, general store.
Pettie A J, hotel propr.
Rolf Miss U, dressmaker.
Saxeson C, blacksmith.
Sorenson John, Blacksmith.
Talbot Isaac B, boot and shoemaker.
Wilson & Lucken, general store.

Or Clinton. A settlement of about 75 souls, in the township of Clinton Falls, in the northern part of Steele county, distant 5 miles from Owatonna, the county seat, and 70 miles to St. Paul. Medford, the nearest railroad town, is 3 miles off. The village is also located on Straight river, which affords water power for a flouring mill. There are a Methodist and a Baptist church and a public school in the place. Settled in 1854. Wheat and flour constitute the exports. Mails twice daily. G. W. Knapp, postmaster.

Green G W, lawyer.
Knapp G W, Merchant.
Prevey Charles, blacksmith.
Shadick Rev R A, (Baptist).
Sherman, Winship & Co, flouring mill.

A postoffice in the northwestern part of Steele county, about 8 miles northwest of Owatonna, the county seat and most convenient railroad point.

In the northwestern part of Steele county, about 10 miles from Owatonna, the county seat and most convenient railroad point. Stage and mail to Owatonna weekly. Emma Taylor, postmistress.

Burns A, general store.
Dring Thomas, blacksmith.
Taylor David, mail carrier and stage driver.

In the central northern part of Steele county, 5 miles north of Owatonna, the county seat and nearest railroad point.

A postoffice near the center of Steele county, 4 miles southwest of Owatonna, the county seat and nearest railroad point.

In the southwestern part of Steele county, 10 miles from Owatonna, the county seat and nearest railroad station. Mail stage to Owatonna and Berlin semi-weekly. C. G. Hirsey, postmaster.

In the township of the same name, in the northern central part of Steele county, 7 miles from Owatonna, the county seat, and about 60 from St. Paul. It is a station of the C., M. & St. P. Ry., and also situated on Straight river, which latter assists to drive a flouring mill at this point. The village has a population of 300, contains a hotel, a great variety of stores, a good supply of mechanics, 2 church edifices - Congregational and Methodist Episcopal - and exports wheat and flour. Settled in 1855. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Mails, twice daily. John Bailey, postmaster.

Ball Jacob, blacksmith and wagonmkr.
Barlow L R, hotel propr.
Beeman Mrs E S, milliner and dressmaker.
Bryant & Curtis, druggists and grocers.
Eastman A L, blacksmith.
Elliott & Osborn, wagon and machine shop.
Flanders, A C, druggist and grocer.
Freeman S M, grocer.
Gault A, railroad and express agent.
Graves Rev A, (Congregational).
Hunkins D C, general store.
Hunkins G E, furniture and harnessmaker.
Kiphart Rev B F, (Methodist).
Lee Orren, meat market.
McIntyre & Getchell, blacksmiths.
Morton Amos, grocer.
Morton RIchard, Hardware.
Moon George C, grocer.
Powell J W, physician.
Sawyer W F, Lawyer.
Tyrrill Miss Katie, milliner.
White & Beynon, flour mill.

In the township of the same name, in the central western part of Steele county, 9 miles from Owatonna, the county seat. It is a railroad station on the W. & St. P. Ry. Was settled in 1869. Has a population of 50 souls, a Lutheran and a Methodist church, and is a wheat region. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Mails, twice daily. F. W. Goodsell, postmaster.

Abernithy O, hotel.
Barncard J Z, grain, salt, and lumber.
Goodsell F W, General Store and Express Agent.
Graben Julius, boot and shoemkr.
Rosecrans R G, general store.

In the northwestern part of Steele county, 5 miles east of Medford station.

In the southeastern part of Steele county. Blooming Prairie, the nearest railroad point, lies southerly six miles.

