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Source: The Virginia Enterprise (MN) August 6, 1915; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Long Prairie, Minn., Aug. 5.-Todd county rural school students to the number of 7,000 will receive credit for work they do at home.

The idea has been worked out by County Superintendent Knutson and will be put into operatin with the beginning of the school year. It is in line with other innovations he has introduced of late years to make school work more practical and to increase the interest of the boys and girls in the work. The "home works credits" will be required and the student to make a grade must have earned during the year at least 1,000 credits, some of the items of home work for which the boys and girls are to receive credit at school are:

Washing dishes, 1.
Making beds, 1.
Making entire meal, 3.
Taking care of baby, 1.
Mending socks, 1.
Feeding three cows, 1.
Feeding five pigs, 1.
Bringing in wood, 1.
Building fire, 1.
Baking bread, 5.

There are credits for other home work and industrious boy or girl can earn 25 credits a week if they apply themselves. The parents keep track of the work, report to the teacher each week and the teacher reports to the superintendent at the end of each month. Diplomas are issued to the students at the end of the years.

The plan was tried out on a small scale last spring and was highly successful. It received the enthusiastic co-operation of teachers, students and parents. Results show that it increases the interest taken by students in their school work and assists materially in getting the work done at home.

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