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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Sara Rice

No. of
Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly
Date of Original
Henderson, Elisha Bertha g.s.w.r. hip $6.00 Jan 1881
Reese, Elmer G. Bertha chr. diarr. $4.00
Dent, Samuel F. Clarissa shl. w.l. shoulder $6.00 Mar 1879
Hankins, William J. Clarissa w.r.arm $8.00
Palmer, Harrison Clarissa g.s.w.r. thigh $4.00
Muethe, August Egly g.s.w.r. hip $5.00
Odel, Charles G. Egly frac. r. thigh $16.00
Huffman, Catharine Gray Eagle dep. mother $8.00 Jun 1878
Huffman, James A. Gray Eagle chr. rheum. $6.00 Jan 1882
Harding, Horace J. Gray Eagle g.s.w. elbow joint $18.00
Scott, Peter Gray Eagle chr. diarr., dis. of abdominal viscera $4.00 Aug 1879
152,439 Hain, William H. Hartford g.s.w.r. hip $2.00 Apr 1878
157,994 Preston, Beck Hartford g.s.w.r. thigh $6.00 Mar 1879
Recken, Francis Hartford w.r. forearm $12.00
De Laite, William F. Little Sauk g.s.w.l. hand $8.00
Maynard, Benjamin Long Prairie g.s.w.l. thigh $6.00 Apr 1879
Nash, James Long Prairie g.s.w.r. arm $4.00
Hurlburt, Alfonso R. Long Prairie minor of $10.00
Owen, Henry Long Prairie loss r. index finger $3.00 Aug 1880
Spofford, John W. Long Prairie dis. lungs $8.00
Scott, Henry H. Long Prairie dis. heart $6.00 Oct 1880
Harnley, William Long Prairie g.s.w.l. leg, &c $6.00 Feb 1881
Carroll, James Moran injury to abdomen $4.00 Dec 1876
Cass, George W. Moran injury to abdomen $8.00
Jravis, William J. Moran g.s.w.r. lung, &c $18.00
Lacke, James F. Pills???? hypertrophy heart $15.00
58,141 Christie, William E. Staples g.s.w. shoulder & back $8.00
Rowe, Joseph Staples chr. diarr. $4.00 Mar 1881
Russell, John T. Staples chr. diarr. & dis. of eyes $8.00 May 1881
9,940 Kinney, Lucy A. Ward dep. mother $8.00 Dec 1865
Smith, Charles B. West Union sunstroke, &c $12.00 Mar1882
Kerger, Harriet West Union widow $8.00
Bowhall, King West Union dis. of abdominal viscera $4.00 Mar 1882

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