An incorporated city of 3,000 inhabitants, located at the intersection of the C. & N. W. with the C. M. & St. P. R. R., two or three miles north of the center of Steele county, of which it is the seat, and 68 miles from St. Paul. It is also on the Straight river, from which power is derived for operating a grist mill. The steam works of the place consist of three foundries and machine shops, and two flouring mills. A windmill, also, manufactures flour. The county is of the smaller class in area but one of the most prolific. Its yield for 1876 aggregated in bushels; wheat, 384,137; oats, 221,334; corn, 170,218; barley, 17,124; potatoes, 35,340. Contains a church each of the Congregationalists, Methodists, Episcopalians, German Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Universalists, German Reformed, Scandinavians, Lutherans and Catholics. The educational institutions of Owatonna are of high order, prominent among which is the Minnesota Academy, founded under the auspices of the Baptist denomination, and conducted with a spirit of just liberality. The courses of study embrace a common English, an academic, and college preparatory course. The enrollment contains the names of 64 ladies and 37 gentlemen. The board of instructors number six persons. The city also has a graded and two primary schools, and a school of the Sister's of St. Francis (Catholic). Owatonna has two national banks, viz: The First National, with a captital of $60,000 and $12,000 surplus; and the Farmers' National, with a capital of $50,000 and $3,000 surplus. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Stages semi-weekly to Geneva, Albert Lea, Dodge City, Urland and Berlin. Mail, four times daily. Charles S. Randall, postmaster.

