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JUNE 2018
MARRIAGES: County Records 1856-1858
PEOPLE: Clarence Benson
FAMILY: Lineage of Lulu Mattice Stanton, Fannie Burch Mehlin
BIOS: Submitted by Robin Line: Alvin Ernest Olson, Charles E. Aiken
OBITS: Submitted by Robin Line: Thomas Logue
STATE SCHOOL: News-1886-G. A. Merrill, Cornerstone, 1893-Addition, 1896 - W. W. Browne
STATE SCHOOL: Students-May Scholle, Charles Riser, Harry, Earl and May Usher, Paulin Children, Arthur and Lillie Hall, James P. and Lucinda Lynese

MARCH 2018
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes-Albertus, Bailey, Dean, Eustice, Gibbs, Glaeser, Mullenmiester, Schmidt, Seim, Steen, Thompson (2), Vaith
MILITARY: Soldiers - John P. Naylor, John F. Schrom, H. L. Putnam
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Joseph Pirkl, Francis Waite, Arthur S. Gilbertson

DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
OFFICIALS: News - Clark Chambers, M. B. Chadwick
OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1878 County Officials
MILITARY: Soldiers - Clarence T. Butler, Gordon E. Gilman, Hugo W. Matejcek
The Following Contributed by Robin Line:
OBITS: Dorastus C. Adams, M. D. L. Miller, W. D. Lewis
MARRIAGE: Norton-Smith, Correll-Beese, Johnson-Reeves
PEOPLE: Herbert Reed
MILITARY: Soldiers - Newton Parker
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Florence Wood, Mrs. Palmer, Carrie Berge, W. A. Dynes
NEWS-BUSINESS: R. Burdick, Hostad Bros. & Stevens, George Taylor, A. M. Renchin, Fred Rosskopf, Frank Schulz, J. R. Topliff

OBITS: Hazel E. Colvin, Robert C. Hake, Sr., C. Jess Lee - Transcribed by the Alberti's.
PEOPLE: Art Yust
OBITS: Mr. Brinkman - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-BUSINESS: E. W. Piper sold to W. H. Vinton - submitted by Robin Line

JUNE 2017 Submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-OFFICIALS: J. M. Burlingame, Esq.
PEOPLE: Frank Schutt

MARCH 2017
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Herrington
NEWS-CRIME: J. Jacobs, J. L. Blair-victim
BIOS: Emily Marion Colling
PEOPLE: George Miner, George H. Wright
OBITS: William M. Runnels

NEWS-SPOOKY: 1880-Haunted House
MARRIAGE: Sexton-Cabot
NEWS-CRIME: Murry and Hickey-Victim,
NEWS-INJURY: Jane Sisson (Submitted by Robin Line)
NEWS-FIRES/ACCIDENTS: 1932-Accident (Submitted by Robin Line)

JULY 2016
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. William H. Swinton
NEWS-VISIT: Solomon Batten, Mrs. James Day, Harvey Eastman
PEOPLE: George H. Wright accused of triple murder; George Wright arrested in West Virginia; George Wright discovered in Hawaii; Former wife tells; Long list of crimes; searching for George Wright in San Francisco

OBITS: O. N. Eastman, Rollin E. Johnson
PEOPLE: Ray Taylor
NEWS-VISIT: J. F. Curtiss
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1866-Telegraph Service

OBITS: Contributed by Chrissy - Mrs. L.J. Burtch, Mrs. Gus Popelak, Dr. Benjamin Zupp

All Contributed by Jacob Alberti:
BIRTHS: Davis Sconberg, Ashley Boy
OBITS: Mrs. M. McAdam, Henry Kording
PEOPLE: Albert Busho, Victor Krejci, Neil Johnson
SCHOOLS: 1949 Blooming Prairie HS Graduation
NEWS - BIRTHDAYS: Kenneth Benson, Nelda Kay Anderson, Viola Grunklee
NEWS - VISIT: Mrs. John Shaw, Mrs. James Birgin, Mrs. Richard Olson, Frank Betlach, Jennie Slinder, E. O. Habberstad, Arthur Johnson, Neil Ohnstad, Margaret Simon, I. E. Mack, Harold Hanson, Mrs. Ray Herron
NEWS - COMMUNITY: Steele Co. Leads In Bond Sales, Memorial Day Program
NEWS - SICK: Mrs. Otto Hoverson, Mrs. Frank Kubicek, Mrs. C. P. Hulegaard
NEWS - CHURCHES: Baptist Ladies Aid, Lutheran News
NEWS - BITS: All from May 27, 1948

