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Todd County
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1860 Federal Census
Fort Ripley
Contributed by Debbie Quinn







  Clierce Kern 23 M Private Baden
  Nicholas Lamb 25 M Private Ireland
  Adolphus Lamb 24 M Private Ireland
  Patrick Muellan 26 M Private Ireland
  Barnes Muellan 26 M Private Ireland
  Arnold McElroy 23 M Private Ireland
  Augusta Meleque 31 M Private Brunswick Germany
  Jacob Mayer 23 M Private Hanover
  Theo. Van Michaski 21 M Private Poland
  John Michael 21 M Private New Ta?
  William Ninow 31 M Private Tennesee
  Christian Miller 27 M Private  
  Lewis Mott 27 M Private Baden
  James Morse 23 M Private Ireland
  James O'Brien 31 M Private Ireland
  Thur Pierce 26 M Private Scotland
  William Worden 21 M Private Tennesee
  John Reiner 27 M Private Bavanis
  James Lameford 39 M Private England
  Charles Dufrey 25 M Private L? Canada
  Thomas Vayase 21 M Private Ireland
  John Behuade 21 M Private Ireland
  Frank Schneidener 21 M Private Prussia
  William Seymour 21 M Private England
  Ansel Stahl 26 M Private Merteurberg
  Alfred Stanberg 27 M Private Ohio
  Jeremiah Allen 33 M Private Prussia
  Nicholas Archilbald 27 M Private Ireland
  William Patterson 23 M Private Prussia
  Thomas Beebe 27 M Private Autuerp?
  Patrick Reroe? 25 M Private Ireland
  William Branman 34 M Private Ireland
  Dennis C. Burke 29 M Private New York
  John Butler 21 M Private Ireland
  Thomas Hahan 21 M Private Penns
  George Carr 26 M Private Ireland
  Patrick Carroll 28 M Private Ireland
  John Clagg 21 M Private England
  James Clark 22 M Private New York
  James Connefs 22 M Private Ireland
  Thomas Colleny 21 M Private Ireland
  James Cronice 23 M Private Ireland
  Patrick Donelly 22 M Private Ireland
  Patrick Folley 21 M Private Ireland
  William Tealy 21 M Private England
  David Jollet 22 M Private New York
  Simeon Frazier 25 M Private L? Canada
  Amos Jessy 26 M Private A? dea
  Adam Laneu 22 M Private Damustadt
  Peter Kasen 27 M Private Ireland
314/309 John Richardson 22 M Teamster New York
  Louis M. Adams 28 M Teamster Mass.
  James Tumey 26 M Teamster Ireland
315/310 Michael Smith 34 M Teamster Ireland
  Bridget Smith 28 F   Ireland
  Michael Smith 3     Minnesota
316/311 William Hoey 24 M Teamster Ireland
  Owen Kergan 24 M Teamster Maine
  David Shaw 17 M Teamster Mass.
  Fred K. Benjamin 18 M Teamster New York
  Charles Yates 18 M Teamster New York
  Feldon Hurd 28 M Teamster New York
  David May 24 M Teamster Ireland
  David Leo 16 M Teamster Penns.
  George Momipi 23 M Teamster Maine
  Michael Leo 19 M Teamster Penns.
  Robert Ellis 25 M Teamster Maine
  Michael Daley 24 M Teamster Ireland
  Patrick McBride 25 M Teamster Ireland
  Michael Collins 24 M Teamster Ireland
  Timothy O'Leary 19 M Teamster Ireland
  August Seib 22 M Teamster Baden
  Barthelomew Nusman 20 M Teamster Ireland
  Josiah Spencer 24 M Teamster Maine
  Rudolph Furlong 26 M Teamster Maine
  David Irmme? 27 M Teamster Maine
317/312 Stephen Hart 37 M ? Master Mass.
  Mary I. Hart 34 F   Mass.
  Lacco Hart 13 M Servant California
  John Gesey 25 M Servant Ireland
  George Prebest 29 M Musician Mestenberg
  George Kramer 28 M Musician Nassau
  William Johnson 28 M Musician Ireland
  Barthelomew Tulivan 28 M Musician Ireland
  Christopher Connell 28 M Musician Ireland
  James Kelly 30 M Musician Ireland
  William S? 28 M Musician England
  William Boosh 33 M Musician England
  Joseph Ferenburg 35 M Musician Baden
  Thomas Gilloman 34 M Musician Ireland
  Andrew Goodman 32 M Musician Ireland
  Henry Gross 37 M Musician Ireland
  James Hall 25 M Musician England
  John Henderson 24 M Musician Ireland
  William Kiefer 22 M Musician Nassau
  Alexander Logan 24 M Musician Ireland
  Edward S. Malony 30 M Musician Ireland
318/313 Arnold Essex 36 M Chief Musician Bydorf. Germ.
  Mary Essex 37 F   Baden
  Charles Essex 5 M   Minnesota
  Ellen Essex 3 F   Minnesota
319/314 Berdingfield Spear 47 M Butler Maryland
  Bessgal H. Spear 24 M Clerk Maryland
  Anne Spear 18 F   Maryland
320/315 Rudolph Rudenberg 23 M Stewart Hanover
321/316 ?gi?el G. Sear 64 M ? Clergyman Connecticut
  Mary Sear 53 F   New York
  Emily Sear 15 F   Minnesota
  Gertrude Sear 11 F   Minnesota
  Gracie Sear 7 F   Minnesota
  Hellen Hansell 23 F Servant Norway
  Ann Carlyle 23 F Servant Ireland
  William Menis 32 M Servant England
  Eliza Crawford 35 F Nurse Ireland
322/317 Asher Wall 38 M Asst. Surgeon Connecticut

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