Abbott Edmund H, jeweler, Bridge.
Albertus Gustavus F, general store, Owatonna.
American Express Co., James C. Ellis, agent, Cedar.
Anderson Samuel R, harness, Cedar.
Armstrong Mrs Sarah F, millinery, Cedar.
Arnold House, Charles W Hastings, propr., Vine.
Babcock & Wilson, wheat, Cedar.
Backus Bros, elevator, W & St. P Ry.
Barnes & Hillman, bronze monuments, Cedar.
Bartsch Carl G, cigar mnfr, Front.
Baumgartner & Deeg, carriage mnfrs, Bridge.
Bertsch John, propr German House and grocer, Front.
Bigelow E E, physician, Cedar.
Bion Louis, brewery, Bridge.
Birkett & Peck, jewelers, cor Broadway and Cedar.
Bixby Luther, patent medicine mnfr, Bridge.
Blanchard & Hemingway, sash, doors and blinds, Cedar.
Blood Solomon, physician, Cedar.
Boley John, restaurant, Front
Bower Charles, harness, Cedar.
Brooks Joseph, bakery and confectionery, Broadway.
Brown Charles H, marble works, Main.
Brown & McRoskie, blacksmiths, Cedar.
Burch Isaac W, clerk Steele county.
Burdic & Cram, founders and machinists, Rose.
Burlingame James M, lawyer, Cedar.
Burtsch Adam, harness, Bridge.
Butsch John A, boots and shoes, Bridge.
Buxton & Slaid, agtl impts, Broadway.
Cansdell John A, treas Steele county.
Cartwright Hiram, blacksmith, Cedar.
Cartwright Mrs Louisa W, millinery, Cedar.
Case Leonard F, physician, Bridge.
Case Titus, cheese factory.
Chadwick Miles B, lawyer, cor Cedar and Broadway.
Chambers Clark, sheriff Steele county.
Chapman Henry, grocer, Cedar.
Cook Benjamin S, real estate loans, Cedar.
Cornell Charles C, pottery, Bridge.
Cottier John, mcht tailor, Vine.
Darby B, job printer, Bridge.
Davidson Wm, grocer, Cedar.
Dennerline & janisch, clothiers, Cedar.
Dininger Robert, blacksmith, Cedar.
Downie Bros, grocers, Bridge.
Drebert Francis T, Propr Owatonna Journal and Job Printer, Cedar.
Drought & Simpson, flouring mill, w s River.
Ely Erwin B, saloon and billiards, Cedar.
Engels Mrs Barbara, hotel, Bridge.
Exchange Hotel, Thomas Dougherty, propr, Broadway.
Farmers National Bank, Leonard L Bennett, pres, Alonzo C Gutterson, cashier, cor Cedar and Broadway.
Fenno E. Ray, agricultural impts, Cedar.
First National Bank, Wm R Kinyon, pres, Charles J Kinyon, cashr, Bridge.
Fredenburg & Farmer, grocers, Cedar.
Ganser & Glaeser, saloon and billiards, Bridge.
Gault Thomas B, station agt C M & St P Ry.
German House,. John Bertsch, propr, Front
Gilbert Mrs Nancy A, millinery, Cedar.
Gilroy James, tailor, Cedar.
Greeley Orrin, pump and fanning mill mnfr, Bridge.
Hadley Charles W, lawyer, Cedar.
Hafemann Albert A, furniture, Bridge.
Hall Lewis A, confectionery, cor Broadway and Cedar.
Hammond Orlando M, harness, Cedar.
Hanson Peter, cooper, Cedar.
Harsha & Donaldson, druggists,Cedar.
Hasenbien Friedrich, cooper, Bridge.
Hickman Adam C, lawyer, cor Cedar and Broadway.
Hill Herbert S, physician, Cedar.
Hill Wm H, Glove Mnfr and Restaurant, Vine.
Hill & Luers, druggists, Cedar.
Hoffmann Joseph, saloon, Cedar.
Holden Joseph D, cooper, Cedar.
Holt Mrs Jane, millinery, Bridge.
Holt Wilson, dry goods, Bridge.
Hotchkiss Seth, agtl impts, Cedar.
Houdek Bros, clothing and dry goods, Broadway.
Howe & Co, agtl impts. Rose.
Hrdlicka Vaclav F, shoemaker, Broadway.
Hrdlicka Vaclac J, saloon, Broadway.
Hughes Wm S, lumber, etc, Cedar.
Hunewill Elisha Y, hardware, Bridge.
Irving Thomas W, agtl impts, Bridge.
Jahreiss John C, general store, Bridge.
Johnson David B, lawyer, Cedar.
Johnson Harvey H, lawyer, Cedar.
Johnson Howard E, lawyer, Bridge.
Johnson Robert H, ins agt, Cedar.
Kelly Thomas, general store, Bridge.
Kerkhoff Bernhard, shoemaker, Cedar.
Knobloch & Larson, hardware, Cedar.
Kosks Edward, mcht tailor, Bridge.
Kubat & Stransky, meat market, Cedar.
Kuyawa Andrew, saloon, Cedar.
Leary M & W, general store, Cedar.
Lee James, shoemaker, Bridge.
Leisses Charles, bakery and confectionery, Cedar.
Lord Bros, general store, Cedar.
Luce Hosea F, harness, Cedar.
McDonald & Kennedy, blacksmiths, Main.
McLaughlin Cunndingham N, Agtl Impts, Vine.
Mallinger Peter, saloon, Cedar.
