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JULY 2018
OBITS : Frank Steinhuber, Peter Kollwer
BIOS : Warren W. Brooks, Alfred E. Roese, John Wait, Leslie A. Groover, Jones Palm, George A. Etzell, William Rodman, John D. Marlin, Jr., James Hart, Frank P. Davies, John C. Perkins, Wilber E. Hutchinson, Kyle H. Balcom
NEWS-CRIME : Meide Brothers charged with killing of Henry Kalway and Frank H. Tenhuber, T. J. Hesselgrave, Lynching-John Meide
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE : Mrs. Stephen Dodge, Mrs. Gust Peterson
PEOPLE: John and Michael Meide

FAMILIES: Cornish Family, Julius G Schultz Family
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Peter Krawteyk, Jr., William T. Lewis, Emil H. Bangert, Melvin Sweatt
MILITARY: Soldiers-W. G. Faust, Clarence E. Witso, Charles W. Halyen, William Wood
WILLS & PROBATE: A. W. Sheets, John Smith, Carl Buttke
OFFICIALS: News-Victor S. Knutson, Henry Froelich
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1878 County Officers, 1895, Fire Wardens
OBIT: Chester Emory-submitted by Robin Line

JUNE 2017
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
OBIT: Ole Johnson
COURT: Lettie and Fred Dean
NEWS-VISIT & RELOCATE: J. H. Lewis, Dove See
FAMILIES: News - Emma Thomas Family Reunion

MARCH 2017
OBIT: Basil Peterson
NEWS-VISIT & RELOCATE: Mrs. Mary Halladey, J. M. Hopkins
PEOPLE: Leslie Workman
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1900-Prohibition Tie Vote

OBIT: Edith M. Hartley
OBIT: Warren Bell submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Frank Simmons submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-SICK: Dr. T. S. McDonald

JULY 2016
OBIT: Arleigh Lawrence Bartell, Sam St. Pierre
MILITARY: News Items - John Finck
PEOPLE: Mrs. Grover Curtis, Florence Robbecke
NEWS-VISIT & RELOCATE: Mrs. A. W. Hewitt, Zita Parkhill, Mrs. Donavon, S. C. Mayer Family, Beulah Thompson
NEWS-BUSINESS: Margaret Shaw

OBIT: Ransler Collins Hill
BIOGRAPHIES: Joseph S. Endslow
PEOPLE: E. W. Kipp
NEWS-BUSINESS: Ward Bros. Milling
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1896-Farmer and Merchant Unite

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: Eugene V. Stowell
WILLS & PROBATE: Charles Canfield
FAMILIES: Marske Reunion
COURT & LEGAL: 1907-Fall Term
SCHOOLS: 1915-Students get credit for doing chores.
PEOPLE: C. E. Ward, W. J. Rowland

MARCH 2015
OBITS: L. E. Walbridge, Otto Fisher, Claude Charlesworth
BIOS: Frank Allen, John David Jones
NEWS-VISIT: William Naylor, J. J. Fleetre, H. P. Love, Mary Butcher, R. A. Lepper,
NEWS-SICK: Florence Roebecke, Earl Seal

OBITS: Anna (Koester) Moore, Maude Simpson, Sam St. Pierre, Charles Beetler Family
TOWNS: Staples History
TOWNSHIPS: Long Prairie History

March 2014: Education (history) - transcribed by Helen Coughlin
Township histories - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Settlements - transcribed by Larry Lakey
Churches (history) - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Early Days in Todd County - transcribed by Carol Sylvester
Newspapers of Todd County - transcribed by Mary Triplett Cities and Towns - transcribed by Mary Triplett

Feb. 2014: Bio: Lee - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

July 2013: Obits: Anderson, Brower, Lee, Small, Soper, Sorensen
Marriages: Bertzyk - Griep; Cobham - Wilson; DeMund - Goethe; Gillespie - Ruhl; Griggs - Deniston; Jacobs - Hanson; Johnson - Anderson; Metzler - Senger; Parks - Bushinger & Parrott - Parks; Roscoe - Haller

Oct. 2012: Marriage: Perkins - Barber

Sept. 2012: Bio: Sheets

August 2012: Obits: Barber, Church, Christie, Lasrely

July 2012: Bio: Brower; Obits: Carlson, Larson; Marriages: Carlson - Larson; Nelson - Larson

Mar. 2012: County Offices (1915) Engagement: Marr-Hiler; Obit: Schwantes; Marriage: Bently-Mack

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; misc. news

Jan 2012: death cert. for FORER

Dec 2011: Obit for CRIST, BRISTLIN; newspaper stories: gossip, misc. news for ALTMAN; bio for LEA; crime news for EWING, KOCH; HENDERICKSON murder

Previous updates:
1857 Territorial Census; 1860 Federal Census; 1865 State Census; Township & Village History

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