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Birth Announcements

Information below is taken from sons of the American Revolution applications. (submitted by Tam)

Charles Milby Dale
Birth date March 8, 1893
Folsom, Traverse, Minnesota

Sybl Agnes Day
Birth date March 17, 1864
Traverse County, Minnesota

Dunbar Francis Lippitt
Birth date August 8, 1884
Tinta, Traverse, Minnesota

Gary Griffith Weaver
Birth date March 2, 1887
Browns Valley, Traverse, Minnesota

The information below is taken from death certificates.

June Avis Balk
Birth date June 13, 1927
Wheaton, Traverse County, Minnesota

Stillbirth Lindig
Birth date December 11, 1933
Wheaton, Traverse, Minnesota

Jacob Schinitz Jr. stillborn
Birth date December 23, 1933
Croak Township, Traverse, Minnesota

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