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Andrew Backlund
[Source: Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN) May 28, 1895] mkk
KERKHOVEN NEWS. Andrew Backlund has succeeded in finding a position as book keeper in a broker's office in St. Paul. Andrew is a smart young man and will undoubtedly make a success of keeping books.

E. C. DeTuncq [Edward Charles DeTuncq]
[Source: Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN) April 11, 1906] mkk
Editor E. C. Detuncq of Murdock was in Willmar last Wednesday afternoon to be examined by the pension board.

Mrs. C. W. Flanner
[Source: Star Tribune (Mpls, MN) Sept. 8, 1882] mkk
Mrs. C. W. Flanner of Murdock, Minn., had a singular experience in this city yesterday. Her little boy got lost, and after considerable searching Mrs. Flanner found the truant at the police station. She afterward missed her money, contained in an envelope, and inquired at the station about it. On going down lockup alley she found the envelope and money intact, hundreds of people having passed during the four hours it had lain there.

Ella Holum
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) March 8, 1906] mkk
Miss Ella Holum, of Kerkhoven, Minn., arrived Saturday to take charge of the fifth grade, which became vacant on the death of Miss Noble. She is a graduate of the St. Cloud Norman.

Myrtle A. Peterson
Source: Willmar Tribune (MN) June 9, 1915; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
WILLMAR SEMINARY. The following graduates have so far responded to our request of information as to future plans:
MYRTLE A. PETERSON - Born at Kerkhoven, Minn., on Sept. 25, 1895. Parents Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Peterson. Expects to secure position in Willmar if possible.

Ed Thompson
Source: The Virginia Enterprise (MN) April 28, 1905; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Ed Thompson, manager of the Singer agency at Appleton, Minn., came up Friday evening for a brief visit with his many Virginia friends, a guest at the home of his brother, A. N. Thompson.

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