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Train Routes

- - 1869 - - ALL RAIL TO DUBUQUE.
[Source: Mower County Transcript (Austin, MN) December 9, 1869]

St. Paul is now in all rail communication with Dubuque, by the completion of the Cedar Valley road, of Iowa, to the State line, and a union with the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway. On Thursday last the first through shipment from St. Paul arrived in Dubuque. Among the articles shipped was a large quantity of venison. - St. Paul Dispatch, 6th.

We are informed that the above is slightly incorrect, as there is yet six miles of road to be completed.

- - 1869 - - MINNESOTA CENTRAL RAILROAD (Cedar Falls, Iowa to St. Paul)
[Source: Mower County Transcript (Austin, MN) December 9, 1869; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

An Early Prospect for its Completion.

The work on the railroad, known as the Minnesota Central, running from Cedar Falls, Iowa, north to this point, where it will intersect the Iowa and Minnesota divisions of the M. and St. Paul Railroad, has been resumed, and the greatest activity is being displayed in pushing the work to a rapid completion.

About five weeks ago work was stopped, owing to a lack of material, but sufficient iron has now been secured to insure the completion of the work without further delay. The road is thus far finished from Dubuque to the State line, and there only remains a space of six miles to be built when the road will be in full working order. It is expected that the work will be accomplished within ten days, unless a heavy snow should put an embargo on further operations.

Austin will reap a great advantage with the introduction of this new road, for the following reasons: First, this road connecting as it will with St. Paul and the coal regions of Northern Iowa, must have the effect of increasing travel and stimulating business of every description. Minneapolis, St. Anthony and St. Paul are the recognized lumber markets of the West; and taking into consideration the fact that direct communication is opened between the great lumber and coal sections of the West, the results must prove advantageous, to Austin as the junction of these two roads.

Second, the Minnesota Central will prove the shortest route for the traveling public, to pass from St. Louis and south-western cities to St. Paul, Minneapolis, and towns along the line, when a return in a south-easterly direction may be effected through the medium of the M. and St. P. R. R. and its connections.

From present appearances, Austin bids fair to become one of the great railroad centres of the West, which will rapidly build up and increase in population, making it a great business point.

If, as we learn it is proposed, the Southern Minnesota Railroad run their trains to the Austin depot, the effect must be to increase the business of our city still more.

- - 1899 - - RAILROAD TALK
[Source: Border Budget (Koochiching, MN) Feb. 2, 1899]
Sherburne, Minn., Feb. 2. - Some representatives of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern railroad have been in town and stated that their company had decided to build a line from Estherville to St. James, and that it would come through Sherburne. The surveying party will be here in a few days.

Source: Great Falls tribune (MT) Oct. 26, 1902
The Illinois Central Railroad company has an all-abiding faith in the future of the great northwest. A short time ago this was manifested by the establishment, in Seattle, of an agency to take care of their interests there. The latest effort is to put on a splendidly equipped new train service between St. paul and Chicago. The new trains will be running Sunday, November 2. They will use their own rails between Chicago and Alberta, Minn., and the Minneapolis & St. Louis railway track from Albert Lea to Minneapolis and St. Paul, running into the Union depot at St. Paul, which is the same that is used by all lines in that city.

The train is to be known as the "Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis Limited." and will consist of sleeping car, buffet library car and reclining-chair car, through without change between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul. Dining car service will also be maintained, supper being served out of Chicago and breakfast into Chicago. Trains will leave St. Paul at 7:10 p. m. and arrive at Chicago at 9:30 a. m.; leave Chicago at 6:10 p. m. and arrive at St. Paul 8:40 a. m., making close connection at St. Paul with all western lines. Tickets can be purchased via this line, in connection with all western lines, at all station.

For further information regarding rates, routes, time, etc., call on or address,
B. H. TRUMBULL, Commercial Agent Illinois Central Railroad, 142 Third street, Portland, Ore.
PAUL B. THOMPSON, Freight and Passenger Agent, Illinois Central Railroad, Seattle, Wash.

Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) September 6, 1904

Special to The Journal.
Fergus Falls, Minn., Sept. 6.-The Soo railway again extended its train services during the past week, opening up five new stations north of Detroit. These stations are Westbury, Baxter, Ogemo, Waubum and Mahnomen, the last name being the Indian interpretation of Wild Rice, which will be the terminus of the train service for a short time. The road is graded some distance beyond that point, however, and there are sections of the grade ready all the way to the boundary.

Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) March 3, 1905
Soo Line Gives Adidtional [sic.] Mail Service to Canadian Boundary.
Adidtional railway mail service on the Soo line from Detroit City to the Canadian boundary line will begin March 6. This means a great improvement, as there will be a direct line from Minneapolis and St. Paul to Mahnomen, Callaway, Thief River Falls and other cities. Formerly the mails were carried on the Great Northern and the Northern Pacific, and dispatched to these points by stage. From twenty-four to thirth-six hours will be saved. The train leaves Minneapolis at 4:45 p.m. and arrives at Detroit City at midnight and at the border line at 5:45. Canadian mails will not be carried.

- - 1905 - - SOO LINE "TID-BITS"
Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) June 6, 1905

Summer tours to the East. Special fishing train for Saturday fishers. Toronto and return, $22.20; Portland, Ore., and return, $45.00; Buffalo and return, $20.25. Homeseekers' rates to Canadian Northwest. Ogema, Minn., and return, Indian Celebration, $10.00, including sleeper. Special rates for fishermen. Ticket Office, 119 So. 3rd St.

- - 1912 - - Vacation Fares
Source: Evening Times-Republican (Marshalltown, IA) July 13, 1912
From Marshalltown, Iowa - Chicago Great Western Railroad - round trip fares.

St. Paul, Minn . . . $11.34
Minneapolis, Minn. . . . $11.34
Paynesville, Minn. . . . $14.60
Alexandria, Minn. . . . $15.15
Walker, Minn. . . . $17.53
Duluth, Minn. . . . $15.50
Detroit, Minn . . . 17.65

Articles transcribed and submitted by Mary Kay Krogman unless otherwise indicated.

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