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John Altman
[Fort Worth Daily Gazette. (Fort Worth, TX), November 19, 1887, Page 4 - KT - Sub by FoFG]
While out hunting recently in Todd county, Minnesota, John Altman of Little Falls discovered the bones of a hunter who had been eaten by wolves. As he stooped to examine them, the animals surrounded him and he had to fight for his life. He succeeded in killing seven of the them and reached home in safety.

E. W. Kipp
Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) May 7, 1904; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
W. J. Rowland, butter-maker at the Perham creamery, has resigned. E. W. Kipp of Hewitt, Minn., takes his place.

John and Michael Meide
[Source: Little Falls Transcript (Little Falls, MN) Nov. 27, 1879] mkk
From the Sauk Centre Herald.
A young man by the name of William Terheuse, of Central Wisconsin, registered at the Minnesota House on Tuesday evening, and in conversation with some of the guests of the house, added a little additional zest to the Todd county trouble. He was on his way to Long Prairie relative to a case of his against John and Michael Meide, the murders, and the woman who lived with them. He said that last spring he went up to Long Prairie for the purpose of purchasing land, and made the acquaintance of theMeides. He had considerable money with him, and at one time changed a twenty dollar bill for Michael. A few days after this simple transaction he called at their house and found no one at home but the woman. She asked him to come in and wait. He was very tired and laid down on a lounge. In a few moments the woman came to him, threw herself onto the lounge and commenced to scream. John and Michael rushed in and accused him of attempting to take improper liberties with the old girl, and threatened to handle him very roughly. In self protection he was forced to compromise with them, and gave them about $200 in money and his note for $400. He told his attorney of the affair upon his return, and he advised him to commence an action against them for blackmail, and a civil suit for the recovery of the money. He was on his way to Long Prairie and did not hear of the death of John till he reached Sauk Centre. He went on to Long Prairie to look over the situation.

W. J. Rowland
Source: The Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) May 7, 1904; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

W. J. Rowland, butter-maker at the Perham creamery, has resigned. E. W. Kipp of Hewitt, Minn., takes his place.

Frank Simmons
[Source: Little Falls Transcript (MN) April 10, 1885, page 4; submitted by Robin Line]
Frank Simmons, of the Long Prairie Leader, accompanied by his wife paid relatives and friends in this village a visit on Sunday last. He reports that his paper is prosperous and that a slight improvement is noticeable in trade in Long Prairie.

C. E. Ward
Source: The Wahpeton Times (Wahpeton, ND) May 13, 1915; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

They Wyndmere Creamery is again in operation. C. E. Ward of Hewitt, Minn., is in charge and has transferred his residence to Wyndmere.

Leslie Workman
Source: The Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) June 15, 1907; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Leslie Workman, who is engaged in the general merchandise business at Hewitt, Minn., spent Wednesday night in Bemidji, visiting his schoolmate, J. G. Fleming, whom he had not seen for twenty years. Mr. Workman was on his way to St. Hilaire, where he has extensive land holdings.

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