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BIOS: Clark P. Councilman submitted by Cheri Sletten
BIOS: G. L. Caster, William Clint, E. W. Conmy, M. H. Halpin, E. T. Young, J. M. Danelz
TOWNS & TOWNSHIPS: Camp Lake, Kildare
MARRIAGES: News-Brown-Thornton

JULY 2018
MARRIAGES: News-Pritchard-Hogan
MARRIAGES: County Records-1871 to 1875 Marriages
NEWS-CRIME: Jack Shields
BIOS: A. D. Countryman, L. A. Countryman, P. Detuncq, E. V. Dickey, Ole C. Vaugen, W. L. Doe, George H. Elwell, C. E. Foster, Albert Glines, C. F. Ireland, S. H. Johnson, S. L. Keller, A. W. Lathrop, W. A. Mattice, A. F. McKay, R. Miles, G. B. Newton, Daniel D. Robinson, R. C. Russell, A. Schoepp, G. B. Schoepp, H. J. Schoepp, A. Seeley, J. Simmons, T. Thompson, J. T. Wilkinson
BIOS: Submitted by Robin Line-C. J. Mastrud, Aron Hultgren

MARCH 2018
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes-Arnett, Eckman, Lee, Mattheison, McGuire, Rosenberg
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-A. Moen, Wendel A. Ross
OFFICIALS: News-Mayor Yakey, J. C. Collins, T. F. Young
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1878 County Officials
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
BUSINESS: Mary McGinty, E. C. DeTuncq
OFFICIALS: Rosters/Elections-Murdock, 1909, 1911 and 1912
PEOPLE: E. C. DeTuncq
CLUBS AND ORGS.: McPherson Post No. 17 Officers

MARRIAGES: Martin-Davison
MILITARY: Soldier News - Matthew Rowan
OBITS: Valeria Murdock Kenner
CHURCHES: 1881-Mr. Sutphen
PEOPLE: Mrs. C. W. Flanner
NEWS-CRIME: 1906-Attempted Bank Robbery
NEWS-WEATHER: 1881-Deep Snow
OBITS: Andrew Sturgeon - submitted by Robin Line

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Mr. Johnson, Fred Schultz
MILITARY: Vietnam Casualties
MARRIAGES: Martin-Davison
PEOPLE: Andrew Backlund
BIRTHS: Soland Boy

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Mr. Hawkins submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT: Fred Murdock, Mrs. Elmer Peterson
NEWS-BUSINESSES: Mrs. P. E. Nelson, 1901-Phone Business

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Helen McGuire
BIRTHS: Orin Nichols Ford Jr
NEWS-PEOPLE: Myrtle A. Peterson, Ella Holum
NEWS-BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Perington
NEWS-VISIT: Jennie Foley, A. D. Countrymen, J. M Powers

JULY 2016
HISTORY: Towns and Townships - Appleton
BIOS: Rev. S. Almklov, A. J. Carnihan, M. Cosgrove, Z. B. Clarke, George D. Breed, W. A. Foland, Darwin S. Hall, S. Henry Hudson, Ole Jacobson, Frank M. Thornton

OBITS: Percy Hall, contributed by Jim Dezotell
OBITS: Samuel Dahlman
MARRIAGES: Blackwood-Smith
NEWS-VISIT: George LeCroix
NEWS-FIRES: Charles Martin Barn Fire, Charles Clark, Tollock Olson Dead, Oliver Olson Injured

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: Thornton Son
CHURCHES: 1895-Episcopal
SCHOOLS: 1903-Debate, 1912-Adena Fossberg
MISCELLANEOUS: (people) Ed Thompson
WILLS & PROBATE: T. Y. Callaghan

MARCH 2015
OBITS: Martin W. Nelsen submitted by Mary Nelsen
OBITS: August Buchholz, F. P. Twichell, Hoon Daughter
NEWS-VISIT: L. Johnson, O. R. Olson, Ole Hustad, Josie Grindheim
MARRIAGES: Switzer-Sneider, Hanson-Johnson

TOWNSHIPS: Appleton Township

Apr. 2014: Bio: Hudson - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

March 2014: Korean War Casualties - transcribed by Sandy Davis

Feb. 2014: Bio: Liggett - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
History: A Letter from Swift County - transcribed by Frances Cooley
1st Pioneers - transcribed by Veneta McKinney
Crime news: Life Prisoner is Losing His Mind - transcribed by Tam
Court news: To Save Their Land Swift County Farmers Deeply Interested in the H. & D. Hearing - transcribed by Frances Cooley

Feb. 2014: Bio: Liggett - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

July 2013: Obits: Anderson, Erickson, Holt, Larson, Olson, Stone
Marriage Announcements: Jeaton - Simon; Johnson - Larson; Sando - Anderson
Bio: Hanson

May 2012: Bio: Anderson

Apr. 2012: Bios: Countryman, Edwards, Foland

Mar. 2012: Bio: Countryman; Marriage: Watson-Alymer

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Bio: Anderson

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries

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Fire Wardens, 1895; History of County & Townships

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