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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Additional Information
Appleton Cemetery 451108N 0960116W  
Benson City Cemetery 451913N 0953605W  
Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery 451655N 0952256W  
Big Bend Cemetery 451025N 0954104W  
Calvary Cemetery 451303N 0952247W  
Erickson Cemetery 452240N 0953700W  
Evangelical Cemetery 451934N 0955715W  
Frank Lake Cemetery 451923N 0952136W  
Good Shepherd Cemetery 452307N 0960443W  
Hillcrest Cemetery 451721N 0951708W  
Hillside Cemetery 451110N 0951832W  
Immanuel Cemetery 451815N 0960056W  
Immanuel Cemetery 451540N 0955443W  
Lake Hazel Lutheran Cemetery 452328N 0953311W  
Long Lake Cemetery 452057N 0960433W  
Molin Cemetery (historical) 451238N 0953540W  
Monson Lake Cemetery 451907N 0951638W  
Nichols Farm Cemetery 452240N 0951700W  
Our Redeemer Cemetery 451836N 0953535W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 451338N 0952355W  
Saint Agnes Cemetery 452300N 0960007W  
Saint Bridget Cemetery 451515N 0952828W  
Saint Francis Cemetery 451917N 0953501W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 452114N 0955828W  
Saint John's Cemetery 451821N 0955327W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 451102N 0955354W  
Saint Malachy Cemetery 452240N 0954112W  
Saint Pauli Cemetery 452155N 0952603W  
Six Mile Grove Cemetery 451509N 0953958W  
Smith-Kepner Cemetery 451843N 0955630W  
Spring Creek Cemetery 452208N 0952012W  
Swift Falls Cemetery 452404N 0952510W  
Trinity Cemetery 452029N 0955625W  
Trinity Cemetery 451326N 0954007W  
Waldum Cemetery 452213N 0960612W  
West Bank Cemetery 451202N 0954525W  
West Salem Cemetery 451148N 0951527W  

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