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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Additional
Anderson Farm Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Balsamlund Cemetery 462025N 0945723W  
Bearhead Cemetery 455624N 0944254W  
Bethel Cemetery 455157N 0945820W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 461045N 0945330W  
Bonar Cemetery 461325N 0950656W  
Deer Park Cemetery 460623N 0945846W  
Eagle Bend Cemetery 460953N 0950117W  
Elim Cemetery 455156N 0950445W  
Evergreen Cemetery 460544N 0945156W  
Evergreen Cemetery 460716N 0945652W  
Freemans Creek Cemetery 460346N 0945929W  
Freemans Creek Cemetery 460352N 0950003W  
G A R Cemetery 455220N 0944145W  
German Cemetery 460933N 0950247W  
Gordon Cemetery 455446N 0950441W  
Hewitt Cemetery 461934N 0950433W  
Hope Cemetery 460956N 0950305W  
Immanuel Cemetery 461745N 0950029W  
Kandota Cemetery 454955N 0945804W  
Lakeside Cemetery 455209N 0950805W  
Lakeview Cemetery 454812N 0944459W  
Little Sauk Cemetery 455130N 0945825W  
Long Prairie Cemetery 455628N 0944701W  
Moran Riverside Cemetery 461432N 0944818W  
Moran-Germania Cemetery 461509N 0945344W  
Motley Cemetery 461940N 0943921W  
Mount Nebo Cemetery 462142N 0950649W  
Old Saint Marys Cemetery 454812N 0944017W  
Peace Cemetery 461602N 0950219W  
Pleasant Mound Cemetery 460103N 0950619W  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 460004N 0950407W  
Reynolds Cemetery 455451N 0945657W  
Reynolds Cemetery 455647N 0945925W  
Saint Isadore Cemetery 461446N 0944805W  
Saint James Cemetery 461648N 0944306W  
Saint John Cemetery 455412N 0943936W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 461415N 0950505W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 454910N 0944527W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 460757N 0945544W  
Saint Mary Cemetery 455846N 0945111W  
Saint Matthews Cemetery 461141N 0945807W  
Saint Peter Cemetery 455414N 0943935W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 455057N 0943950W  
Salem Cemetery 455235N 0950214W  
Sauk Valley Cemetery 455047N 0950455W  
Scandinavian Cemetery 461416N 0950001W  
Silver Creek Cemetery 454700N 0950145W  
Stallcop Cemetery 455409N 0950404W  
Svealund Cemetery 455025N 0945525W  
Swedish Cemetery 461057N 0945112W  
Trinity Cemetery 461843N 0950611W  
Weitemier Cemetery 460626N 0944937W  
Woodmans Cemetery 460755N 0945544W  
Zion and Saint Johns Cemetery 461550N 0950617W  
Zoar Cemetery 461416N 0945920W  

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