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Source: Diocese of Minnesota, Protestant Episcopal Church, Directory, 1895; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman Parochial and Clerical Directory.

APPLETON, Population 1300. Swift county, Gethsemane church. The Rev. B. F. Miller, Rector since January 1st, 1893. Mr. A. D. Countryman, Mr. Jonathan Beswick, Wardens. Mr. C. W. Stanton, Clerk Vestry. Mrs. A. W. Davenport, Treasurer. Mr. A. D. countryman, S. S. Supt.
Church Property. Church $2000, Rectory $1100, total $3100.

27 Families
119 Individuals
6 Baptisms
52 Confirmed Persons
10 Added, 1 Lost
1 Sunday School
6 Teachers
65 Scholars
3 Officers
$625.38 Receipts, $362.50 Rector's Salary

BENSON. Population 1,100. Swift County, Christ church. Organized Nov. 25, 1876. Incorporated January 23, 1877. The Rev. S. Pritchard, Rector since December 12, 1891. Mr. F. M. Thornton, Mr. Arthur Thornton, Wardens. Mr. Sanford Hudson, Clerk Vestry and Treasurer.
Church Property: Church $1,830; Rectory $1,200; lots $1,500; total $4,500.

21 Families
78 Individuals
1 Sunday School
8 Teachers
25 Scholars
$462.86 Receipts, $275.00

KIRKHOVEN. Population 300. Swift County. Mission. The Rev. D. T. Booth, Priest, in charge, since Sept. 25, 1889.

Organized October 5, 1891
7 Families
30 Individuals
24 Baptized Persons
3 Baptisms
1 Confirmation
3 Burials
$33.50 Receipts, $25.75 Rector's Salary, $7.75 Diocesan Mission Work

- - 1881 - - Mr. Sutphen
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) April 27, 1881; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
The Presbytery of St. Paul met at Farmington on the 20th. Twenty-one ministers and ten elders were in attendance. The Rev. F. Sutphen, from the New York synod of the Evangelical Lutheran church, was received into the presbytery. Mr. Sutphen will have charge of the church at Murdock, Minn.

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