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: John W. Adsit, Charles W. Adsit, Frank G. Albertus
WILLS & PROBATE: William Lucas
FAMILIES: Francis Family Reunion
COURT: Thomas Buckman

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: John W. Adsit, Charles W. Adsit, Frank G. Albertus
WILLS & PROBATE: William Lucas
FAMILIES: Francis Family Reunion
COURT: Thomas Buckman

MARCH 2015
OBITS: Harriet Fitzhugh, Lydia E. Fowler, Harriett C. Ramage, Patrick Wayne Hayes, Bruce Edward Hayes
NEWS-PEOPLE: Wallace Barney, C. G. Bennell, Wm. Noyes, Floy Fowler, Arthur Richardson
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rabey
NEWS-FIRE: 1883-Medford Burned, 1893-Rivers Overflowing
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1920-Children Recover Bank Loot

OBITS: Mrs. Cory, Wilbur M. Ray, Matilda Atwater, Edrick Atwater, Kujawa Children, B. Hale, John Atwater
CHURCHES: History of Owatonna Churches
NEWS: (Illness) Mrs. McCrery
NEWS: (Visit) S. Haugen, A. L. Fowler

TOWNS: Owatonna History (2 parts)transcribed by Sue P Carpenter

Summer 2014: Education (history) - transcribed by Joseph Rose
Steele County Newspapers (history) - transcribed by Jackie McCarty
Villages (Bixby, Clinton Falls, Medford) history - transcribed by Richard Ramos

May 2014:Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Ellendale Township History - transcribed by Brenda Becker

April 2014: Bios: Howe, Ingraham - transcribed by Nancy Overlander
Commercial Men of Owatonna - transcribed by Richard Ramos

March 2014: Military History: Steele County in the Civil War - transcribed by Sandi King & Richard Ramos
Important Events - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman
National Guard - transcribed by Susan Geist
Cemeteries (history) - transcribed by Susan Geist

Feb. 2014: Obit: Barrett - transcribed by Jim Dezotell
All of the Steele County bios from "History of Rice & Steele Counties Minnesota (1910)
History: Owatonna Manufacturing Company - transcribed by Susan Geist
Physicians and Steele County Medical Society - transcribed by Mary Saggio

Feb. 2014: Bio: Richter - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

July 2013: Obits: Abbott, Church, Diment, Dunbar, Dunnell, Grandpreys, Hastings, Kelly, Manous, Morehouse, Oberlin, Truesdale, Warner, Wilkins
Marriages: Allen - Willsey; Chambers - Wolfer; Hicker - Smith; Johnson - Westberg; Lawson Dynes; Thompson - Dynes; Lieb - Ward; Maynard - Quiner; Norman - Lewis; Smith - McAndrews; Smitton - Crandall
Bio: Parson

May 2013: Schuler death information

August 2012: Obits: Banks, Gamble, Kennedy, Newsall

July 2012: Bios: Brown, Bunde, Cashman

June 2012: Bios: Miller, Muir, Weber

May 2012: Bios: Alexander, Andrews, Armstrong

Apr. 2012: Bios: Ellington, Gamble, Hall, McMahon

Mar. 2012: 1870 Mortality Index; Marriage license & certificate: Comstock-Simmons; Obit: Lieb; Bio: Chase

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; crime news: Hawkins, Schuster; obit: Tuttle; Bios: Bennett, Burch, Darby, Doolittle, Partridge; County History (1910) Deaths 1874-1887

Jan 2012: Death Records from 1908-1914; list of cemeteries; ZIEGENMEYER obit

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