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Source: GNIS
May not be a complete list
Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Adas Israel Cemetery 465150N 0920636W  
Alango Cemetery 474655N 0924407W  
Argo Cemetery 474117N 0920215W  
Armanda Cemetery 474024N 0920545W  
Arrowhead Cemetery 465211N 0924154W  
Augustana Cemetery 464447N 0921650W  
Bassett Cemetery 472334N 0914848W  
Bethany Cemetery 464714N 0921157W  
Bethel Cemetery 472520N 0924111W  
Birch Lake Cemetery 474654N 0915052W  
Brevator Cemetery 464808N 0922700W  
Brevator Cemetery 464610N 0923123W  
Brimson Cemetery 471717N 0915044W  
Calvary Cemetery 465140N 0920620W  
Calvary Cemetery 473017N 0925356W  
Canosia Cemetery 465105N 0921652W  
Cedar Valley Cemetery 470511N 0930118W  
Cook Cemetery 475141N 0924016W  
Culver Cemetery 465349N 0923605W  
Czechoslovakian National Cemetery 473150N 0921443W  
Ely Cemetery 475401N 0915006W  
Embarrass Cemetery 473952N 0921528W  
Fine Lakes Cemetery 464653N 0925526W  
Floodwood Cemetery 465530N 0925551W  
Florenton Cemetery 473644N 0922827W  
Forbes Cemetery 472138N 0923558W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 465041N 0920417W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 465859N 0925355W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 473105N 0921409W  
Forest Home Cemetery 480859N 0923143W  
Gethsemane Cemetery 464855N 0920638W  
Gilbert Cemetery 472851N 0922844W  
Grand Lake Cemetery 465339N 0922210W  
Grandview Memorial Garden 472353N 0925058W  
Greaney Cemetery 475712N 0930122W  
Greenwood Cemetery 473145N 0923320W  
Hermantown Cemetery 464646N 0921438W  
Hibbing Park Cemetery 472520N 0925520W  
Hillside Cemetery 474731N 0923904W  
Hope Cemetery 465349N 0925303W  
Idington Cemetery 474337N 0923736W  
Independence Cemetery 465741N 0922921W  
Indian Cemetery 482631N 0924544W  
Indian Cemetery 465441N 0923428W  
Indian Cemetery 475522N 0923846W  
Industrial Cemetery 465526N 0923024W  
Jewish Cemetery 464855N 0921142W  
Lake View Cemetery 465554N 0915014W  
Lake View Cemetery 472847N 0924550W  
Lakeview Cemetery 474834N 0921657W  
Lakeview Cemetery 470916N 0922706W  
Leiding Cemetery 480409N 0924910W  
Little Fork Cemetery 475054N 0924421W  
Little Swan Cemetery 471739N 0925049W  
Maple Hill Cemetery 472405N 0925736W  
Meadowlands Cemetery 470414N 0924235W  
Morcom Cemetery 474642N 0930126W  
Normanna Cemetery 465842N 0915928W  
Old Cemetery 472611N 0925626W  
Old Vermilion Lake Cemetery 474331N 0922126W  
Oneota Cemetery 464501N 0921059W  
Park Hill Cemetery 465024N 0920358W  
Pike River Cemetery 473918N 0922254W  
Polish Cemetery 465133N 0920626W  
Prairie Lake Cemetery 464652N 0925957W  
Rauha Cemetery 472506N 0921717W  
Riverside Cemetery 470848N 0923600W  
Riverview Cemetery 471440N 0922529W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 470407N 0924922W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 465341N 0922832W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 470501N 0924632W  
Sandy Cemetery 473958N 0923000W  
Sarikoski Cemetery 471251N 0924728W  
Scandia Cemetery 464851N 0920310W  
Solway Cemetery 464830N 0922117W  
Spruce Hill Cemetery 465901N 0923322W  
Sunrise Memorial Cemetery 464915N 0921120W  
Temple Emanuel Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Tifereth Israel Cemetery 465147N 0920635W  
Toivola Cemetery 470947N 0924922W  
Toivola Cemetery 471041N 0924953W  
Union Cemetery 464713N 0921226W  
Vermilion Lake Cemetery 474354N 0922220W  
West Pike Cemetery 473845N 0922540W  
Willow Valley Cemetery 475429N 0925217W  
Woodland Cemetery 465119N 0920442W  
Zim Cemetery 471823N 0923941W  

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