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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Aeneas Lutheran Cemetery 454416N 0954646W  
Apostolic Christian Cemetery 452903N 0955404W  
Calvary Cemetery 453527N 0955411W  
Chokio Cemetery 453327N 0961122W  
Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery 454335N 0954916W  
Frog Lake Cemetery 453047N 0960342W  
Kirkegaarden Cemetery 453802N 0954819W  
Kongsvinger Lutheran Cemetery 454352N 0960012W  
Lakeside Cemetery 453052N 0954740W  
Lakeside Cemetery 454755N 0960641W  
Lundberg Cemetery 454134N 0960133W  
Pepperton Methodist Cemetery 453632N 0960253W  
Saint Charles Cemetery 454659N 0960654W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 453330N 0961201W  
Saint Theresia Cemetery 454144N 0960018W  
Scandia Cemetery 453818N 0954733W  
Summit Cemetery 453534N 0955410W  
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 452745N 0960323W  
Vinger Cemetery 454204N 0960020W  
Zion Cemetery 452627N 0955323W  

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