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Ruth Larson
Source: Little Falls Herald (Little Falls, MN) August 5, 1921, page 6; submitted by Robin Line
Miss Ruth Larson has been engaged to teach the Gilbert school for the coming year.

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[Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Tuesday, August 31, 1909, submitted by Mary Kay Krogman]

Session Begins Under Favorable Conditions With Professor Vaugn in Charge.
CHISHOLM, Aug. 30.-The public schools of Chisholm opened this morning for the year. Three grades began in the old school house. Superintendent Vaughn is in charge, with the following corps of teachers to assist him:

High School-Lucinda E. Gilpin, principal, history, English, Stanton, Mich.; Ferdinand Drotning, science, mathematics, athletics, Spokane, Wash.; Kate M. Greeley, Latin, German, Pine City, Minn.; Grace Chase, seventh, Ogilvie, Minn.; Helen Robinson, sixth, Galena, Ill.; Tryphene Chisholm, A fourth, 416 South Fourth street, Stillwater, Minn.; Mildred Shane, fifth, Chisholm, Minn.; Irene Kehan, fifth and sixth, Superior, Wis.; Jeanette Ronan, B fourth, Lewiston, Minn.; Leora Vail, A third, Benton, Wis.; Mary B. Seymore, kindergarten, 1794 Carroll street, Merriam Park, Minn.; Lola Craig, industrial work, Main street, Winona, Minn.; Sarah D. Gilmon, music, drawing, 1697 Peters street, Sioux City, Iowa.

Central-Mamie Brown, principal, B third, New Richmond, Wis.; Maud Talboys, A second, Chisholm, Minn.; Leone Hood, B second, Winona, Minn.; Wanda Mikkelson, A first, Alsen, N. D.; Julia E. McMasters, B first, Sioux Center, Minn.; Pearl Chappiue, B first, Faribault, Minn.

Myers-Mary F. Nelson, principal, fifth and sixth Bloomington, Wis.; Pearl McKee, third and fourth, Hibbing, Minn.; Jessie Chase, A first and second, Ogilvie, Minn.; Adelaide Sawyer, primary, Winona, Minn.

Monroe-Gertrude Knapp, second and third Chisholm, Minn.; Lucy Spooner, primary and first, Durand, Wis.

- - 1910 - - SELECT SCHOOL SITE.
Source: The Duluth Herald, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 25, 1910.
Eveleth, Minn., Oct. 25 - (Special to The Herald) - The school board has selected the plot of ground opposite the Adams kindergarten as a site for the new eight-room $60,000 public school building. The board expects to have work started on the new school next spring and have it completed by the opening of the new term.

- - 1910 - - Eveleth High School Boys' Reading Room
Source: The Duluth Herald, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 25, 1910.
Eveleth, Minn., Oct. 25 - (Special to The Herald) - The reading and recreation room at the high school building has been opened. The following are in charge: Richard Floyd, supervisor; Charles Crottier, treasurer; Maurice Levant, recording secretary; Gilbert Finnigan, corresponding secretary; Oscar Neimi and Jacob Saari, librarians; Dennie Massoucci, caretaker; Samuel Owens and Rolland Davey, magazine collectors. The room will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week for the use of the high school boys.

Interest is being taken in gymnastics by the students, and last evening many of the boys attended the Indian club swinging class, which is being conducted by Principal A. M. Cannon. Gymnasium classes will be held Mondays and Wednesdays, and a girls' Indian club swinging class may be started this week.

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