Maloney Edward, ins agt, Bridge.
Medd Thomas R, dentist, Cedar
Meixner Benjamin J, wagon mnfr, Cedar.
Meyer August, marble works, Cedar.
Mitchell John D, grocer, Cedar.
Montgomery & Boice, meat market, Bridge.
Moore Henry R jr, dry goods, Bridge.
Morford J W & Co, general store, Cedar.
Mork Wm, boots and shoes, Cedar.
Morton James, blacksmith, Cedar.
Mudeking Friedrich, grocer and saloon, Broadway.
Murray Albert G, agtl impts, Cedar.
Murray & Son, livery, Vine.
Myrick Mrs Mary J, millinery, Bridge.
National House, Benjamin G Olmsted, propr, Front.
Neilson I L & Bro, general store, Cedar.
Newsalt Jacob, Real Estate, Notary and Collecting Agt, Bridge.
Nickerson Washington, furniture, Cedar.
Norsk Hotel, Ole Elton, propr, Cedar.
Olson Samuel, saloon, Cedar.
O'Maley Patrick, grocery and saloon, Bridge.
Oppliger Jacob A, Meat market, Cedar.
Owatonoa Journal, (The) Francis T Drebert, Propr, Cedar.
Owatonna Review, Alfred H Lewis, propr, Bridge.
Paddock & Co, founders and machinists, Rose.
Padgham Lorenzo S, auditor Steele county.
Parcher House, W J Brown, Propr, cor Broadway and Cedar.
Parker Bros, barbers, Cedar.
Peachey House, James Peachey & Son, proprs, Rose.
Pehler & Grabowsky, grocers, Broadway.
Peterson John, agricultural implements, Bridge.
Pichner Bros, saloon and tobacconists, Bridge.
Plotner J H & Bros, dyers and scourers, Main.
Pope Jeremiah, (col'd) barber, Cedar.
Potter & Lund, lumber, Cedar.
Pratt & Robinson, elevator C M & St P Ry.
Quiggle Michael S, plow mnfr, Oak.
Randall C H & Co, lumber, Cedar.
Reidell H & Co, flouring mill, railroad track.
Renchin & Sarsen, saloon, Broadway.
Requa & Furber, hardware, Cedar.
Ressler & Niles, meat market, Cedar.
Roberts D H, physician.
Rockwood George W, grocer, Cedar.
Rogers Bros, dry goods, Cedar.
Rosebrock Hermann H, furniture. Bridge.
Rossbach George A, Physician, Cedar.
Rusche Franz J, shoemaker, Cedar.
Schafer Bros, meat market, Bridge.
Schlesinger Abraham, clothier, Bridge.
Schmidt Hermann, grocery and saloon, Cedar
Schoen Charles, wagonmnfr, Bridge.
Searl Alexander, dentist, Cedar.
Searle Daniel O, hardware, Bridge.
Seigle Mrs Mary R, millinery, Cedar.
Shea & Winslow, clothiers, Bridge.
Sheldon Philo J, pianos, organs and sewing machines, Broad'y.
Simpson Adam, wind grist mill, w s River.
Skinner & Jewett, general store, Cedar.
Sloan Hermann, tailor, Bridge.
Smith Charles F, blacksmith, Bridge.
Snyder William S, grocer, Front.
Soper William B, mngr N W Tel Co, Vine.
Spellman & Bliss, books and stationery, Bridge.
Staples & Riedell, grocers, Cedar.
Stoughton R A & Co, druggists, Cedar.
Strong Melancthon L, real estate and insurance agt, Bridge.
Sykora & Kaplan, grocers, Broadway.
Thomas Wm W, photographer, Bridge.
Thomson & McFall, (Mrs), millinery, Vine.
Train John L, station agt W & St P Ry, div C & N W Ry.
Truesdell Jay E, real estate, Bridge.
Tuttle Frederick D, pianos and organs, Broadway.
Twiss George B, livery, Broadway.
Tyler Ezra A, register of deeds, Steele county.
Ware Wm A, physician, Cedar.
Warner Charles F, jeweler, Cedar.
Watowa Wrnzl, saloon and billiards, Bridge.
Webb Bros, grocers and confectioners, Cedar.
Webber Mrs Mary I, bakery, cor Main and Cedar.
Weber J J & Son, boots and shoes, Cedar.
Wheelock Lewis L, lawyer, Bridge.
Whitson James P, general store, Cedar.
Wilklow & Carroll, saloon and billiards, cor Broad'y and Cedar.
Winship House, Nathaniel Winship, propr, cor Oak and Main.
Woodard Joseph S, druggist, Bridge.
Young Julius F, jeweler, Cedar.
Zamboni Carl, gunsmith, Cedar.
Zanetti & Nikolas, wagonmnfrs, Cedar.

In the southern central part of Steele county, 9 miles from Owatonna, the county seat and nearest railroad point. Stage to Albert Lea and Owatonna. Mail 4 times per week. Lewis Robinson, postmaster.

Robinson Orlando, hotel propr.

A postoffice near the center of Steele county, about 5 miles south of Owatonna, the county seat and nearest railroad point.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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